There is nothing better than a family game night. Actually family game nights are intense so maybe instead of making it a family thing just have all your friends over. But the most important part of game night is, well the games. So, here are the 10 best star trek games to host the ultimate Trekkie game party. Just picture this, good pizza, all your friends, maybe hummus for those vegans out there, and the ultimate Star Trek trivia or card game.

Besides, it's fun to prove that you are the smartest one out of all your friends, or at least the one that knows the most about Captain Kirk (aka the one who has spent the most nights binging their favorite show). And, if trivia is not your thing there are a lot of board games that will definitely make you get into a fight with your mom. But, hey what's game night with some competitive person who is a sore loser or an annoying winner.

Or, you can just enjoy these fun games, and pretend to be your favorite Starfleet officer. And, it's even cooler if you play while watching "The Game" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Either way, these will definitely keep you entertained and will make you the most popular host. Specially if there is a prize for the winner. I'm sure you can find a Spock shaped trophy.

Star Trek: Five Year Mission Board Game

The game is the beginning of a five year mission aboard the USS Enterprise. And, you get to pick between joining the Star Trek bridge crew for The Original Series or Star Trek The Next Generation. I'm kinda biased, but the Original Series is better. You and the rest of the crew have to work together to figure out how to solve different situations. If one looses, you all do. Which is exactly what would happen if you were the real Enterprise crew.

You win the game by solving threats and help out your crew. Each crewmen has a unique ability and weakness. The idea is that each ability can help in a different situation and you and your friends need to figure out what ability to use next. Which crew would you pick?


Monopoly Klingon Collector's Edition

Like they say, "it's a good day to die." This is a bi-lingual game in English and Klingon in which you have been chosen to defend the glory of the Empire. How many people actually know Klingon? Anyway, this version of Monopoly is particularly warrior-like. Conquer all the systems within the galaxy and prove you are one to honor your family. Qo'onos, Romulus and Earth are all up for grabs. Now, focus on destroying your enemies. Instead of a Chance and Community Chest cards there are Honor and Combat cards to fit the Klingon virtues. The space combat based game is perfect for all Monopoly fans. And, well Star Trek fans.


Star Trek Ascendancy

This strategy game is the perfect for people who love long complex competitive board games. The game has tree races, the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulans. The Federation is hoping to find peaceful resolutions to the game. The Klingons use combat as a way to solve things. And the Romulans look for new technology. It's like a video game but without the video. You can expand the game in any direction to create a different adventure each time. Each race has it's own set of weapons, ships (Enterprise, Bird of Pray, and Romulan starships), planets (Earth, Romulus, and Kronos), as well as a control set to manage your strategy. Who will rule the galaxy?


USAOPOLY Star Trek Panic Board Game

In this game you get to play as any member of the Original Series. Take on the roles of Captain Kirk, Spock, or you know, Lieutenant Sulu. In order to win you have to work together to save the Enterprise from alien invasions while performing vital ship tasks, exploring new world, and find new civilizations. The goal is to complete a five year mission (I'm not sure why all of them have five year missions). Each year is a different smaller mission, so in theory it's five different missions. All of this while keeping at least a section of the haul intact. If the Enterprise is destroyed, you lose.


Star Trek Catan

This game is for three or more players, so make sure you have friends to hang out with. The goal is to explore new planets and learn about new cultures. You have to build outposts and star bases to extract the necessary resources from federation planets, and use your fleet to further exploration and create a supply route that makes sense. Trade with your opponents but make sure that they don't drift too far into your territory. Some of your favorite characters will be featured in the "support cards." Build, trade and settle in space, the final frontier.


Looney Labs Star Trek Chrono-Trek Card Game

This is the ultimate game for the ultimate Trekkie. It covers everything in The Star Trek Universe. From The Original Series to Star Trek Voyager. Even the animated series. This card game allows you to travel through all timelines and one event can alter other timelines. Very "butterfly effects" like. There's 32 different characters to choose from and 4 different difficulty levels, so you can basically play this game every day is that's what your heart desires. Imagine figuring out how to found the Federation, or even create a whole new timeline where Picard and Spock are best friends and are Star Trek Starfleet Command. Basically you randomly create a new timeline, and then you have to fix it.


Mattel Star Trek Scene It?

Scene It? Is a classic. First of all, make sure you have a DVD player before starting this game. The set includes over one hundred trivia cards. So, this game is perfect to have a big trivia night. Even a Star Trek trivia party! Just add pizza. Anyway, finally figure out who's the biggest Trekkie in the group, and if you're competitive just make sure that everyone can have a good time before you loose. Plus, you don't actually have to entertain people. You just pop that DVD in and let the night evolve. Also, check out Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, because it's an awesome video game, it's a first person shooter game.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx

This game is all about your favorite Deep Space Nine characters. Be the best Star Trek bridge commander you've always wanted. Would you pick Kira Nerys, Benjamin Sisko or Jadzia Dax? Either way this adventure game will bring your favorite tv show to life. All while studying the a wormhole and watching out for creepers and getting help from keepers. Each keeper has a specific goal, you collect the right keepers to achieve the goal. It's a really entertaining game if you like cards and Worf is your favorite Klingon.



It's "a strategic game of logic, trivia and chance that will engage the senses." Trivia is the best way to get your friends to hate you, but also, the best way to prove that you are the smartest of them all. Besides, if you're a Trekkie who retains as much information as Data does you'll probably surprise your besties. Do you know what the Star Trek Armada is? Or Star Trek Elite Force? Either way you're gonna shock everyone with your knowledge. Plus, you can always study that Star Trek online trivia before playing.


Star Trek Fluxx

This is a pretty similar game than the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx, except this one includes all Star Trek titles. This is perfect for all sci fi fans. This game also includes creepers and keepers. Except some of these keepers might be phasers or communicators. Which in my opinion makes the game so much cooler. So, like you can have Captain Kirk and a phaser and the goal would be to "set phasers to stun." You can even add a bridge expansion. You can command the Enterprise, fight Klingons, fight Romulans, or stop a doomsday machine from destroying Earth.

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