After you've lived someplace for awhile, you learn what is acceptable in a community.

There are unspoken rules we all follow. For example, don't cut in line. Or, always offering to pay a dinner bill. It's these little things that keep us all getting along for the most part. A downside to traveling, especially abroad, is that you don't know what others expect of you. You may mean well, but your actions could be seen an rude or insulting. But Redditor u/Marsh-Memez attempted to clear any confusion when they asked people around the world, "What's a big no-no in you country?"

They're mindful of their dirty shoes

I'm from Canada. Wearing shoes in the house is a huge no-no. No one wants your dirty shoes all over their carpet.

Even if someone insists it's okay, people might still take them off.


It's very easy to earn a shorter sentence

Staying in jail, apparently, because almost every robber, corrupt politician, etc. gets out of jail before finishing their sentence


To do milk first sound unnatural

UK. Putting the milk in first in a cup of tea.


Milk before teabag and bringing up the Jaffa cake debate. I've wasted hours.


Drugs aren't tolerated, at all


Carrying drugs? Jail and hanging

Being on drugs? Jail

Talking about drugs? Jail

Don't mess with drugs in South East Asia.


This very specific taunt doesn't fly in Romania

In Romania (mostly in the north west) yelling "Istenem pierdut Ardeal" has been known to cause massive street fights between hungarians and romanians. "Istenem" is magyar for "Oh my God" and "pierdut Ardeal" is broken romanian for "we've lost Transylvania" making fun of the hungarian minority status and the stereotypical hungarian who can't talk romanian well (emphasis on stereotypical) all at the same time.


I am definitely a door slammer

Slamming a car door: Brazil. As a North American currently staying in Brazil, I learned this one the hard way. Apparently us North Americans tend to slam the **** out of our car doors. Here you have to perfect the art of gently shutting a car door.


Respect the moss

Pick moss in the uk i dont know why i was told its illegal by my brother


It is here in CT. USA. Like a protected plant. Rich people have it placed around their gardens by landscapers who steal it from parks sometimes. Moss usually grows slowly. Same as cactus out west.


They're judging you because it's rude

Putting your feet on the bus seat. People will usually avoid confronting you, but you will be silently judged as the heathen you are.


I think doing these things wouldn't fly anywhere

I don't live there but in Japan it's a big no to talk on your cellphone on the train, spitting in public is another no.


Not only talking on your phone, making noise in public transports is a big no-no (= considered rude)


Dating is tough

I'm Indian so it's prolly DATING. Even in your 20s.


Also Indian parents: I want grandchildren why don't you get married already?


No smiles here

Smiling and being courteous, in Czech Republic.


My favorite was a picture of one of the city's volleyball teams. There was one American and exactly one person smiling in the picture.

However, as cold and quiet as Czechs are, they are oddly compelled to say goodbye every time they exit an elevator.


The world can be a disappointing place

Homosexuality. I live in Nigeria big I don't have a problem with it but a lot of people do


Same where I come from. Sodomy is punishable by whipping. Atheism is also not recognized in my country. It is in our consitution that everyone one needs to practice a religion. Although we are a secular country, you must convert to islam if you marry a muslim for it to be legal. Apostasy is punishable by death, and it is by law that if you are born a malay you must be islam.


No cutsies! 

Pushing into a queue. God help you. England.


Also: pushing into a queue that you didn't realise was a queue because it somehow organically formed a distance away from the thing you all happen to be queuing for.


It's only the right thing to do

When drinking with friends. Leaving without buying your round. That **** will get you kneecapped.


On the other hand, start ordering expensive cocktails and see how quickly the others start to whinge. They'll leave you alone real quick. Irish Goodbye.


We all need to stay far away from each other right now

Not sitting as far away as possible from any other person when you get on a bus.

You think Swedes don't practice social distancing; well, we are and we always have been.


My favourite joke so far about social distancing in Sweden is that we can't wait for the recommended 2 metre distance to be over so we can go back to 5 metres again.


That's because pineapple doesn't belong on pizza

Saying that you like Hawaiian pizza. People will get offended and insult u for this in Italy. Dont try it!


To be fair, a proper Italian style pizza really wouldn't work with pineapple. It definitely a fits a greasy, thicc crusted Pizza Hut / dominoes kind of style though.


You must eat everything your grandparents serve you

Going to your grandparents or relatives house and refusing to eat all the food they offer you. And that is usually a whole table filled with slana cu ceapa, mamaliga, sarmale and palinca. I'm from Romania


No crazy flavor profiles here

You don't mix traditionally sweet and traditionally savory foods. Try to feed someone back home honey-glazed chicken and see what happens to you. Just try it. We dare you.


I would appreciate if you kept your shoes on too

Taking your shoes off when you enter someone's home. It's considered rude cause no one wants to smell your stinky feet. If you're uncomfortable in your shoes, you're supposed to ask for permission to take them off. Just something along the lines of "do you mind if I take my shoes off, they're bothering me?"


1. We can all guess which country this is

Wearing masks to help flatten the curve of a global pandemic.