People Break Down Which Car Accessories Make Someone Look Like An A-Hole
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They say never judge a book by its cover, but... like ... isn't that what cover art and descriptions are literally for?

To allow you to judge that book by its cover?

Reddit user crazythumper7 asked :

"What can someone put on their car that makes you know immediately that they’re a douchebag?"

And listen, I know what we were all told, but adding stuff to your car is communicating extra data and what is the purpose of data if not to analyze?

And isn't judgment part of analysis?

And don't people put stuff on their cars like this???

Calvin's Degrading Competitors

"A 'Calvin pissing on rival brand's logo' sticker."

- GrumpyCatStevens

"I once saw a ford with Calvin pissing on a Chevy sticker pull up next to a Chevy with a Calvin pissing on a ford sticker at a stop light."

"I was hoping to see some drama but nothing happened."

- lobster-overrun

"Wow, an actual pissing contest between truck guys."

- SpaceCowboy58

"This is the perfect metaphor for American politics. 2 guys, more or less the same, forced into competing identities by corporate interests which want nothing more than to take their money.

- Jasper455

"Do people actually identify that closely with car companies?"

- LeoMarius

"Unfortunately, yes."

- lobster-overrun

"C'mon guys, show dominance."

- Suibian_ni

Truck Testies

"Truck Nuts"

- TheNatanist

"I saw truck nuts on a smart car one time and thought it was the one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen 😂 I’ll make an exception for that person. Otherwise, you’re right."

- archerjones

"If it makes you feel better I had a couple truck nuts when I was an edgy teenager and they were routinely cut off. In hindsight, I think those people were doing me a favor."

- CaptainAwesome06

"One of my friends made a bicycle version, it’s literally two large hardware nuts, glued to a bicycle chain, hung from the back of the bike saddle"

- ChimpskyBRC

"There’s a guy at work that has a blue pair. Really? You can pick any colour and you pick BLUE??"

- Silverslugger24

​Truly Hated

"Locally hated"

- Accomplished_Cod_891

"Yeah, only because he hasn't gone anywhere else yet."

- The_Observatory_

"And nobody knows them anyways"

- MichigaCur

"Not until Mom starts charging rent, anyway."

- Raaazzle

"Not sure which is worse. Either they are actually hated enough for everybody in their city to know who they are and feel the same, or they're wrong and aspire to be hated."

- Phantereal

"Or the way they are proud to be hated."

- CommercialCream402

i hate you middle finger GIFGiphy


"Those big stickers on their windshield that has their Instagram/ name in cursive"

- Zealousideal_Bet6888

"Lol I saw one of those. But it was a dog’s Instagram and the dog was in passenger side waving out the window while wearing sunglasses and some gold chains."

- jamie_maxx

"That ain't a dog, that's a Dawg"

- Pyr02006

Grilled Meat

"A guy at my work has a penis shaped piece of metal bolted to the front grill on his civic."

"Sad thing is, I guessed the guy who drives it by his appearance."

- shambosley

"I was gonna say truck nuts, but I think that takes it."

- [Reddit]

More Meat

"I’ll one up you."

"Girl at my work has a dildo has her shift knob."

"I mean respect because she drives a manual, she’s still kind of a douchebag though."

- ali693

Play On Words

“ 'Dodge the dad, Ram the daughter'…. On a Dodge Ram. Good stuff."

- jazzy-j-face

"Or "If you can't dodge 'em, ram 'em". Thank you for giving me warning to get as far from you on the road as possible."

- shagthedance

"I saw an OnlyRams decal the other day, which was especially funny because I had recently read another r/askreddit thread about what kind of vehicles douchebags drive, and Ram was top of the list."

- Nailbomb85

"Ooooohhh. I love my Ram. Most truck for the money as they say. I certainly understand the stereotype tho."

- ss3006

"Sir I believe they say 'the most truck for your buck'."

- zipiddydooda

Ram GIFGiphy

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"As a firearms enthusiast I can tell you that anyone who puts any gun related stickers on their car is either a douchebag, an idiot, or both."

"They're trying to look tough and are dumb enough to advertise that they have an expensive hobby, which makes them an immediate target for theft."

"My roommate does exactly this. Again, I love going to the range, I don't advertise it on my car."

- 2centSam

"Thank you! We have such an issue with people getting their vehicles broken into and it’s always, ALWAYS, one of two targets:"

"Dude left it unlocked"

"Dude has an NRA or pro-2A decal some shit like “Try and Take It!!” Plastered on the back window."

"May as well advertise that there’s a good chance an easy score is inside. And this is in the Midwest! You’d think folks would have more sense but 🤷🏼♂️ I dunno…all I know is sh*t like this is why I’m stuck waiting on my new Sig."

- Rusty_is_a_good_boy

"Is it even theft if they tell you to come and take it?"

- Conri

Looking Dumb Too

"Carolina squat....just, just why"

- DeousPascitCorvos

"I didn't know what this was and googled it. Man this is slaughter:"

"It involves lifting a truck's front end and dropping its rear, ostensibly to make it look like a race truck, but only resulting in a vehicle that scoots along like a dog scratching its butt"

- RowdyBunny18

"North Carolinian here, they actually just passed legislation banning this eyesore. Hopefully they get around to enforcing it too."

- GreatWhiteElk

"I had to Google this. Oh man that is the dumbest shot I’ve ever seen. I live in the Northeast and I’ve never seen that before."

- scumbagstaceysEx

The Irony

"Punisher with a thin blue line flag"

- spirit_the_scallion

"Completely ignores the number of cops the Punisher has killed over the years in comics."

- dameon5

"Or the reason why Frank Castle had to become The Punisher in the first place"

"(It was because of corrupt cops.)"

- [Reddit]

"Or the thin blue line flag + a gadsden flag. 'Don’t tread on ME, tread on those other people!!'."

- sluthulhu

"Second this"

- TexanInAlaska


Yeah ... we're all judging you.

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