People Break Down The Bullsh*t They're Just Tired Of
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With so many stresses spiking our anxiety levels in our current climate, it's a challenge trying to pick our battles.

Ultimately, letting things slide and not sweating the small stuff are good places to start so we can get a good night's sleep.

But there are just some things that we can't stop fixating on, and it's mentally taxing.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor -Z-3-R-0- asked:

"What bullsh*t are you just tired of?"

The way we interact gets dissected here.


"Grown adults who don’t want or flat out refuse to act like decent humans. Being a**holes to each other over petty things and then being proud of it for moral superiority and/or internet points."

– bubblegumbreeze

Social Media

"I am tired of people constantly being on their phones, especially when you're trying to talk to them. Tiktok will wait. If you could just do me a solid and return my conversation, I would appreciate it. Your Instagram isn't going to suddenly have something new on it just because you keep refreshing it."

– somethingnotbasic

People don't have patience for others who don't take responsibility.

Tired Excuse

"I'm tired of how f'king obsessed everyone is with categorizing everything and viewing the world through this simplified lens where everything fits an archetype and it's always both okay and accurate to generalize. It's so pathetic and I'm sick of people making excuses for their delusions by saying sh*t like 'this is just how humans are.'"

– gigaLion

It's A Bad Sign

"people blaming their bad traits on their zodiac signs because they don’t want accountability."

"'sorry it’s because i’m a capricorn!' no, emily, you’re just a b*tch."

– thatonedik3

Redditors discussed the different perceptions and personality types.


"Entitled customers who think just because 'they've shopped here for YEARS' that means they're entitled to discounts/free stuff and repeatedly treat us like crap."

"I always say we have to bring back (what I refer to as) the 'no bullsh*t policy' because that's the only way you're going to get these entitled people to STOP. You can't give them what they want."

– Dragon_Queen1997


"People mistaking my kindness for weakness. I'm a friendly and intelligent blonde, but I will go Jersey on your a** in less than 60 seconds. I feel like prey 😔"

– wolfielover22

Age Is Just A Number

"People that are older than you thinking they are right just because they are older."

– _MrNobody___

Our day to day dealings involve a variety of headaches.


"Paying health insurance and then still paying for medical care because insurance is a scam."

– wagneran

So Unclean

"Pollution. Trash everywhere in cities."

– EdgeMiserable4381

Affordable Living

"This housing market."

– koa-the-pomsky

"My credit is f'ked because I couldn’t pay all my bills on time at this cabin I lived at in a trailer park. No doors for the one bedroom, no bathroom door, a gaping hole in the floor that squirrels would come up through, and rent was $425 a month."

– WhAtDoEsThIsMeMeMaTe

Forced Slumber

"My body refusing to sleep unless I drug myself."

– CaptainNapal545

There is an art to having a conversation, but it shouldn't be that difficult not to be rude.

I can't stand it when people don't have enough social graces to recognize they've been leading the conversation the whole time, not letting an opportunity for anyone else to weigh in on a discussion.

There's nothing worse than having a conversation move on to another topic when you've been waiting to share your thoughts, ten talking points ago.

Thanks a lot for giving me conversational blue balls.

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