People Share The Best Golden Nugget Of Information They Know


Of all the things I love to know....

Information is one of the keys to life. The more you know.... the more you thrive. Every little minute detail can one day come in handy. Who knows when you'll end up on 'Jeopardy.' No information is useless. Knowledge can always be a treasure in conversation... on dates, in interviews, or just when talking to oneself. History, english, math..... the Kardashians... it's all good to know.

Redditor u/raw-power wanted to discuss all the fabulous, salacious things we know that tickle us by asking.... What golden nugget of information do you have to share?

So there ya go. 

If you don't have a toilet plunger, and you've clogged it up, pour in a bit of dish soap, and some hot water (the hotter the better). Let stand for 15 minutes, and flush. Learned this when immediately upon arriving at our hotel, my 8 year old clogged up our toilet and I googled.

Found this gem, realized I'd packed a tiny travel bottle of dish soap, warmed water up in the microwave and lo and behold, it worked. I still use it sometimes at home when I don't wanna be grossed out by plunging. Yes, my child has a tendency to clog toilets. So there ya go. PainterlyGirl



Ctrl+Shift+Esc opens straight to the Task Manager instead of Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then manually selecting Task Manager. DragonFive

The Blind Spot...

Horses have a massive blind spot on the front and back of their body. If you are ever around a tame horse, keep a hand on their body while walking around them, this lets it know where you are at all times and decreases chances of kicking out of shock or fear. This also prevents them from kicking you with as much force, you need to stay VERY close to them for the full benefit.

This is similar with goats, as they instinctively fight things coming head-on and should be approached from the sides.

Also: Ears are the gateway to a horse's feelings. Pinned back ears indicates an anxious or angered horse. Pinned straight up indicates curiosity and focus. ironwolf6464

Just Check...


If your older parents/grandparents are suddenly acting strange, get them checked for a UTI. In older people UTI's can cause a psychotic or delusional episode. mac9426


Even though you have a VPN it doesn't necessarily keep you hidden if skilled people wanted to find you. There are many things that can leak your IP that you have to isolate and fix, such as IPV6 leaks, DNS Leaks, and WebRTC leaks.

Also every addon you add to your browser it gives you a unique fingerprint that can lead back to you.

You're not as secure as you think. NoctisTheNecromancer


Stone Henge, the world's most famous Henge, isn't actually a Henge. A Henge is a neolithic earthworks, oval or circular in shape, sometimes containing wooden or stone structures and surrounded by a perimeter of a bank with internal ditch. So the famous stones of Stone Henge aren't even a necessary part of a Henge, just an optional extra. But more importantly the bank and ditch at Stone Henge are the wrong way round to make it an official Henge.

So Stone Henge isn't a Henge, however the earliest recorded use of the word Henge is in reference to Stone Henge, so non-Henge, Stone Henge, despite not being a Henge is the thing all other Henges are named after. be_my_plaything



A moose can run 40 mph through 6 foot deep snow. br34kf4s7

"made in USA" 

For an garment to be labeled "made in USA" the process only needs to be started and finished in America. In the case of a certain ladies underwear line, the material is cut in USA, shipped overseas for assembly, then shipped back to America where a seamstress sews a "made in USA" tag on the item. Source/ underwear factory worker. twocannnsam

A scorpion can hold its breath for 6 don't think drowning it will help you out of your scorpion problem. LazyMarquis

In the Pentagon. 

In the center courtyard of The Pentagon, you don't have to salute superior officers. It's a recreation/ lunch area and you'd basically spend the whole time saluting. So it's not required there. Source: my uncle, a Navy Corpsmen, who currently works at The Pentagon. heyynickkayy


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