It still stuns me that multilevel marketing scams (or MLM) are very much legal. I suppose we can't criminalize people for joining them but when MLMs constitute such obvious fraud and theft of funds, it's crazy to think that many operate with little if any scrutiny whatsoever.

How many people do you know who want your support for their fledgling online business? Steer clear. Especially if they want you to get in on it.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor Compton4L asked the online community,

"What's the biggest legal scam?"

"Scammiest of scams..."

"College textbook prices in the US. Scammiest of scams ever."


Don't forget college tuition rates. Don't get us started on those.

"Barely any paperwork..."

"Funeral plans. Barely any paperwork, certainly not enough for grieving relatives to ever claim."


Just funeral homes in general. You can’t tell me a casket is worth $10K.

"Law enforcement has the right..."

"Civil forfeiture laws. Law enforcement has the right to seize private property and assets without having to prove you did anything wrong. To get it back YOU have to prove you are innocent."


Not exactly–to get it back you have to prove the item is innocent, not that you are innocent. Yes, it's exactly as messed up as it sounds.

"Jobs not allowing you..."

"Jobs not allowing you to work at another place while they don't pay you enough to have a good life you want."


In some states it's illegal to fire someone simply for having a second job. The loophole is that they can fire you for some other reason and not have to pay unemployment because you already have another job.

"Having to (essentially) pay..."

"Having to (essentially) pay someone to know how much I owe in taxes so I won't get in trouble with the government that's not supposed to tell me how much I owe."


Yup. Every time I file, I feel like a kid doing their homework, for a teacher who already knows the answers.


"Diamonds. They are not very rare, they are not naturally scarce. Other gemstones are rarer. They cost so much because of advertising and a price fixing cartel that keeps the price artificially high and nobody complains."


And easily synthesized with large diamonds of 10ct+ after being cut being entirely possible.

"I pay money for them..."

"HOA feels like a scam. I pay money just for them to tell me I can't park my car on the street at night without a parking pass."


I can't think of a single attractive thing about an HOA.

"Anything 'illegal'..."

"Fines. Anything “illegal” that incurs a fine is actually legal, for a price."


Ain't that the truth. It's arbitrary.

"The cost..."

"The cost of furniture in the modern home in the Western hemisphere."


Just having basic furniture can cost a fortune! It's absurd!

"You're telling me..."

"Establishing credit. You're telling me I have to put myself in debt in order to function in society?! No thanks!"


But wait theres more! When you finally pay off that credit card... your credit score will go down! It's great!

It seems like we're surrounded by all of these scams. And we haven't even started talking about healthcare in the United States yet!

Have some observations of your own? Tell us more in the comments below!

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