People Describe Their Most Bizarre Phobias


This is why we all need therapy!!

I suffer from crippling claustrophobia. It's just one of my trials for this life. I have tried therapy, drugs (prescribed), vodka, hypnosis, music, positive thinking, you name it. And to this day, just the thought of an elevator still hinders my breathing. Now, to be fair, I have been trapped in an elevator three times, once in a fire, so that adds to the stress but plenty of other people have been trapped as well and they learned to move past it and enjoy tiny, dark spaces. I am not those people.

Simple truth, we all have our fears. There rarely is a specific rhyme or reason as to why our bodies, minds and spirits react with anxiety and latch onto terror when confronted with certain things. It is what it is, and it's fascinating.

Redditor u/sasters wanted everyone to take a breath and discuss the things that rattle them the most by asking.... What is a bizarre phobia you have?

On Time Issues....

late judge judy GIF Giphy

Being late. Even if only by two minutes. I have to be there at LEAST 20 minutes early.


Don't Speak

Having to interact with a person one on one and actually have to carry one side of the conversation is scary af. Especially if you don't know the person that well. We all need that extroverted friend to keeps talking so we can nod along, be part of the group and the fun, but not put ourselves out there.



Wide open spaces without people. A lot of my nightmares when broken down feature this. Like the space between spaces expanding making me smaller and the distance I need to travel to x,y or z exponentially longer.


Man you would hate driving through half the US. Texas and Nevada are pretty empty once you're outside of the cities.


Potassium Fears

Banana Potassium GIF Giphy

Bananas. threw up once after eating a banana in kindergarten and have since developed a fear of them. they're gross.


Steel Fail

Touching metal - I can't wear jewelry, don't use coins ever and will carry hand sanitizer around for whenever I'm forced to touch it. If it makes my hands smell or gets warm easily (eg is in the sun/on someone's skin) I just can't. I can't use old cutlery because it's not made of stainless steel.


Soiled Evils

I'm afraid of touching plants.


Finally someone like me! I was thinking I might be the only one!

I dunno man, the plants just kinda creep me out. Like, I know it's alive, but it doesn't respond or anything!

Can't trust those fools.


Dutch Delicacy

Got violently ill on the same day I tried stroopwafel for the first time, and my brain decided the stroopwafel caused it.

I had to avoid that whole aisle of the supermarket for several months, as any time I walked past them, I felt nauseous. Even talking about it now is giving me knots in my stomach.

Screw you, brain.


From Below

girl spider GIF Giphy

Every night before bed I check under my pillow for spiders... Because one time I flipped my pillow and there was a spider underneath.


Sticks and Bumps

Touching unfinished wood. Like popsicle sticks or wooden spoons.


Touching wet popsicle sticks with my tongue or teeth makes my skin crawl. The swishy sound and feel... I'm getting goosebumps just by writing it.


Chomp. Chomp.

nervous disney channel GIF Giphy

People chewing.


Sounds like you have misophonia, I also have it! I have to do the same thing, I hate hearing chewing of any kind.

People who chew with their mouth open is a hellish experience.



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