People Break Down Which $10 Purchases Were A Total Game Changer


Some purchases essentially pay for themselves nearly immediately. You'd be surprised what things you could buy that would make your life much easier and cost you practically nothing.

After Redditor Dancer9d9 asked the online community, "What under $10 item is a total game changer?" people were happy to offer their recommendations.

"For anyone..."

Those plastic drain snakes for hair. Looks like a zip tie with a bunch of cuts in the sides to make it jagged. For anyone with bathroom sink/shower/tub drains that are clogged, this thing is awesome. 10/10 would recommend before buying harsh drain cleaners.


"Got one from Amazon..."

A motion sensor light bulb. Got one from Amazon for the basement a few months ago for outside of the pantry. It turns off automatically after 30 seconds so you don't have to constantly pull the chain to turn it on/off. I must have replaced the pull 3-4 times the past few years. That bulb has been my favorite purchase from the past 6 months.


"I clean everything..."

Drill brush attachment. I clean everything with them: couch, carpet, cement, counters. I guess everything that starts with a C.


"Just recently..."

A first aid kit. Just recently I needed it and swore to myself to get one immediately after moving out.


"I used to have..."


A good hair brush. I used to have a crappy comb and my hair was constantly in knots. I brought a tangle teezer on sale a few weeks ago and my hair it so smooth and less frizzy now.


"It contained..."

A small sewing kit. I moved out of home and my mum gave me one. It contained a few needles, string, spare buttons, small scissors, measuring tape first I thought wtf I will never need this. I have now used that sewing kit countless times. Fixing buttons, sewing holes in clothes etc. Very handy!


"Picked one up..."

A pocket knife. Picked one up for $5 and had no idea how frequently I'd use it until I actually had one.


"I was living a lie..."

Potato peelers. I was living a lie before I purchased one of these babies. I don't even know who I was before that.


Knife sharpener. For expensive knifes or family heirlooms you want to use a whetstone to minimize material loss, but for regular ol' box store kitchen knives just a cheap 2-step pull through sharpener is a life changing event.


"I bought..."

I bought a plastic folder with dividers in it to sort bills, important mail, receipts, etc. even though I get so few physical papers I need to keep these days. This has been so great for my organization/sanity. Now if I ever DO need those things, they are easy to find instead of lost to the abyss.


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