One of the things people love most about sex and taking certain drugs is the way your body feels as a result.

The warm, cozy, and relaxed feeling that makes one feel as if they don't have a care in the world.

Of course, one needn't always rely on those libations to achieve a relaxing, physical sensation.

Indeed, many people find themselves in that state of relative zen owing to the very simplest of actions.

Redditorjollygood3440 was curious to hear the best physical sensation people had which was not a result of drugs or sex, leading them to ask:

"What is the best non-sexual, non-drug related physical sensation you’ve ever experienced?"

The Pause That Literally Refreshes...

"A hot shower after a week of camping."- weezybreezy747

The Gift Of Laughter

"Laughing at a really good joke is one of the best feelings in the world."- Underrated_Laughter

All Warm And Cozy

"I live in upstate NY."

"In the winter, there is nothing better than crawling into bed under the heated blanket."

"I like to turn it on about 30 minutes before I go to bed."

"With this, the whole bed is hot and toasty."

"No cold feet or toes."

"It's wonderful."- Antique-Eye8029

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The Long Awaited Release...

"When your sinus has been blocked and it begins to clear."

"Sometimes there’s little pops, cracks and one time a lengthy fizzzzzz."

"Feels amazing."- CraftyFlipper

"When that nose block you've had for 3 days finally clears up."- TheOfficialJohnnyG

That's The Spot!

"When you stretch your who body and hit the sweet spot in your back."- DoubleDeckerz

"I am a sucker for back scratches."- JelloEmergency9614


Whipped Back Into Shape!

"Last night I was laying in bed and kinda wiggling my hips to re-adjust my slightly herniated spinal disc."

"Well I did something right, because I heard/felt this hollow 'plep' sound back there and felt instant relief."

"I can lift my knee almost to the height of my shoulder again."

"I almost forgot I had this much mobility."

"Mind you, I'm 40 BMI sack of lard and sh*t, but I don't live sedentary life."

"This back ache was killing me for the past year."

"And now it's gone."

"Like, holy f*cking sh*t it's finally gone."

"For now..."- Yoink_Tactics

Mobile Scratching Pad

'Finally scratching my leg after my cast was taken off."

'Had it for two months in summer- it was hell."

"I still remember almost crying tears of joy when they took it off."- ZealousidealEbb433·

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