People Reveal What They Can't Believe We Still Deal With In 2019


You'd think, with all the advancements in society, there would have been some inconveniences or social conditions that would fade away.

Sadly...that doesn't seem to be how society operates. It takes a long time for times to completely change. People can be resistant to the change, and it's a bit of a cross to bear to continue to deal with people's ignorance.

But we do it.

u/ansoniK asked:

What can you not believe we still have to deal with in 2019?

Here were some of the answers.

Recipe For Annoyance

When you are following a recipe online and the quantities for ingredients aren't also worked into the instructions. So every time I need to confirm how much olive oil I needed I have to go right back to the start.


Also when recipes have the authors entire life story before they give you the short 2 minute recipe.


Taxes And Death

Submitting our tax returns to the government, when they already have a record of our standard wages and a bunch of other data.


They do this in most countries in the world. But in the US you have the tax filing companies lobbying Congress to make it as difficult as possible to do your taxes so that you end up purchasing their software.

I'm an American living in Europe and in the country I live in the government just sends you your taxes already filled out for you each year. You just take a quick look at it and digitally sign it on your phone or computer and you are done. If you are owed a return it will just go into your bank account.


Landlines In General, Actually

Most phone calls are still fuzzy and distorted, even when calling from landline to landline, while some outright sound like the other person is gargling cotton. Why can I clearly see the face of a person on FB video chat in Japan while I sit at an IHOP in Florida, yet calling someone in the same zip code is muffled.

EDIT: to those asking about my landline, I work in a job that requires frequent making and receiving of phone calls. I know I have a connection to another one because it's one of my regular older customers who refuse to get a cell phone.


What Kind Of Fourth Of July Nonsense

How many decades have hot dogs come in packages of 10 and hot dog rolls come in packages of 8 or 16? Can't these two things come together on a number already, it is 2019 for crying out loud.


Never Trust A Printer

Printers. My home printer always breaks down when I need it. My work printer which is like provided by a very prominent printing company that should work perfectly, is broken half the time. I don't understand why printers have not improved in their reliability.

Edit: A lot of people keep asking why I don't get a better printer, because I don't use it but a couple of times a year when I have to print a ticket or something. Even in this age some things require printed documents.

As for work. I work at an elementary school and therefore have to print certain school records, student work sheets, and for my convince I print my budget spread sheets. Even yesterday I went to the printer and it was making some sort of horrendous noise. Then it said it didn't get the print job that I sent twice, I had to restart the printer, take out all of the paper, close it down one more time and then it was finally able to print. It's a brand new printer from a printing company.

Edit 2: Thank you fellow printer haters for the gold and silver. May your printers always work.


When Your Brother Is Secretly Fantine


My brother has it now. He's quarantined, and my job wanted me out of office until I got the all clear from Dept. of Health.

I got the all-clear, but when I find out who got him sick, I'm calling my lawyer.


We Don't Care Enough To Let Our People Live

Roughly 10 million American homes and buildings receive water from service lines that are at least partially lead, according to the EPA.

Service lines are the pipes connecting water mains to people's houses. (Lead ones are mostly found in the Midwest and Northeast.)

Despite the life-altering consequences of lead poisoning, there is no national plan to get rid of those pipes.


You're A Mean One, Mr. Witch

I read an article the other day about how the people in a really small rural village in India drowned a women and her 2 small children in a well because they thought she was a witch. Apparently this is not that uncommon in really remote areas of some countries.

It just blows my mind that in my city we're starting to see sh!t like driverless cars and gene editing becoming a reality, but in some areas of the world they still believe in witches enough to kill someone over it.

EDIT: Woah. This blew up. Welp... it's been pointed out to me that this level of savagery exists in the modern world. Yeah, it totally does. Honestly, villagers killing a family because they think they're witches is far less terrible than politicians and modern healthcare companies letting thousands of people die from preventable diseases. At least the villagers think they're helping, however misguided they may be. Whereas, the people who let other people die while they make money off a system that allows people to die are way more terrible because they have all the knowledge available to them and choose to continue to let that happen.

Also, I recognized that we have our own modern version of witchhunters, the anti-vaxxers, the climate-change deniers, the flat-earthers. Frankly, these people are probably more harmful because their beliefs have a wider impact on the world.

I guess it was just reading about something like drowning a witch that just feels so medieval to me that it gave me pause. Like somewhere in the world, someone is being persecuted for having perceived magical powers while at the same time, someone else in the world is implementing technology so advanced it feels like it's out of a science fiction novel. Some people are going to fucking Mars in a few years and other people think babies born as twins are cursed witches. I guess the point I was trying to make is that I can't believe that in 2019, even with all the globalisation that has happened that we still have this VAST gap in the human experience and the technological advances that are prevalent in our lives.


The Commute Kills Me

Lengthy work commutes. So many office jobs can be done remotely. I understand why some employers aren't keen on it. But you can very easily add in a couple of remote days a week, or come up with some system like half the day remote half the day in the office. I don't understand why we still have every damn person in the city going to work at the same time and leaving at the same time. It is unnecessary and actually counter productive.


Healthcare Reform Plz

No lie. I don't understand why hospitals are allowed to charge so much that it causes a person bankruptcy. And they are actually allowed to send you to collections for that astronomical amount.

What I also don't get is why Hospital A can charge $1,000 for a Cat Scan and Hospital B can change $5,000 for the same Cat Scan.

If the government would regulate hospital changes, maybe it would help us rather than sending people into poverty.


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