People Share The Best Piece Of Advice They've Ever Been Given

Do you have rules that you live by that could apply to almost anyone else?

There is no shortage of advice about money, love, or just living fully. But some advice is just so good and concise, that it's hard to forget. Hearing a simple saying can inspire someone to turn their life around.

Redditor u/hikidemono asked people... "What's the best piece of general advice that you have?"

10. Morbid but true

"'Someday, someone you love will die, and everything else will seem totally irrelevant.'"

Totally morbid way of saying 'Life is too short to be mad/sad/stressed all the time,' but it gets to the point and it's stuck in my head."


9. A good reminder for everyone 

"Your job doesnt have to be your dream. Just be sure that it supports your dreams."


8. Really, no one is watching you 

"You are mosty invisible to people. No one cares if you did something embarassing."


7. Something in their teeth - go for it. A big stain on their shirt - let it go

"Idk if this counts but don't say anything about a persons appearance unless it's something they can change in a minute. Idk who or where I heard that from years ago but it's stuck with me"

6. It's okay to be rude

"If you have an eerie feeling about someone or something, listen to that feeling. Your subconscious might have caught a few signals that your conscious mind missed. To hell with politeness, if someone isn't taking no for an answer tell them off rudely"


5. Learn what you can

"Learn a little about a lot - some basic knowledge about multiple facets of life (auto repair, basic home maintenance, drywalling, electronic repair, ect) will come in handy more often than you know it."


4. All opinions don't matter

"Don't consider the opinion of someone you would never go to for advice."


3. Protect your wallet

"Only gamble what you can afford to lose"


"A subrule: only carry as much cash as you can afford to lose."


2. Stop procrastinating 

"Don't leave it for later, do it now."


1. Simple

"Change what you can and accept what you cannot"