I'm a simple person when it comes to video games.

I prefer to go with nostalgia.

All of these fancy deals put me on sensory overload.

But my goodness the technology really has come a long way.

And there are actual storylines and drama.

Good for y'all gamers.

Redditor TolisKoutrowanted everyone to list their thoughts on the greatest of the great.

They asked:

"What video game do you consider a masterpiece?"

I love you Ms. Pac-Man. Always and forever.

It's a Ride

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"Roller Coaster Tycoon 2."


"Loved RCT2. The canned child laughing sound and the chain lifts noise are permanently burned into my brain."


my whole childhood...

"Man I miss Valve... Their games were designed in a way many developers could only dream of, they were revolutionary in almost everything they laid their hands on."


"Yeah that’s my whole childhood, still some of the best games… and actually playing HL- alyx for my very first VR experience was nuts. Loved it."


"They made a new game based in the Portal universe. It’s really short but it’s free and funny."


Better than Perfect

"Portal 2."


For real. The first one was absolutely perfect and then they somehow managed to make the second one even better."


"Portal 1's only fault is that it's very short. I just replayed it a decade since I last touched it and I cleared it in under 2 hours. Portal 2 had so much more room to add more mechanics, more puzzles, and more story. It's the perfect sequel."



"Half Life 2 was brilliant. After that I'd call out WoW Classic. It's hated now, but the first couple of years it was magic. It was a completely new experience exploring such a massive open world and nobody knew anything. So much fun on Ventrilo. Will remember forever. Championship manager in the early 90s. Maybe what I have played the most. I'll mention Fallout series, Witcher and Skyrim as well."


Simply the Best

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"Star Wars knights of the old Republic. KOTOR. Surprised it hasn’t been said."


"Absolutely! I played it as a kid and it practically taught me life lessons. KOTOR 2 is a little darker but quite good also."


How can you even tell any of the Star Wars games apart?


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"Super Mario World. It’s perfect. I don’t think there’s a single thing about it that I would change."


"That game is awesome. That and Mario 64. But I love the soundtrack from Yoshi’s Island."



"Deus Ex the first one."


"At the time the open ended options and story presentation were both really impressive. You could really appreciate that the developer committed to that (e.g. you could physically destroy most locked doors). I think a lot of games stop short of doing that because they don’t want to allow brute force solutions in addition to more elegant ones."


"Journey. Not as long and vast as many games here but an artistic masterpiece in my books. It’ll age much better than most games too because of the simplicity."


"I absolutely love journey; the music mixed with the visual story telling is absolutely stunning. Also it has, imo, one of the most interesting multiplayer experiences of any game."

"It’s def one of my top three games, but Gris’ artwork and music are peak for me. Also if you really enjoyed the exploration of Journey, you’ll probably love Outer Wilds. Great game, it’ll leave you wishing you could forget it and play it all again."


Play NOW!

"Chrono Trigger, if you know you know, and if you don't, go play it immediately."


"Definitely, I feel like some of the best RPGs came from the SNES and Sega era. Chrono Trigger, FF 6, Secret of Mana, super Mario RPG, Earthbound, shining force 2, Phantasy Star 4. Still some of my favorites that i try to revisit every year or so."


"Came here for Chrono. Time travel just makes for amazing stories, and I love how you can make the game different each play through."


i can see your...

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"Halo 3. Incredible story and thrilling gameplay. Hilariously fun multiplayer. Fantastic community. Nostalgia."


Video games have surely come a long way from Atari.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.