People Break Down The Best Pop Culture Easter Eggs They've Ever Seen

person holding a brightly painted egg
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Easter eggs are those brightly colored festive decorations and treats hidden for the Spring holiday.


Well, yes, but they aren't just that.

According to the dictionary, an Easter egg is also:

  1. in digital technology, an extra feature, as a message or video, hidden in a software program, video game, DVD, etc., and revealed as by an obscure sequence of keystrokes or commands
  2. in movies and television, a hidden message, as a cryptic reference, iconic image, or inside joke, that fans are intended to discover in a television show or movie

Redditor akumamatata8080 was referring to those alternate definitions when they asked:

"What was the best 'Easter Egg' you’ve found in any show, movie, video game, etc...?"

Ringu (The Ring)

"Within the DVD menu of 'The Ring' you can watch the cursed video footage."

"The best partwas that it disables the DVD controls, forcing you watch the footage."

"(But I guess you could yank the power or shut off the tv...)"

- Gelgoogilly

"Better/worse, if you do watch it then the DVD menu will also play the sound of a ringing phone right after you've finished watching it."

- res30stupid

The Ring Movie GIFGiphy

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, ...

"Community. They mention Beetlejuice and on the third time he actually walks by in the background."

- Scofish91

"Might i add they say beettlejucie over several seasons. Then yes the third time he can be seen in the background"

- Nothingspecial2do


"In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murcielago."

"Murcielago is the Spanish word for bat. He was driving a batmobile the whole time."

- Goatmanthealien

Duke Nukem

"I was young but the original Duke Nukem 3D had a secret where you found the guy from Doom impaled on a spike and Duke quips 'Damn, that’s one doomed space marine' - young me thought that was the most clever thing ever"

- PVGames

"All the YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE messages in hidden areas were great, too."

- GatoradeNipples

Adventure Time

"I've had a lot of fun finding the little snail that waves to you from every episode of Adventure Time."

- Level238

Metal Gear Solid 3

"In Metal Gear Solid 3 you can kill a guard in a certain area with vultures, after which a vulture may start eating him - and then you can kill and eat the vulture yourself."

"After this there's a boss fight against The Sorrow who forces you to walk past all the people you've killed throughout the game, one of them being that guard who repeats over and over 'you ate me, ate me, ate me'"

- bawdeagle

"My favorite one is also in MGS3. If you get captured by The End you are put in a jail cell. If you save and quit the game there and then load it again, a completely different game called Guy Savage will load up. You play it for a few minutes and it eventually stops with Big Boss waking up from his nightmare."

"This happened to me the first time I played it and it confused the hell out of me. I thought I put the wrong disc in the PS2, and then thought 'Wait, no, I just loaded the game... What the hell is this??'"

- sumgine

So Much Monty Python

"Found Holy Hand Grenade from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Fallout"

- snoodletuber

"In witcher 3 you come across the entrance to a cave littered with bones and body parts covered in blood."

"And a cute little White bunny outside."

- Kriss3d

"Wasn't also a holy hand grenade in Worms? I always thought it was a reference to Monty Python as well"

- cabezaneitor

"Yeah, sings "hallelujah" and then a big explosion. Spent so many hours blowing up my friends with that."

- copuncle

"In Fallout 2 I'm pretty sure there's an encounter with the bridgekeeper"

- Overlord3456


"I always found the Minecraft easter egg in Borderlands 2 pretty cool. They added Creepers as an enemy to fight and they all had a chance to drop special minecraft themed guns and cosmetics. IIRC there was a shotgun that shot the minecraft fire "block" in a 3x3 pattern and a sniper that just shot minecraft arrows."

- Blackstone611

Doctor Who

"Doctor Who: in episode "Face the Raven", there is text on a wall written in Aurebesh, the lettering system from the Star Wars universe. When translated into the Roman alphabet, the text spells "Delorean", the model of car famously used as the time machine in Back to the Future. These two worlds represent time and space, the fundamentals of Doctor Who."


Jungle Book

"In the live action version of 'The Jungle Book', Mowgli enters the hall of King Louie and is amazed at the heaps of trinkets the monkeys have been stealing from the man villages. He casually picks up the top item from a heap - a cowbell - looks it over, and puts it back."

"King Louie was voiced by Christopher Walken."

The funny part is that I didn't even notice until my 8 year old son, upon hearing the name of the voice actor, remarked, 'oh, the cowbell guy?'"

- I_Byte


"Hotel Guest: (on seeing Nate and Chloe coming out of the ocean) Whoa! What the hell happened to you two?"

"Nathan Drake: Fell out of a car that fell out of a plane."

"Hotel Guest: Huh. You know something like that happened to me once."

"The hotel guest was Nolan North. The voice of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video game series."

- RJD1977


"It’s not exactly the most creative or anything, but I loved the episode of Friends after Courtney Cox and David Arquette got married when she was first credited as Courtney Cox Arquette the rest of the cast was credited as Arquettes as well.

- stephers85

Drillbit Taylor

"This is minor, but I remember it making me laugh when I saw it."

"In Drillbit Taylor, when they're interviewing potential bodyguards, Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Full Metal Jacket, and some others) makes an appearance and says that hiring a bodyguard to protect them from a bully was the stupidest thing he's ever heard of. He was in a 1980 movie (that I saw several times as a kid) called My Bodyguard, where he gets hired to protect a kid from a bully."

"I watched the movie in a room full of people born in 1980 and after and felt pretty old laughing at it."

- well_honk_my_hooters


"Just remembered another one: in the game Heretic, which was an FPS put out by id software, it would punish you for trying to use the famous cheat codes from Doom. If you put in the God mode code it would kill you and if you put in the code to get all the weapons it would take all your weapons away. For both it would display a message on the screen taunting you for trying to cheat."

- bubersbeard


"I’m sure a lot of people know this one but, in Skyrim as you’re making your way through Skuldafn, in one of the fireplaces, you can find a potato with a boiled cream treat and some pieces of charcoal, made to look like PotatOS (GLaDOS in potato form)."

- MooseNizzle

"I'm actually close to going to Skuldafn on my most recent playthrough, so I'll have to look out for that."

"Another Easter Egg that I'm sure is even more well known, but might as well be mentioned for those who still haven't heard... is that at the very top of The Throat of the World, there's a Notched Pickaxe embedded in some rocks that has a unique enchantment that adds +5 to the smithing skill. This is an obvious reference to Minecraft and its creator."

- MaxG623

Easter eggs may not be part of the main story of a piece of media, but they can definitely increase audience enjoyment.

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