High school... how the trauma follows everyone.

Who has a perfect high school experience?

I wish I could do it all again.

I would've listened more.

Redditor Resplendenced wanted to talk about the good ole days, and how we could've utilized them more.

So they asked:

"What is your biggest high school regret?"

I don't hate high school. But I don't love it. Long story.

Who Cares?

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"Giving a crap what those people thought of me."


"This is why I was never interested in traveling back to go to a high school reunion. So pointless."


Stand Tall

"Not being more confident. My inner voice talked me out of a lot of things that would have made my teenage years more rewarding and productive."


"This times 1000. Shoot your shot, and act like nothing happened when it fails. Confidence is 100% people pretending to know what the hell they are doing regardless of whether they actually know or not. Nothing that happened in high school is going to matter when you are 40. Just keep that in mind."


Let's Chat

"Should’ve talked to more people."


"You kind of go through assuming other people don’t want to talk to you. Little do you know they think the same thing. I wish I was just nicer and more open to everyone."


"Do you think the majority of the people genuinely wanted to talk to others? And if so, do you also think this still applies years after high school, or does it dwindle? Just wondering cause in my adult years it's hard finding friends."


The Temps

"Not understanding that it was just temporary; the toxic behaviour of other students, the bullying, the fake friends and stresses imagined. In the end, it was four years of my life and I let it impact me more than I ever should have."


"I came to say this!!! I’m a teacher and I tell my students all the time that this is temporary. They have to do 4 years then they’re free to do whatever makes them happy. They can go out in the world and get a job, go to college, trade school, etc."

"But there will always be a**holes who try to get you down no matter where you go, so you need to start practicing at a young age how much you allow them to effect you. I went to school with the same people K-12 in my small town and I still talk to 1. I left and didn’t look back, so I tell my kids they can do the same. Even when I visit my parents I don’t go out and see any of those people."



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"Not realizing what a hottie I was. My self esteem was awful back then."


We're all hot in high school. We just don't know it.

Not Bad

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"Not finishing school and dropping out. Although, I had no direction or any parental care at the time and was depressed. I did get my GED and i’m in my final year of getting a bachelors in computer science. Not bad for a high school drop out."



"Falling in with an unhealthy friend group. They were controlling and possessive, and I ended up isolating myself from other, possibly healthier, friendships. I was always warned about abusive romantic relationships. I didn't realize friendships could be abusive as well."


Basic Experiences

"Not dating and socializing. I never wanted anything to do with anyone, as much as people tried. I missed out on basic experiences which didn’t bother me back then but now I’m like i wish i did more high school kid things lmao."


"I was coming here to say that I should have completely skipped dating, so nearly the opposite of you. Dating in high school was horrible, emotionally destructive stuff."


Finding More

"I wish I joined the school paper or something like that."


"I was the photo editor on my HS paper because I had a nice camera. It was like a key to the school. I could walk the halls and if questioned I was on paper business. I knew everyone and everyone knew me. Took pictures of all the pretty girls and took some to the darkroom to learn to develop so to speak. Cause I bought a fancy camera I had an amazing high school life."


With Care

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"Not caring about college/my grades."


"I had the opposite problem, caring too much about my grades leading to massive sleep deprivation."


Oh High School... what a time.

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