People Share The Biggest Red Flags That Can Come Up In A Job Interview

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Everyone needs a job and hopefully a career down the line, but we shouldn't have to achieve these life requirements through desperation.

Too many places of employment are riddled with secrets.

There are reasons places are constantly in need of staff.


When we're interviewing, we have to read between the lines and do company research.

Redditor KnownNormie wanted to hear about the times when people went looking for a job, and then went running away because of a few hints that things maybe a little "off the rails," while in the interview process, so they asked:

"What’s the biggest red flag during an employment interview?"

I was once in an interview and the manager cried due to the understaffing.

I didn't even leave a tissue as I ran away.

May the Odds...

"30 people in the lobby, 'Some of you will be lucky enough to be chosen.'"


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Let's Talk

"An employee offered to walk me out of the building after my interview and took the opportunity to basically warn me (in not so many words) about what the job really entailed. He was super-friendly and diplomatic, just like he was making small-talk, shooting the sh*t with me, then 'did they mention you’d get to do X?'"

"'Because if you’ve got your heart set on that, you might be disappointed with the reality of the role,' that kinda thing. Especially when he heard I was fresh out of college and would have had to move country for the job."

"Basically the job ad was complete BS, and he was making sure I knew. I will be forever grateful to people like him."



"When I mentioned a company's dismal Glassdoor evaluations, they became so enraged that they ended the interview. Well. I suppose I escaped that danger."


"On the other hand -- I've had some good luck bringing up a company's positive Glassdoor and Indeed reviews when the scores are considerably higher than expected. It's exceptionally rare for companies to post above a 4.0 without serious vote manipulation."

"And I've run across some companies with 4.8/5 and higher. Asking how the company managed to end up with such a high employee satisfaction score gets them talking about what people like about working there, and you can easily tell if they're bullshi**ing you."


​History Lessons

"Not being clear about why the position opened."


"Sometimes it really is a liability to discuss. I knew a guy that was fired for embezzling, in the aftermath the company really couldn't discuss it. It is very annoying to be silent on something, but it is necessary from time to time."


I conduct job interviews as part of my job. This is something that I cannot reveal to prospects due to confidentiality; two of the last three people I hired were hired to replace others who had been fired."


Hey Lisa

"Being a nanny you get some bizarre ones. It’s not HR or a business owner. It’s Lisa the 27-year-old first-time mother. Who hasn’t done anything in her life. The biggest red flag was probably when she asked if I’d be interested in inducing lactation to nurse her baby."


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I don't know how anyone likes to babysit.

Kids are stressful to care for. Then you add parents. Oof.

TMI... thank you

"My recent interview with what I thought would be a dream job went like this:"

"'You know you're the 6th person we've tried to make this position work for and we're starting to think it's us.'"


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"Group interviews are a giant red flag. I remember being recruited for a 'sales job' selling textbooks door to door and having to go to whatever state they sent you to in the summer. At first, they had 20 of us meet in a local Mexican restaurant and then when I had my one on one in college hall or somewhere, it went downhill."


Where's the Fun?

"The office has a break room with games, pool table, etc, that looks like no one has touched it in months."


"Funny thing is I work for a small family own company, we have a Ping pong table but it's because the family is obsessed with it. like they play each other at lunch or will stay after work to play a round. it's all in good fun and you better believe most days at 5pm sharp there is a mad dash to get the hell out of there by everyone."


I See You

"I've posted on this before, but one I don't see mentioned a lot is the eyes of the interviewers. I'm not talking about do they seem shifty or whatever, I mean, do the people you're talking to seem chill and well-rested? Or are their eyes bloodshot, dark circles under them, and they seem exhausted?"

"It's harder to tell in a Zoom interview, but you can look for it once you start to notice it. I've said no to companies based on this alone. If everyone in a company looks tired, it's because they are stressed out and/or working extra hours all the time."

"Big red flag."


Not even a DVD?

"In 2017 I interviewed to teach at a small community college. It was a day-long affair and they showed me a video on the history of the school. The video was on VHS. Did I say it was in 2017?"


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When interviewing for a job... always follow your gut.

If it says run... RUN!!

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