What one does in their downtime is no one else's business.

But we can look and wonder... "Why?"

It's fascinating to understand what makes people feel fun.

But to each their own.

Redditorcowbelljazz wanted to discuss everyone's humdrum ideas of fun.

They asked:

"What is the most boring hobby a person can have?"

I like to watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer... the tv show" and study it as a hobby. And I have no shame.


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"Reading obituaries in order to cross out the names in the phone book."



"Using magic erasers to clean grunge and dirt off of anything and everything. Hand me a pack of them and I will have the entire house looking like it was just built. I literally don't stop until either I run out of erasers, or if I'm told to take a break. My boyfriend said he watched me for hours straight scrub our railing on our stairs and couldn't understand how I wasn't bored by ten minutes in. I didn't even know that much time had passed."



"Involuntary collections. My grandmother had a bunch of white porcelain cats when I grew up, later I found out the only reason she had them was because people kept giving them to her thinking she collected them. She just didn't want to be rude."


"I've learned that even if you do collect something, never tell anyone because that's all you'll get for the rest of your life."



"Having no hobbies is the worst. Hobbies make people interesting."


"I'll never forget a girl I worked with was upset because her boyfriend broke up with her and she said how she's always bored because she didn't really have any hobbies."

"Then she asked me what my hobbies were and I listed them, she's replied with, 'those are all dumb hobbies.' I just replied with, 'those are some big words for someone who doesn't have a hobby.' She pretty much immediately realized it was a dumb thing for her to say."



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"My dad likes to sit in the garage for hours on end in a lawn chair, drink beer and watch traffic go by. Boring as hell but he's zen as f**k."


I like to sit. If I can count it as a hobby... I'm in.

Eye to Eye

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"Sometimes I stare at my guinea pig and attempt to predict when she will yawn. Audiences are profoundly bored by this."



"My parents both read the newspaper 4 -5 hours a day. And then discuss the articles they've read with each other. They're very happy doing this, and I'm glad they have this common interest. But for me, phew, that'd be a tough one to get into!"


"Yeah, super weird. Anyway I'm gonna browse reddit for the next 6 hours and send links to my sibling chat for discussion."



"Calling the police repeatedly for no good reason. There is someone in the neighborhood who absolutely enjoys calling the police for no reason."


"I can already see him in his pajamas, lying in bed on his stomach, feet dangling in the air behind him and rolling the curly wire from the phone as he calls the cops, facemask on and towel on head, going; 'Hi' and they respond with whatever the police responds with, and he's going 'Nothing, I just wanted to talk... What'cha doing?'"



"Every hobby is subjective. To billions of people watching another human being kick or throw a ball is practically a religion. If you’ve not part of that religion though it seems utterly absurd and a complete waste of a life. Same is true of Stamp Collecting or Kite Flying or whatever hobby is that is fascinating to some but utterly pointless to others. What’s interesting is how diverse human beings are in terms of what they can become passionate about."


Paper Fun

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"Envelope collecting. Not Stamps, just blank envelopes."


"Imagine the love story between a stamp collector and an envelope collector and the debauchery that would go on behind closed doors between those two."


Well how people have their "fun" is their business.

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