Burger King's Twitter game is strong, which is a good thing because the competition is fierce among fast food chains on social media.

BK's latest marketing stunt is going to drive McDonald's employees crazy, or at least make them a bit paranoid. It's a deliciously trollish way to get hungry customers to order a Whopper.

In a tweet, Burger King said it was going to McDonald's.

People thought the tweet was a hacker at work, or perhaps some kind of combined marketing strategy between the two burger chains.

Naturally, this led to confusion.

Then Burger King revealed their ulterior motives.

The new marketing campaign is called the Whopper Detour. The Burger King app lets customers drive near a McDonald's, order a Whopper for just a penny, then drive to Burger King to pick it up.

Burger King fans were relieved β€” and impressed.

Others took the time to send a little snark right back.

The promotion requires customers to be within 600 feet of a McDonald's before placing their order via the app. Then it unlocks the $0.01 Whopper for online ordering and pick up at a Burger King. The app also guides customers to both locations.

Like many marketing campaigns today, this one focuses on getting users to install an app, tapping into customers' desire to be subversive without resorting to something crass.

McDonald's has not responded to the new ads as of this writing, but Burger King is ready to speak for their competition.

The Whopper Detour promotion lasts until December 12!

H/T: DesignTaxi, Inc.com

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