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We all have one. That one person we wish we could all erase, not just from our lives but from the Earth.

Even the best and kindest of us has harbor ill feelings towards one individual who made life, difficult, at times.

The truth, is that there are some truly malicious, nasty, vindictive, awful people running around this planet, and they take pleasure in the plight of other's.

And it's best to know where they are, even when they are finally gone from our lives.

Redditor u/cocobotisbest was wondering who wanted to discuss the people we'd rather forget by asking:

What happened to the "a**hole" person in your life?

My ex-stepfather is a demon from hell. I'm sure of it. He was an abusive drunk. And he luxuriated in causing havoc and emotional destruction. He's dead. I'll just leave that there. Who else feels like rejoicing/I mean sharing?

Evil Bosses

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"He got to keep his job while many people he terrorized were laid off. (Not counting the ones who quit because of him.) He lives in a lovely house, his wife is a VP who just had a baby. He's oblivious."

- DenL4242

Who cares?

"I have no idea, and I hope it stays that way."

- Ggeng

"There was one kid in school who was an a**hole from a very early age. I was in the same class in primary school for 1 year in grade 4. I have no idea what he is up to and honest to God I hope I never discover what he is now."

- insane__knight

The Ex

"Lots of absolute jerks often ride off into the sunset and never get their comeuppance. I had an ex-wife who left me for a rich executive guy at her job. They live in a huge house, he keeps getting promoted and everything worked out for her and she even has two kids with him (we had no kids). She is living the dream!"

"It's a lot of work to forget those who wronged you. I try to work on it, but it's tough to live without wanting revenge."

- VizualData


"Ohh, this is one of my favorite stories. My wife had jacked teeth in middle school, before her mom could get her braces. The a**hole that teased her mercilessly and dubbed her "snaggle tooth". He died in jail of a tooth infection from smoking meth. He was an a**hole in a lot of other ways, hence the being in jail. This is just the best way to tell it."

- jvhero


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"Completely removed from my life, blocked on every single mode of communications. Thanks for a crappy childhood, dad."

- hoodyk

Family is so complicated. And it's the one relationship we're told should be the easiest. Oh well. And God do I love seeing bullies pay. Let's hear some more good news.


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"He is still thriving in life. With a good job and family. Not everything is a fairy tale where karma hits them hard."

- Indianfattie

Slow Down

"Died. He was seriously drunk and decided to go driving 90 miles an hour in a 30 zone and he didn't swerve in time and died fairly quickly." No one else died or was injured. It was at 1am in the morning. He was pronounced dead as soon the ambulance came. So he died within minutes. Kinda sad that a 21 year old would just die like that.

- thedudeisalwayshere

Teacher's Pet

"It was a girl in elementary, who made up stories of how I did something bad, like throwing snails into river or trashing teacher's pencil case etc. The teacher always believed it, because unlike me, the girl was able to look into people's eyes while talking to them. And I was considered to be a freakin' liar. I did not even know it was her for a long time, cos she pretended to be my friend."

"Years later, a tenement house nearby exploded, it completely destroyed the flat she was living in, and her father (plumber who went to check the pipelines in the cellar) died there. I quite liked the man. I do not believe in karma and if so, this would be an enormous overkill."

- Ziriath

I Hate Him

"Moved away, divorced his wife and got a girlfriend with the same name. He was an a**hole, he was my babysitter as a kid and abused me for some reason, he burned me really bad once and my parents got to see that I didn't lie about him, don't always regard your child's story as fake, sit down and talk to them."

- CanadianTheClown

A Better Person

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"He got an aggressive brain tumor, making him rethink his entire view on life and start being a decent human being. Also might have affected his personality in some way, all around a better person."

- TheWikid

Not to wish anyone ill, because that is toxic, but it is nice to see that karma and the Universe often does have a plan. What I know is life does go on and we're all the stronger for moving forward. Also, keeping tabs isn't always a bad idea.

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