There is no worth in measuring happiness, or so they say.

Everyday there are moments and things that bring joy. A smile, a dance, a song... it all brings joy.

And it can all be for free. If you hear a song while wandering around Target, that costs you nothing but a stroll around an aisle.

There are moments in life that can bring so many smiles and they are free of charge.

Redditor D**kSwindler wanted to discuss the value of happiness, so they asked:

"What brings happiness without spending any money?"

AIR. We all breathe.

If you can breathe, you are living and that is joy.

For free.

Living ain't easy... but what is your alternative?

Let's Chat

"Having a really good conversation with someone you haven't talked to in a while when you're feeling lonely." ~ MilwaakeePustaBandit


Fur babies

"When a pet just flops down next you, completely trusting." ~ farts_n_darts

"Mine does too! Jumps up on your chest and then randomly flops expecting you to catch him. Also jumps up from ground level expecting you to catch him. We’ve had a few fails but he’s keeping my reflexes sharp." ~ paleoterrra

In the Water

"Sitting down at the water's edge on a hot day with your feet dangling in the cool water and watching the different wildlife do their thing." ~ Sephonez

"The last time i did that an eel touched my foot and i freaked out :( that was four years ago, and i plan on never doing it again." ~ SepticMonke

A walk about...

"Taking a walk outside, alone in peace and tranquil. Watching the sunset. Or if you're a sociopath, killing people." ~ More-Masterpiece-561

"I feel like killing people would he pretty expensive. You would have to buy supplies and I'm sure it would cost a lot in gas to drive it far away enough to dump the body." ~ SpacedOutTrashPanda


"Sleeping. The best thing is just do nothing." ~ Awvwvy


So much truth. It's all the simple things we take for granted.

Werk it

"Working out boosts my mood for a while." ~ hidingfrompeeps



"So many things - being out in the sun; lounging or hiking/biking/kayaking, a lazy Sunday afternoon being held while watching a movie just content in each others presence, a nap in the warm sun with a cool breeze, watching a storm roll through, late night conversations… I could go on. Learning to find joy in the day to day is a great thing." ~ sansevierian


"That one cousin. Instant uncontrollable laughter when I see them. I had to sit on the other side of a counter on the floor just to eat my French fries one time without laughing. We could not look at each other at all." ~ candysaver01

"I hate all my cousins, but me and my brother are like this a lot of the time, which is better imo cause we live together." ~ adambomb2077

"I'm losing faith in it."

"I remember reading something a few years ago that I'm not sure was true or not. It was purportedly a physiological study in which they questioned people in various financial situations. The findings revealed that persons earning roughly $74,000 (single income) were just as happy as those earning a million dollars or more. I used to believe this totally, but as my wife and I get closer to the magical 74k per year, I'm losing faith in it. Currently, the figure for each would be around $100,000." ~ Fickle-Tea-7912


"Snuggling with your soul mate!" ~ Eagan8er


There is more joy than we allow ourselves to see. Just take a moment, and a breath and look around.

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