People Share The Funniest Brain Farts When They Forgot The Word For Something


It's easy to forget basic information. Your brain literally feels like there's a giant gap in it and the information just slips on through the cracks.

Sometimes it's there and then it leaves. Like, bye girl! You on your own to figure this out now.

Thanks, brain. Thanks.

u/alllerda asked:

Which basic knowledge did you totally forget for a moment?

Here were some of the answers.

A Genius In Another Timeline


I cut my finger and grabbed a paper towel to cover it up. Thought it was terribly inconvenient to just hold it there. But what if there was some adhesive substance to hold this stuff in place?

Grabbed some duct tape, wrapped the paper towel in it, and stuck the rest to the lower part of my finger. Ta-da! Man, I'm brilliant.

My mom looked at me like "What the f*ck are you doing?"

I then realized I had invented the Band-Aid, while never being more than three feet from a pack of the genuine article this entire time.


Something, Something, Go Away

I once forgot what rain was called. I was super tired and in the process of going to bed. I asked my wife, is it supposed to ugh, whats it know when the water falls from the sky.

My wife goes, is it supposed to rain tomorrow? Is that what you're asking??

To this day rain is referred to as water falling from the sky instead of rain.


You Said East? I Thought You Said Weast

Back in the times of printing out driving directions. I mixed up left and right once and I ended up some 2 hours away from my destination. I was 16 with no cell phone and extremely socially awkward, so it took a lot of courage to ask a gas station attendant how to get back to my city. A couple friends were waiting at my house when i got there, they said they thought I died or was kidnapped or something.


Some Kind Of Wet Dirt?

I forgot what the word mud was. I was at work and some sterile product got delivered to us covered in mud. This makes the product no longer sterile and I have to send it back and inform my boss. I send her a text and say "The product was covered in liquid dirt".

It wasn't until hours later when I mentioned the issue to a co-worker and he looked at me dumbfounded and said

"You mean mud?"

It was at that moment I realized how stupid I was. Brownie points because my boss knows now too.


Electricity Is Important

The power at my house had gone. I'm on a meter so it's fairly common thing. My phone started to die, so I put it on charge. Then spend about 10 minutes trying to figure out why it wouldn't charge, my attempt also included trying to Google why it wouldn't charge to no avail cos no power so no Internet. It was at that point I realised...


Casually Almost Dying

I forgot how to swallow. I was eating a steak at a diner, one of those steak and eggs breakfast platters, so you know it's not the best steak. It was tough and impossible to swallow. My esophagus was so pissed, it forgot how to swallow for about a day. I would try to eat but could not remember how, my tongue would press against the roof of my mouth and that's all that would happen. The next day I had a hot tea and that fixed it.


Boeing Doeing

I read (silently to myself) a sentence that went something like "No one knows what they had been doing in there" and my brain's internal narrator mispronounced the word "doing" as a perfect rhyme for "boing" - you know, like a comic book sound effect. DOING! No distractions, no background noise. Just suddenly I forgot how an extremely common word is pronounced.


Check Out The PRNDL


The worst part was that I was working as a valet at the time. I set the customer on their way, jumped into the front seat, and my brain fell out. I sat there, horrified, for at least 15 seconds wondering how the hell I'd gotten to work that day, and if I'd spent the past 10 years driving my own vehicle incorrectly. "Do I hit the gas? No, of course not, dummy. The car's in park! How do I get it out of park? The gas pedal? No, I already established that. The brake? No, of course not, this is an automatic, not a manual. I don't even know how to drive a manual, what am I doing in this - Oh wait, the car's an automatic."

Eventually I reasoned my way through depressing the brake, shifting into D, and slowly making my way through the parking garage, but man, that was a weird experience.


Alternative Words

The word "scissors" midsurgery.

Normally we call them mets (for metzenbaum scissors) but we had a new student as the scrub tech and I went to ask for mets, asked a few times, tried to remember the word scissors, failed, referred to them as "snippies" and did a little finger scissors motion, looking like an idiot in front of the doctor.

At least it worked and I got my scissors.


Don't Put Me Down For Pitching


I forgot how to throw a ball. An embarrassing moment in my life which my brain will never allow me to forget.

In high school I was walking through the local fair with my then girlfriend. We come across a generic 'throw ball, hit the stuff, win things' booth. The prizes are irrelevant but who cares, it's something fun to do.

So I pick up the baseball and throw it without a second thought. Except I fling it full strength straight into the ground. It was a perfect 45 degree angle throw into the dirt. I'm like, "what the f was that... It must have slipped." Everyone laughs it off.

So I go to throw the second ball, and the same thing happens. I realize that I've completely forgotten how to throw a ball. I'm releasing way too late. Just whipped it straight into the ground. There was less laughter this time. The booth guy looks confused and says "don't you know how to throw a ball?" I swear I do. I don't know what is happening. I play catch with my brother regularly, this is insane, and I immediately start to stress out at the situation.

The booth guy looks like he feels sorry for me and offers me a third try for free. I have to redeem myself. I don't have to win a prize, I just have to throw a ball to prove to everyone I know how to do it at this point.

But nope. Again. Straight into the ground this time. Like I'm spiking a goddamn football.

I'm speechless. Someone from the crowd behind me says "what the is wrong with you?" My girlfriend just looks disappointed, not because I didn't win, but because it's so embarrassing that I would even try to do this while apparently having nearly indescribably poor motor skills.

All I can do is walk away. I have no idea what happened. Nobody believes me that I do in fact know how to throw a ball. This memory haunts me still many years later anytime my brain decides "hey remember that one time..."


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