People Share The Best Minor Life Hacks They Know
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Life is full of short cuts.

We'er told it's lazy or cheating to take them.

But sometimes you just have to.

And maybe everyone else is just jealous.

There is always a circumvent if you look hard enough.

And that alone shows resilience.

Redditor Moaning_Clock wanted to discuss the all the shortcuts in life so we can all indulge.

They asked:

"What is a minor lifehack you love to share?"

If you scream really loud at Comcast or Verizon, they'll eventually pay your bill.

That's Mine

"I put my car keys on items I want to take with me when I leave a place."


"I tried putting my keys under whatever I am supposed to take with me. Which always ended up with me being not able to find my keys, making me late and also forgetting the thing I was supposed to take with me."


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Deep Breaths

"Give a crying kid water. Most of the time they start crying for a reason but continue crying because they can't snap out of it. Drinking the water forces them to take a breath and the sensation of the water gets them to think about something else briefly enough to settle them."


Depends on Volts

"When microwaving bread, fries, etc. make sure to put a microwavable cup or coffee mug half full of water in the microwave with the food as well. Everything will come out nice and crispy as opposed to soggy and gross."


"I have never been able to figure it out, but it absolutely does. My favorite is to put a wet paper towel rolled into a ball in there with your pizza when warming it up. Prevents the crust from becoming tough and chewy."


Free Stuff

"You can get a lot of free stuff from your local library, but my personal favorite is the free museum pass program."


"As a library worker I 100% support this tip! Local public libraries are amazing and provide not just resources, but safety and free services."

"My library even has seeds for the public to take. We also have a personal hygiene bin (take what you need, leave what you don’t) of new items for anyone who needs something. You can rent sewing machines, instruments, telescopes… hotspots… video games… movies and music… board games… please visit your local library."


30 Seconds

"If you can't open a jar or container, run the lid under hot water for 30 seconds. Then open it after it has dried enough for you to get a good grip on it. This has never failed to work for me. There's a lot of good material on this page!"


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I love that jar trick. I use it often.


"Every time you lend your friends something take a pic of them next to it. Always works."


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"E-books and audiobooks through Libby. I've listened to so many audiobooks for free through them."


"I’m gonna share my wife’s here. If you have a Kindle or other e-reader you can download your book, turn on airplane mode, and return your book to the library (on your phone) for the next person. The next person gets the book sooner, the library keeps it in circulation, and you have more than two weeks to read! It’s an all around win."



"Teaching someone what you have just learned , you will retain the information 90% better than any other method."


"This has worked for me and I've used it in the workplace for those that have a hard time remembering a process. I'll both tell them and walk through the process with them...take questions and everything. Then they get to teach someone else."


in the car...

"I keep a laundry basket in the trunk of my car so when I get groceries I can put the bags in the basket and make the trip inside a LOT less of a struggle haha."


"I keep a collapsible hiking stick in the car ( or an old broom handle) and just slide the stick through all the bags handles. It takes less space and is easier on the fingers that the classic one trip death grip."


avoid the area...

"If you have a problem with wasps, this is the perfect time of year to make a fake nest. Crumble up a brown paper bag into a round shape and put in your window or on your balcony."

scared news anchor GIF by Mashable Giphy

"Wasps are stupid as hell but they are territorial and will think it's another wasp's nest. And they will tell their friends to avoid the area."

"Edit: it will not make an existing wasp colony move away. Just deter wasps who are looking for a new place to nest. Which is why you should do it in the spring."


Wasps are minions of the devil. Watch out.

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