People Break Down The Most Disgusting Bad Habits

As much as people try to put on a good face in public, many of them have idiosyncratic behavior–like involuntary foot-tapping–they are ashamed of having.

Some folks, however, are not as self-aware.

These individuals could care less about other people and they act like the world is their nasty, unkempt, malodorous, living room.

Curious to hear examples of gross behavior, Redditor Dazzling_Age_4795 asked:

"What's the most disgusting bad habit?"

No one wants to see it, yet, here we are.

Leaving Evidence

"Taking a dump and then not flushing in public toilets."

– dynotrek


"I work in reception in a dental office, our Covid protocols included having wipe down the bathroom after each person. The amount of pee I’ve had to wipe off the seat and floor is absolutely disgusting. People are pigs- wipe the damn seat if your aim is that awful!!! They knew too, the intense stare down I gave them when exiting the bathroom, oh they knew."


Lazy Pet Owners

"Dog poop ( living in holland ) drives me crazy how much is just lying around. Disguisting habit for dog owners to just not care to clean it up. Which is in fact mandatory but hey... if no one sees it, its not a crime."

– Syfodias

Turd Bombs

"People who don’t pick up their dog’s poop don’t deserve to have a dog. I also hate seeing bags of dog sh*t left on the ground. Like why bag it and just leave it there? It’s actually better for the environment if you don’t put it in the bag, lazy."

– lydviciousss

The Gross Collection

"Keeping your booger wall in plain sight where guests can see it."

– twodamntall

Sounds Gross

"I once saw a person picking their ear and eating the wax. That sh*ts even worse then picking and eating out of your nose."

– Ddaveeh

Finger Lickin' Good

"This question came up once with several highschool friends many years ago when I was a junior and a girl in my class wouldn't tell me a really specific one that she had seen, but told me to keep a close eye on another girl in our class. This other girl was decently popular and on the drill team so I was very curious but I didn't really have any classes with her. At the next pep rally, I decided to keep an eye on her since the drill team was on the court. The whole drill team sat off to the side while a coach was speaking and I notice that girl fidgeting with her hands in front of her. As I looked more closely, I watched her glance around to make sure no one saw, and proceed to squeeze a chest pimple and scoot the whitehead to her mouth!!! If that wasn't sick enough, SHE KEPT SWIPING THE CRUD COMING OUT AND LICKING IT OFF HER FINGER! She wasn't super obvious about it and she obviously thought no one was looking or paying attention. I was nearly gagging audibly! I just couldn't look at her the same after that."

– PeePeeCat99

Those without any concept of having respect for their environment are very telling of the type of person they are.

Trashing The Place


– yParticle

"Those folk who buy cigarettes and casually walk around unwrapping and dropping plastic as they go... God I hate those guys."

– bishopsfinger

Driving Smokers Suck

"People smoking while driving seem to almost always throw their cigarette butt out the window without a care in the world."


Fecal Graffiti

"Writing with sh*t in public toilet wall stall."

– Senggama

And those who don't have any respect for others in public got majorly slammed.

Open Forum

"Not sure if it's a 'habit', per se, but those people that have their phones on speaker ALL THE WAY UP casually talking on the train, in the grocery store, and in restaurants. I do not want to hear about your mother's bunion."

– Pattimash

Hush, Please

"Dude for real. I go to the library every once in a while for some quiet time.. the number of people who talk on their phone is ridiculous. Half the time if you go up to them and ask if they could be quieter or take it to the lobby they act like you're the rude one."


Clogging The Shower

"Taking a sh*t in the shower and pushing it into the drain... I knew people who did that, safe to say I don't anymore."

– Chipmunk654

A Crappy Confession

"I’ve got to be honest, I farted once and a nugget, maybe the size of a pickled onion, fell out whilst I was taking a shower. As the particular bathroom I was in had the toilet in a separate room I decided the safest option for me was to squish the turd into the drain with my foot."

"I’m not proud but sometimes it has to be done."

"For clarity, I do not condone purposely dropping a full sh*t in the shower."

– User Deleted

Germy COVID Hands

"Not washing hands after using the bathroom, especially in public. Like at a restaurant."

– enigmaroboto

Saliva Spraying

"Sneezing or coughing without covering your mouth. My classmate did that once and it was so disgusting 😭"

– Kaisa_is_short

Look, I know we all have our quirks, but I'm just not a nail-chewing and booger-flicking stan.

It's not like people with these habits are deliberately trying to inconvenience my life. But...they are.

I don't need to be stepping on nail remnants and dried-up balls of nose mucus with my barefeet.

So, what gross habits and/or behavior really gets your blood boiling?