People Explain What Career They'd Choose If A $400k Salary Was Guaranteed

Have you ever wondered what job people would pick if they knew they'd be financially stable?

Not rich; we're not talking "retire-in-luxury to Buenos Aires" level coin; just comfortable and with growth potential if you're smart about things.

If any job in the world put you at the precipice of stability - what would you *choose* to do?

Reddit user "talldmbfan" asked:

"If you got to pick any career/job and earned $400,000 no matter what, what career/job would you pick?"

Ya know ... a $400k salary sounds like it could be a few smart money choices away from the very serious business of picking just the right pun for my new boat's name or whatever it is rich people do with their time. So let's start there.

What WOULD Reddit do for work if people actually got to choose? Let's find out.

Ranger Danger

National Park California GIF by Ovation TVGiphy

"Park ranger. Specifically at Banff National Park."

- Freshrendar

"Yeah, I was thinking the same. However, it’s becoming an increasingly dangerous job these days I have heard."

"One the one hand maybe it's just misbehaved tourists who are becoming increasingly obnoxious, and on the other hand hardened, armed criminals trying to do their business in private."

- Th3_accountant

"Criminals like hiding in National Parks, feeding themselves by spotlighting game (whatever they can shoot they will shoot) and using gill nets to catch dozens and dozens of fish."

"Each ranger has a LOT of area to keep under control, it’s not unheard of to pull over a truck and 5+ guys come out, fully armed and it’s just you by yourself until backup arrives."

- NE55IN

"Former Ranger here. The job and positions of a Park Ranger vary widely."

"It does have its perks and I really liked it, but it also sucks in ways and has big drawbacks. Humans are the worst animal to have to manage."

- TahoeClown

Effort And Criticism

sacha baron cohen hotel GIFGiphy

"USD 400,000 per year, right? I’d say be a hotel / resort critic."

"That way I get to travel, stay comfortably & get paid for a rather (seemingly) low effort gig."

- PuneriPerson

"I've been in travel positions before, it's pretty fun for a bit but as 'spoiled' as it sounds, hotel and restaurant living get tiring after a while."

"Sometimes it's better to just come home to your loved ones or pet or whatever."

"I did that while I was single. I don't have kids, but I can't imagine being in that type of role when you do."

"Being away from them plus putting the entire burden of raising children on your spouse? Not for me."

- peon2

"I met a girl several months ago who is a travel journalist and gets paid to do this very thing!"

"While I do get envious of all her comped trips (since I met her several months ago she’s been on fully paid trips to Oaxaca, Curaçao, a couple of luxury Caribbean cruises and had to turn down a trip to the German Christmas markets) I get the impression her job is a lot more stressful than we’d all imagine."

"She says pretty much every minute of each trip is filled with activities she’s expected to write about with very little down time."

"She’s lived all over the world with her job but also never really put down any roots, so that’s a downside. Even so - I enjoy living vicariously through her travels!"

- Fuzzy-Donkey5538

Let's Go Lego

Awesome The Lego Movie GIF by TrolliGiphy

"Lego set designer"

- JustStargazin

"A LEGOland near me just posted a position for a master builder and i was like 'f*ck yeah!' ..."

"except that it pays $12/hour."

- checkoutmyfish

"Yeees! This has been my dream job since I was a kid. Only reason I’ve never pursued it is because it doesnt pay well."

- bigtdgf

"I didn’t even think of that!"

"My cousin and I love legos soooo much, I have that Disney castle set and we are constantly making the most random things. If I became the top set designer, there would be a lot more weird sets lol"

- The_controler

Helping Hoarders

khj GIFGiphy

"The same business I have now. I help the elderly and hoarders organize their homes. I quite a job that payed well and to do this and it is so rewarding."

"A simple tip: To maintain control over a hobby/collectables, designate a space for it. If it overflows that space, it is time to rethink the activity."

"It may mean finding a bigger space, or looking for outdated or unused items for that hobby. This helps to maintain control and keep the hobby from taking over."

- bsmknight

"This one sparks joy!"

- Zebracakes2009

"I’d love to know more about this. I worry I’m a hoarder sometimes."

- DarkAndSparkly

"I am not a psychologist so please take this with a grain of salt, but from my experience the term hoarder is often misused. Hopefully this will be helpful to you!"

"I have helped people who have ranged from perfectly normal to people with head trauma. Yes, they can all be categorized as different levels of hoarding, but I try and focus on the reason why they hoard, rather than the term itself."

"Customer 1: was a lady whose house was just a mess. Not disgusting, just nothing was organized. She had a lot going on and was feeling very overwhelmed and her place was taking a turn for the worst."

"She was a bit ashamed and kept indicating how she was a hoarder."

"In the end, over several sessions we cleared out the garage, the living room, the bedrooms, the dining room and never once did she hesitate to throw something away. She wasn't a hoarder, she was overwhelmed. So this was solely situational."

"Customer 2: Another lady, good friend of mine too, very much fit the typical hoarding situation. In her case she was just really bad at putting things away and thus everything ended up, everywhere."

"She still has this problem, but as long as I come over from time to time, stuff gets put away. She has been really good at throwing away or donating items, but she needs someone to sit down with her to help motivate her."

"Customer 3: A gentleman who was my inspiration to get into this business is probably the closest to the true nature of a hoarder."

"He received a blow to the head many years ago due to an accident. Because of that he has had difficulty staying on track. He looses focus frequently and thus things fall to the wayside."

"I go over from time to time to help him clean up. I will make him return stuff he buys when he really does not need it, because he easily becomes distracted. He forgets to return it or that he even bought it."

"I can get him to get rid of stuff, it just takes a good deal of prodding and coaxing."

"In the end, With all my customers I tell them to stop focusing on the negative. Don't worry if your a hoarder, rather spend that mental energy on what you can do to move forward."

"Tip: if you need an idea for a first step, Listen to a podcast or you tube video on organizing."

- bsmknight

A Place For Passion

Nervous Season 6 GIF by Paramount+Giphy

"I’d want to own studio space where people could take classes, not just art or dancing but also like general hobbies to knitting, sculpting, writing, photography."

"I want to help people find a passion and explore it. And I’d be able to support others by paying them to teach their own passion."

- resigned-unicorn

"Look into maker spaces or hacker spaces. That literally exactly what they are!"

"I've seen them have facilities and classes ranging from running a cnc machine to beer brewing to programming."

"Membership is typically expensive (50-200 a month) but most give discounts or free membership for teaching classes.
Keep in mind I don't know if they are running with covid."

- vrek86

"There's a place near me called Handmade Toledo that does this!"

"The front of the building is a storefront where local artists, makers, and crafters can sell their stuff (anything from t-shirts and cards to candles and soaps, including snarky greeting cards and patches)."

"The back of the building is an events space where they have classes a few times a week, and a big event once or twice a year where more artisans come and sell their stuff."

- RagingAardvark

Dungeons, Dragons, And Daycare?

how to train your dragon smile GIFGiphy

"I would run Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for k-6 graders to teach them about problem solving and conflict negotiation."

- snailsshouldvote

"I use D&D to teach conversation strategies and cross-cultural communication to Japanese university students and it’s f*cking great."

- Lord_Dimwit_Flathead

"I think every pre-school/lower school should hire you, this is a fantastic idea to implement those values while having fun!"

- OsamaBinnDabbin

"One of our friends runs dnd campaigns for kids as a way for them to work through their trauma."

"I don't know all the ins and outs, but it seems to help them. My husband has a 3D printer so he prints their mini figs for them."

- NurseMcStuffins

OK Go Away Now

Season 5 April GIF by Parks and RecreationGiphy

"Reclusive writer"

"I’d like people to enjoy my work, but otherwise forget about me and leave me alone."

"I went to a lecture given by Andy Weir once and he said that writing is a great way to be famous because you’re famous for a few weeks when they make a movie out of your book and you get invited to parties and stuff and it’s a lot of fun, but then you get to go back to civilian life rather quickly because everyone forgets about you pretty fast."

"So you get a taste of the celebrity life every now and then but you’re not stuck in the spotlight all the time like someone in the film or music industries."

- Plantayne

"I second this! Reclusive writer would seriously be an awesome job to have and make $400,000 doing."

- DemonikKitten

"A mysterious person that everybody knows by what you do; but whose identity is unknown because all you put are your initials, rather than your full name? Before you know it, you're both the most famous yet unknown person that everybody is talking about."

"I'm in."

- BeltEuphoric

Here Kitty Kitty

cat lady cats GIFGiphy

"Cat rescue and rehabilitation. I do it for free when I can, so it would be awesome to be paid for it and have actual resources."

- toxinogen

"My family used to do this as well and it was so much fun growing up with up to a dozen cats in a town house at a time."

- amtapp

"Had a friend who co-owned a rescue. It’s good work but man was there so much drama from cat people. Half of her energy was spent managing different crazy personalities who volunteered."

"She ended up stepping down to a smaller role and opening a cat cafe."

- bell37

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Masters With No Money

shocked oh my GIFGiphy

"Librarian. Let me teach all about and facilitate the free borrowing of books while arranging events and services that help bind and strengthen the community."

"I would do it if librarian pay could support even myself decently. A lot of public service jobs (like librarians and teachers amongst others) do not pay very well and it can be hard to support yourself on such a salary, let alone a family if you want to have one."

"Still, if the issue of being able to live on the salary is taken out of the equation, I would choose to be a librarian every time."

- AnotherBookWyrm

"Oh man, my mom was a librarian and it is a real calling for some and I so love and respect that."

"Librarians are amazing!!!!"

- rcher87

"This was absolutely my first thought as well."

"I was halfway to a master's degree in library science when I did several shadow sessions. Everyone I talked to had gone to school for library science and was working part time shelving books and waiting for a librarian position to open up. Unless I was willing to move, it really didn't seem like a good option."

- elletastic

"It's a profession where the expectation is to have a masters degree and the pay scale for the vast majority of positions does not reflect that."

"I AM a librarian and it would still be my answer for this thread, but you'll often get that because you have to want to do this job to do it for the kinds of pay you can expect."

"I'm just lucky I'm in an academic position rather than public as that tends to set the starting pay a bit higher."

- WalkingTarget

What's Up, Wonka?

Animated GIFGiphy

"Ice cream truck driver, but everything is $1 or less. Or maybe running a candy shop."

"While I’m at my mentally draining job, I dream of just being able to make people smile, but I just can’t afford to live on the money that provides."

- fraxiiinus

"There was this man who had an ice-cream truck that went around my neighborhood (I lived near a small park) and he was so nice. He couldn’t speak English well, but he just radiated a warmth around him that can never be bought or sold."

- Closet_Couch_Potato

You know what Reddit would do, but what about you? If you had enough money to be comfortable, what job would you happily get up and go do?

Is there a job you wouldn't do even if someone offered you a $400k salary?

What's your labor worth? Let's talk about it, fam.

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