Foods That Taste Better When Burnt A Little

A child eating a burnt corn on the cob
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I love all my meats are medium rare to medium.

Well except pork.

If something is overcooked, I can't even look at it.

But I do love a good burn or char.

Redditor NiceSwimmingSugar wanted to make everybody a little hungry by asking:

"What tastes better a little burnt?"

I like a burger burnt. I like it medium too... but burnt works.

Carb Away

space browns GIFGiphy



"Hashbrowns specifically."


"In all forms!"



"Roasted carrots. Make them just a bit black on the edges and they're so freaking good."


"Basically just any kind of cooked vegetable is better off a little crispy. Almost all of them that aren't leafy greens."

"It's thankfully different now but a few decades ago we all grew up with crappy boiled vegetables and maybe canned ones. It seems like most people have upped the veggie game a little bit."


Best of the pieces...



"You cannot claim to have the best BBQ if you don't have burnt ends. Burnt ends are the greatest piece of meat you can put in your mouth. And yes, I mean even better than that."

"I'll start the freaking war, I don't give a crap. Kansas City invented burnt ends. You clowns in the other wanna be BBQ capitals are literally not even making the best item!"

"Therefore, KC BBQ>>>>>"


"Burnt ends really are life Shout-out to Bears smokehouse. Originally in CT of all places, there's a few locations now. Burnt ends are out of this world."


the brassica family...

"Broccoli... idk why, but Broccoli."


"Seconded. On the why: it's something about sulphur reacting compounds in veggies of the brassica family. This video comes to mind. Very informative!"


"Broccoli raw? ick."

"Broccoli steamed? okay I guess."

"Broccoli roasted until a bit charred? chef's kiss..."


Protein Burn




"I had a slightly burnt brat from a grill at a rooftop party at 1 am in Munich one time. It was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. 😂"


Sausages must be burnt. Amen.


Summer Grilling GIF by Kohl'sGiphy

"Most anything you grill. I like things a bit more than a little charred."


Good Old American...

"Dogs. Slightly burnt Hotdogs."


"Especially red casing hot dogs. Grill marks, of course, but also a little bit more than that and they're just perfect with some mustard, onions, and occasionally, bbq sauce."


"Love hot dogs burnt on the grill. More than slight, full on burnt with plenty of yellow mustard and relish for topping when they’re ready for a mildly toasted roll."


a little divot...

"Grilled onions."


"Hell yeah.

"I did a yellow onion, whole, in the oven recently. Carved out a little divot on top for butter and bouillon, then wrapped it in foil and put it next to my baking potato. I bet it would be really good on the grill, too."

"Felt weird eating an onion and a potato for dinner, like, someone in Skyrim... but it was incredibly tasty."


burn the flour



"I remember when I was little, whenever my dad made me a quesadilla, he would always make it a little burnt, and to this day, I still can’t make one that has the right amount of burntness as my dad used to do."


"As a Mexican, I can confirm. Especially if you use flour tortillas."



La La La Happy Dance GIF by Super SimpleGiphy

"Pepperoni on a pizza."


"Non-crispy pepperoni is about a 4 on a scale from 1 to 10 in my book, but burn the edges a little and it goes straight to 10."


"Pizza in general."


Now I'm hungry. Glad I have ideas for what to eat!

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