People Debate The First Thing They'd Do If They Woke Up With A Billion Dollars In The Bank
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Haven't we all wondered what we'd do if we had a billion dollars in the bank?

Of course we have. They say that "money can't buy happiness" but we all know that that's ridiculous. The truth is that having enough money would solve most of the average person's problems, especially when their problems typically revolve around making sure that they can pay all their bills on time and keep a roof over their heads.

People told us what they'd do if they could only be so lucky once Redditor Stef4nos asked the online community:

"You suddenly wake up a Billionaire. What do you do?"


"Nothing until I’m sure it wasn’t a bank error."


Ah, a smart person here. Yes, best be careful!

"Transfer it..."

"Transfer it off shore, pull enough out for a new identity, and set up a new life in a non extradition country, and continue living my life as normal. If no one comes looking for it, I can always transfer it back. But if they start asking about it, poof."


Well, well, well... it definitely sounds like you've thought about this a lot.

"Go back..."

"Go back to sleep. I can deal with this sh*t later."


Correction: You can afford to deal with this sh*t later.


"Apologize for waking him."


Ah, we see what you did there.


"Going back to sleep..."

"Going back to sleep since I don't have to go to work."


Hey, hey... when you're right, you're right.

"Find a few..."

"Find a few really good lawyers and financial advisors to keep me on the straight and narrow."


Definitely the wisest option. Some people would make so many mistakes.

"I’d hire lawyers and financial advisers to keep an eye on my lawyers and financial advisers and hire a company to audit the lawyers and financial advisers who were hired to keep an eye on my original lawyers and financial advisers and then hire another company to audit the auditors who are auditing the lawyers and financial advisers who were hired to keep an eye on the lawyers and financial advisers I originally hired to manage my money. Then, maybe at that point I could enjoy being a billionaire."


It's lawyers and financial advisers all the way down!


"Fill my gas tank all the way up."


Wow, look at Mr. Moneybags here! What's next? Not carrying around a credit card balance?

"Wouldn't it be cool..."

"Wouldn't it be cool to dump like a million dollars in an account and set ALL your bills to auto pay and just forget about them for years?"


And after that you’d still have $999 million to spend.

"Do what I usually do..."

"Do what I usually do but with a smile on my face."


This is a good answer. Because if you suddenly got a billion bucks on your bank account (or worse, in cash), you will live in danger if you start talking about it or acting rich.

But smiling and doing what you usually do is the way to go, until your money is locked up in real estate and other investments.

The sky's the limit, people. Though at this rate you might have a better chance of getting a billion dollars if you eat the rich.

They've given us enough of a reason.

Have some thoughts of your own? Tell us more in the comments below!

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