Have you ever stopped to think about all of the deaths the internet is responsible for?

We don't mean people (that would be a whole other, entirely more more morbid) - we mean businesses. Gone are the days when people used to hang out at malls bouncing from store to store.

In the age of internet, lots of young people literally don't know what a mallrat is! They'll never know what it is to go to specialized stores - why would they when we can get everything on Amazon?

Reddit user @stalingradsniper asked:

What business or store that was killed by the internet do you miss the most?

Come on folks, we're going for a walk down memory lane.


Arcades for sure. My dad used to drop me off at a nickel arcade with 5 bucks. I felt like a KING.

- Hijack32

Toys R Us Kids


12 year old me misses Toys R Us. My son will more than likely never experience the joy of being let loose in a giant toy store.

- Windyscarecrow


The old Blockbuster in my town had a game console that somehow always had new and interesting games to show.

- PM_Me_Your_Worries

My favorite Blockbuster story...

I was in 4th grade. My friend's dad took us to Blockbuster. As a joke, my friend grabbed Grease (which he had seen before and wanted to watch again) and Basic Instinct. He handed his dad both movies and said "I'm thinking about one of these, but I can't decide."

His dad just shook his head and said "haven't you seen Grease enough?" and took Basic Instinct to the checkout.

So yeah, that's how I got to watch Basic Instinct in 4th grade.

- NC_Goonie

I honestly miss video stores. It was fun to wander around them and you might end up renting something you never heard of on a whim.

- RyusDirtyGi

NOT Hobby Lobby

I miss really good hobby shops. I build plastic models usually World War II aircraft. Those high-end hobby shops have all the closed down, now all you can generally find are RC shops that have a shelf of a couple plastic models here and there, the only Exception in the greater Portland area is Tammie's hobbies but I'm pretty sure their days are numbered for plastic models as well.

- dlama

Radio Shack

I really miss radio shack. I used to always go in there with friends and look at all the remote control helicopters and the crazy tivo devices and everything that I thought was so awesome.

Its so weird how those things were so revolutionary and now its just like "Oh yeah you can get that at walmart for $5."

- nessabessa34

Radio Shack for me as well. Mostly for the small little electronics that i would need or tiny screws that are hard to find anywhere else.

For example, I really need to buy 2 replacement screws for my sennheiser headphones currently and i have no idea where to start looking as googling doesn't give me many options. If there was a radio shack i may actually be able to take the screw in and find another similar enough in size.

- insert_password



Used book stores. There's now only one in a 5 city radius that is only open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm.

I use thriftbooks now, it's cheap and they have a lot of different books, but it's not the same as browsing through stacks looking for treasures.

- ViolentGrace


Did any of you guys have that Discovery nature store at your malls? It would have those native american rain tubes, that when placed on its top or bottom had the beads inside sound like it was raining. That and had a bunch of cool "seen on tv" toys and books. It was great, then one day it was just gone. Wish it was still around today, so that it would still be cool to learn.

- FightingBlaze77

Small Town Woes

Most of the shops in my small country town close because everyone orders everything off of Amazon. Now there's so many abandoned buildings.

- annatheanna119

Like Blockbuster, But Better


Hastings was probably similar to a blockbuster, but Hastings had movies and tv shows to rent, books, music, other stuff that I can't remember that you could buy. It was just so good but now their is a TJ MAXX in its place. It will truly be missed in my heart.

- bluuuuu5183

Sears Could Have Been...


The Sears catalog.

I used to love going through that as a kid around Christmas and seeing what I wanted to ask Santa for. What's stupid is Sears could have been bigger than Amazon since they already had a head start on the "order from home" business, but they just didn't embrace the internet and now Sears is dying.

- -eDgAR-

Lifehacks, if applied properly, can really change the course of a single household chore.

Chores can really be such a pain to take care of, and nobody wants to do it. But with a little life hack under your belt, you might be able to turn chore time into something a little fun.

u/rat-avec-london asked:

What is a lifehack that seems fake, but is a true lifesaver?

Here were some of those answers.

My Finger, The Glass

If your ring gets stuck on your finger windex will slide it right off. Worked at a jewelry store for five plus years.


You can also use any oil (cooking, automotive... anything).

You can also reduce the size of your hand (and finger) by holding it up in the air. Chilling your hand in cold water THEN holding it up in the air for a couple minutes whilst rubbing oil &/or dishwashing fluids in there... trifecta of ring removal.

Should work on anyone that just stole Sauron's prize - though biting it off also works, i suppose.


Multiple Uses

Use shaving cream as anti-fog. I used it on the inside of my motorcycle visor. Smear it on, let it dry, then rinse off and dry. It also works for bathroom mirrors. You can use it on a small spot so you can still see when you get out of the shower.


Shaving cream also removes the smell of urine. If you ever have to take care of someone who is old and/or sick and who wets the bed, a little shaving cream on a rag wiped over their buttocks after they are thoroughly cleaned up helps them really smell clean again.

It's a bit of a sad tip, I know, but you never know when you might end up caring for someone who needs help with things like this. Nobody wants to smell. A dab of shaving cream to restore a bit of dignity? Priceless.


Pretty Important For Stage Actors

Every male should know this. If you want to get rid of an awkward boner flex any muscle in your body maybe an arm. For a minute. The blood will rush to that muscle and away from your penis. Crisis averted.


These life hacks really don't seem real at all, but if you can swear by them, they can save your life.

Obligatory Poop Hack

I saw a comment on one of these kinda threads that recommended gently rocking back and forth while pooping. I've never had any problems in the bathroom, but I happened to be sitting on the toilet when I read the comment so I decided to give it a test drive. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and effortless the whole experience was and I haven't gone back to my old stationary technique since. As a bonus, #1 and #2 now require the same amount of time in the bathroom!


It's The Alcohol

If you have funky armpits and need to fix them fast, use hand sanitiser. I figured this out years ago when I remembered that the smell comes from bacteria reactions - which antibacterial hand gel kills stone dead. Instant results and the medical smell lasts only a minute. Don't do this routinely though as it's delicate skin.


But Hopefully It's Just A Playing Puppy

True lifesaver: if you are ever attacked by a dog, push your forearm INTO the bite. This pries the jaws apart and prevents them from clamping down. If a dog is attacking you, the best thing you can do is offer your forearm, push as far back as possible, and then grab the dog by the scruff of its neck with your other hand to hold it. The dog is now functionally muzzled and you have control of its head. The sooner and harder you push into the bite, the less damage the bite will do.


Get It Off Anything

That rubbing alcohol removes chewing gum.

I'd go through a 20 layer deep marketing funnel to get to that tip because it really does work.

Also wow! Thank you for all of the awards nice Redditors. I completely forgot I left this comment and came back and my notifications had blown up.


And previously impossible situations will give way at long last.

Sayonara Capsaicin

Rubbing vegetable oil (or any cooking oil) on your hands after you cut up jalapeños or other hot peppers. It gets rid of the awfulness that would normally be left on your hands from the peppers. I rub my hands with oil and then wash it off with dish soap. I can totally remove my contacts after doing this. It's crazy how well this works.


Crying Crying

Put your onion in the freezer for 10 minutes before chopping it. It freezes the juices just enough to slow down the process of it turning in to a gas, giving you a few minutes to chop the onion without tears. I learnt this tip from a kid's science show years ago and I haven't had to deal with onion tears since. So many people don't believe me, and then are genuinely surprised when it works.


Just A Quick Little Base

The cheapest, most effective, and safest insecticide against roaches (especially those huge "water bug" roaches that we have in the South) is a spray bottle of mostly water with just a little liquid dish soap in it.

Shake the bottle & get the water a little foamy, then spray the roaches. They will run, scrabble, and attempt escape, of course, but they will die. The soap film suffocates them faster than any chemicals will.

A friend told me about this, & I thought she was nuts, but I tried it & it works amazingly well. Plus it's very easy to clean up and safe around food (not that you want to spray soapy water ON your food).


Incorporating any of these lifehacks into your home may make a big difference. You'll never want to turn back.

Or you will, whatever. But they're worth a try!

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