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Can you see Harry Potter at a football game in the Midwest? Chowing on a corn dog, throwing back some good ole Pepsi-Cola? Or can you picture the Harry universe living and loving in the great U. S of A? What would casting look like against the backdrop of the great harvest plains? I have so many thoughts and ideas. The first thought, the change would never work. Keep the story alive on British soil.

But, for fun, let's chat about the idea.

Redditor u/Cuish wanted all the Potter heads out there to share what American tweeks would occur in the Potterverse within America, by asking:

If Harry Potter was set in the United States, how would the story change?

I just can't see anyone else saying those words other than the people who did. And it's not that America can't do great fantasy, look at Buffy. Which also benefitted from the Brits. Coincidence?

Pay Up

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"Quidditch coach is the highest paid "professor" at the school."

- King_Neptune07


"Harry would probably live in New Jersey. Ron would probably live in Kentucky or Tennessee, and Hermione would probably be from California. They would go to ileverany (I spelled it wrong it's the North American wizard in school), which is in Massachusetts. There would be a train but only for people in Boston-New York-Philly-DC corridor. Everyone else would use flying cars. Outside of that it is a typical American boarding school."

- Yevin523


"Airport terminal 9 and 3 quarters."

- sausagecatdude

"The kids run through a magic wall and still have to go through wizard TSA."

- fotografamerika

"Ron Weasley has to use the greyhound because he's poor but everyone else just flies."

- sausagecatdude

Instead of...

"Eagles instead of Owls. Sasquatch instead of Centaurs."

- ZenosTrucker

"We have owls though? Eagles would be more of a flex but like, owls would still work better as they fly night and day. OK. Eagles would be an option. The useless 1 miles per gallon of gas muscle car of the owl world. Americans are super obnoxious. We suck. I get it. Sorry. Lmao."

- GMOiscool

"Too conventional. Leave it to the Wizarding World to adopt the mythical Ben Franklin's turkey idea instead. Idk how the heck that'd work as a delivery service, mind you, but still."

- DaemonTheRoguePrince


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"The school would be a defunct military base because we don't have any incredibly old buildings, and the uniforms would be military style instead of robes. 'Murica."

- Praescribo

Well those sound like some solid choices. Who doesn't love taco Tuesday? And why are sports always the first go to change?

Happy 5th!

Happy Birthday Dancing GIF Giphy

"Taco Tuesdays at the Great Hall."

- Honest_Joseph

"And a freaking epic (but pointless) Cinco De Mayo party. For non Americans, it's mostly an excuse for Americans to drink on a Mexican holiday. It gets cringey. But hey, on other hand, tacos and margaritas."

- Schweddy_Bewbs


"Nathan Fillion would've been cast as Guilderoy Lockhart."

- Keep_SummerSafe

"Samuel L Jackson as Mad Eye Mooney... "CONSTANT VIGILANCE, MOTHERF***ER! DO YOU KNOW IT?"

- MrShasshyBear

"I vote Morgan Freeman as Dumbledore."

- Archer______

Title Cards

"They would change 'philosopher's stone' to 'sorcerer's stone'."

- DodGamnBunofaSitch

"The editors wanted Rowling to change the name to "Sorcerers Stone" so that the readers would know the book is about magic, and not some philosopher with a theory about a stone and sends a random guy on a mission to find it. Most people that are not American underestimates an American's brain capacity. I'm American. We are not as stupid as you think."

- Snakem69

The Drop Off

"No train ride to Hogwarts. Instead, parents will be dropping them off by car. A huge parking lot just outside Hogwarts, and instead of Diagon Alley, a large Wal-Mart exists surrounded by nothing more than another parking lot."

- cgyguy81

"It's hidden by being inside a Walmart parking lot. But when you reach the edge, almost to the building, muggles get all turned around and suddenly notice the Walmart was at the other side of the parking lot. This can repeat until the muggles either get inside a real Walmart, or go away."

- jak3rich

Commercial Gain

Flying Harry Potter GIF Giphy

"This quidditch match is brought to you today on ESPN by Swiffer, the official broom of the Quidditch Cup."

- Jimmers1231

"Quidditch in the old South West Conference was crazy… I remember when Texas A&M offered Eric Dickerson that gold Swiffer and he took it and rode it up to Dallas to sign his letter of intent with SMU."

- BigDrisk

Nothing here really seems necessary. It was fun to dabble in the thoughts though. Keep perfect as is.

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