Sex. It's great, but there can be a lot of drama involved.

We're human, how could there not be?

One way to make it easy is to say the right name when you're in the heat of things.

Seriously, we know this sounds like a small thing, but it's monumentally important.

Make sure you know your date's name.

If you don't, take your date to Starbucks and have it written on their cup.

It might be REALLY important later in the evening.

Redditor throwaway2356765 wanted to know your best excuses in the worst moments of intimacy.

So they asked:

"How do you apologize to your girlfriend after accidentally calling her by your ex’s name during sex?"

Sex makes our minds crazy. I say all sorts of nonsense.


Run Away Nuclear Bomb GIF by IdentityGiphy

"Burn the house down. Fake your death. Move to Peru. There's no recovery."



"You're gonna have to run out the clock on that one. Just say you're sorry and take the consequences."


"Yup. Persistence is key. Apologize a thousand times until she forgives you. Cook her favorite meals a thousand times until she forgives you. Massage her back a thousand times until she forgives you."



"'I'm so sorry [Ex's Name].' Trust me it'll work."


"Unironically maybe if you can convince her you have early onset dementia."



"Call out a guy's name next time and really throw her for a loop."


"Call out your own name."


"Or her father's name."


And Piggy?

Press Conference Kermit GIFGiphy

"Call out Kermit’s name next time."


Sex makes us all crazy.


Sad Cry GIF by TheFactory.videoGiphy

"Oh man, trust me as someone who calls everyone by another person's name... there is no amount of apologies to make up for that in this case. Just hope she cares enough to forgive - she won't forget though and may bring it up many times."



"Not sure, but if it helps to know, I accidentally called my wife our dog’s name during an argument."

"Update: It totally killed the tension, and we laughed about it. I am safe."


"I just had a baby and now no one’s name is sacred in my house. Every cat’s, dog’s, or human’s name is Interchangeable with the others."



"Tell her you called her name while having sex with your ex and you're just trying to even everything out."


"Chaotic evil."


"Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."


Be Sensible

"Just say you're sorry and you didn't mean it, but don't expect that she will get over it easily."'


"This seems like the most sensible answer. My answer was basically grovelling, grovel and grovel some more and hope she can forgive you but don't expect that to happen right away but definitely expect to hear it in every argument for a few years to come as well."


#1 Answer

Louis Litt Genius GIF by SuitsGiphy

"The only way to salvage this is at the time by adding ' ...was never this good!'"


Be better y'all. It's an intimate moment and your partner deserves the basest level of respect that come with knowing their name.

Do you have other ideas to share in the unfortunate event of this happening? Let us know in the comments below.

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