People Explain Which Things Would Be Better If They Were Slightly Shorter

They say you can never have enough of a good thing, but we all know there's plenty of stuff that you'd like to just go, "Oh, no thank you" about and that would be that.

Unfortunately, that pretty much never actually works.

Try telling the electric company "no thanks" when the way too high bill comes, or just putting up a hand to decline work for the next week or so because you're just kind of over it.

Consequences and repercussions, folks. But you've got to admit some stuff would just be better if it was... less.

Reddit user DuckyMomo_12 asked:

"What’s something that would be 100% better if it was slightly shorter?"

Time At Work

Excited Happy Hour GIF by Boomerang OfficialGiphy

"Average work hours"

- friendofjay

"Seriously. My current company has us work 37.5 hour weeks with a paid hour lunch. I don’t know if I could go back to the 40 hour/unpaid 30 min lunch again. It seems like such a small change but it feels like a lot."

- cageygrading

"Everything is getting more expensive right now because of corporate greed. Don't buy the bs that it's just inflation."

"Your bosses are making profits and squeezing you for everything you're worth in the process. Remember that while you bust your @ss for them."

- ravenfire47

"So would you take a pay cut so you can work less?"

- Pathwil

"If you work less, yes. But if you do the same amount of work in less hours, no."

"I moved to US a the beginning of this year and that is something which drives me crazy. People are so inefficient when they work, here."

"Why not just do your job rapidly, with great care and concentration then leave to have your life?! I was in Germany, UK and France before and that's what people do. You do your job and when it's finished, around 3 or 4 pm, they just go home or to gym, or other places. Having time for you is the reward for working well."

- OnTheGoodSideofLife

"Yeah that's a good way to look at it"

- Pathwil

Unwanted Hair

"My nose hair."

- HunterRemarkable550

"Dude... tell me about it. I didn't need excessive nose hair at 26, why TF do I need it at 36."

"Seriously, I can trim for minutes and the next morning I got nose hairs coming out my nose tickling the sh*t out of me!"

"Oh and there is one cheeky hair all the way up in my left nostril that will grow all curled up in my nose and all of a sudden it just starts poking out, seriously now, this thing has grown to about 2 inches long. if i pull on it, I swear to god it feels like it tugs on either the back of my head or my left eye."

"I got nose hair for days."

- Osborne85

"I just bought a beard/hair trimmer that has a nose/ear hair accessory, my nose hairs weren't excessively long but I feel like it looks much better now!"

- radekvitr

"This is fortuitous cuz I wondered if I'd ever get to tell this story! Literally, cleaning/fixing things in my new home about 3 hours ago."

"My nose got tickled and I i couldn't rub it because I had wood glue gloved hands. So I'm washing up and staring in the mirror at all the stuff my (generally maintained, but neglected because I can't find sh*t) nose hairs kept out of my system. It was AMAZING! DUST WAS DANCING IN MY NOSE HAIR LIKE I'VE SPUN CHARLOTTE'S WEB."

"I, honestly, felt lucky to get a chance to appreciate my nose hair. And I hope 1 day you do, too. As for me? I'm still left in awe like that'll do, pig, that'll do."

- unbridledboredom

Lines For Fun

Episode 2 Waiting In Line GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

"Lines at any amusement park."

- TheNonMurderingSort

"Go during September or October. The lines are much shorter and the weather isn't too hot or cold"

- darkaurora84

"One year my father's company and maybe a couple others rented Disneyland for one night. There were enough people that it didn't feel empty, but not so many that we couldn't just walk right up and immediately get on any ride. I was old enough to be on my own."

- cutelyaware

"One of the big perks of staying at one of the Disney hotels is they have certain nights that the park closes for everyone but the people that are staying there. We chilled at the hotel for most of the day then went in late and walked up to every attraction we wanted. My kid loved space mountain and we must have ridden it 10 times in a row. Glorious."

- olcrazypete

Personal Height

"Me. I hate hitting my knees on the seat in front when using public transport"

- hdhdhdhdzjursx

"Tall gang represent. Got the opposite problem tho, 31 inch inseam, all my height is torso. Crack my head on every ceiling in every personal vehicle I've ever owned bar one"

- Megalon84

"I don’t fit on airlines. Flying sucks…"

- Jak_n_Dax

"Frequent festival go-er, I always stand in the back because I hate blocking other peoples view"

- Zymper

"You took the words right out my mouth"

- LateTeenAnubis

This One Is Advance

"Queues. This is a two for one, as the word queue would also be 100% better if it was shorter."

- kriminellart

"The word queue is just the letter Q with a bunch of extra letters waiting in line."

- ecodrew


- PM_meyourGradyWhite

"I've seen people using 'cue' like 'cue up', but idk if they're just americans that suck at using the right word because we don't call lines 'queues' as often."

- souleaterevans626


Tired Baby GIFGiphy

"The amount of time you need to sleep"

- WomenAreNotReal

"How I wish 5 hours was enough..."

- 1ne3hree

"I honestly wish I could sleep more, maybe it would help with my loneliness. I usually need 6 or 7.5 h based on prior activity"

- Sad_But_Realistic

Court Appointees

"Supreme court appointments."

- Debasque

"Justices should serve an 18 year term, with each one staggered every two years."

"A: that is still plenty of time so that the court can be "above" politics, but a lot more sensible than a lifetime."

"B: it would eliminate this hair-on-fire panicked emergency that happens every time one of them suddenly dies and needs to be replaced. Every president gets to appoint two new justices per term like clockwork, predictable and calculable. No more political wrangling over who controls the Senate vs who is president vs how much time there is before the election and all that BS."

- DerCatzefragger

"Agreed. Lifetime is a bit much... I do believe in term limits across all branches of US govt . By all means make a difference for the people that voted for you or for the party that appointed you. But, a lifetime appointment. 🥺🙄"

- slowclicker


College Football Running GIF by Boomerang OfficialGiphy

"Football (American) games. Especially things like replay reviews and timeouts after kickoffs and change of possession. Sure, guys would get more tired and worn down late in the games but that would be part of the strategy."

- sometimesimtoxic

"I grew up watching football with my dad. I always hated it (and still do) and always thought why do people enjoy watching a minute play with five minutes of whatever after before the next one, it's so goddamn boring to me."

- cozyroof

"A football game is played in 4 quarters, each 15 minutes long, with a 12 minute halftime in the middle. So do the math and a football game lasts. . . 3 friggin hours!?!? And the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter accounts for 45 minutes of that time!"

- DerCatzefragger

"As a big American Football fan, I completely agree. I think the biggest culprits are the endless commercials but 3 hours is just too much. The players would adapt and you would likely see some reduction in size, especially on the line. Being 400 Lbs with that amount of PED assisted muscle is questionable as it is."

"Same thing with baseball but the purists like the pitchers taking 20 minutes before each pitch for whatever reason. I like Soccer too and watching a match get knocked out in 1.5 hours and getting on with my day is great."

- DustinAM

More Days To Enjoy

"Work week, 4 day work week, 3 day rest would be fantastic"

- Piemaster113

"I used to do 4 day work week, and I preferred it more than 5 day work weeks. Sure, I had to spend 10 hours at the office, but that 3rd day off gave me a day I could take my Mom to the doctor if needed."

- ryukin631

"The job I worked the longest at had me on a 4 on/4 off schedule. 12 hour days. I was there for 8 years, honestly loved that job, and one of the cool things about working 12 hour days for 8 years was that it made transitioning to 8 hour days a breeze. The downside was 2 day weekends f*cking suck."

- Mister_McGreg

"I would love that. You need the middle day. Then you get a day to rest/decompress, a day to have fun/do things, and a day to do chores/get sh*t in order for the week."

- pamplemouss

New Movies

"Most recently, Gray Man. They need to chill with the 2+ hour movies."

- olnog

"If the writers really knows what they are doing with the story and the actors nail the, well, acting, I don't mind 2hr movies."

"For me the main issue is that they tend to cut short, as if they halfway through filming realize that 'Oh shoot, this movie will end up 4hrs long'."

"I'd rather have a 4 episode mini-series with hour long episodes instead."

- ActualTechSupport

"I feel like any bollywood movie not clockin in at 3 hrs is pretty short. But the good ones make it seem short. Ex: Three Idiots, PK"

- rabid-


"Unskippable ads on YouTube."


"Not all of them, but maybe 50-60% of 'unskippable' ads actually are skippable. Hit the little '(i)' icon in the bottom left of the screen, then 'stop seeing ad.' Don’t fill out the reasoning, just hit cancel and it skips the ad series."


"Use adblock plus and you never have to watch an ad on youtube again."


Just Vote

"US political campaigns. The worst part is l live in Pennsylvania which is a state that is usually a battleground state so we are hammered day and night with TV ads for months and months. We will be voting for Governor and U S Senate candidates this November’s election. I’m so glad l’m computer literate so l have an escape."


Look Up

Big Mouth Eyebrows GIF by NETFLIXGiphy

"From the perspective of a man over 50, I’m going to say my eyebrow hairs."


"I love my wizardly eyebrows."





"Do you smoke? Cause my colds last weeks. When I didn't smoke they rarely lasted more than 2 days."


"I don't smoke. But, colds are very annoying. Stay home from work, no kissing, and just staying away from everyone so you don't spread. Also, everyone will ask if it's COVID."



"Tax Code."


"The United States Government shall implement one and only one tax assessment on all transactions. There are no exceptions. That tax rate shall be N%. Now congress can fight over that number. People can understand what they are taxed. When some wants universal healthcare or a new AntiBallistic Missile system they can work it out in packs of cigarettes."

"The rich don't get to not pay as each stock sale, money to transfer, equity dodge gets assessed. The illegal immigrants are now paying their fair share. Everyone pays one number. And businesses are accountable for keeping clean books and much better at it than Joe Shmo. If they aren't then they are breaking laws and the IRS gets to crack some knuckles."


Short Term

"A full-term pregnancy."


"Relative to our size humans should actually be pregnant for 1.5-2 years. That's why when human babies are born they are practically defenseless and can't walk compared to other animals that can walk within the day. So a full term pregnancy is already much shorter than it should be technically."



Brad Pitt Laughing GIFGiphy

"Any movie where the character realises that it was all just a delusion at the end (with that cut out)."


"Fight club is fine because only the character was a delusion, but the events actually happened. Nothings worse than finding out the entire move was a dream."


How To...

"Most, if not all, YouTube tutorials/how-to videos."


"I gotta disagree here, some things really do need the extra detail/background information. Now if it's how to replace X part on Y device sure totally agree I don’t need your life story just gimmie the info. But if I am looking up details on a networking protocol I want allllll the details."


Which of these resonated with you most?

More importantly, what needs to be on this list that you don't see?

Gripe with me in the comments, folks! It's always a good time.

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