How People Would React To Catching Their Best Friend Sleeping With Their Significant Other

Affairs and infidelity are sadly a more common part of life than we care to admit.

People cheat. it seems to be part of the human condition.

Are we meant to be monogamous?

That's a story for a different article.

I say though, if you're going to cheat... have some basic human decency.

Don't cheat with people you all know.

And how are BFFs not automatically off limits?

Redditor Gifwii wanted to hear all the ways we'd all react when betrayed by the ones we love.

So they asked:

"If you caught your best friend having sex with your wife, what would you do?"

How can people betray one another like that?


Say Word Lol GIF by Desus & MeroGiphy

"Be weirded out because they are brother and sister."


"Haha... I'm also dating my best friend’s sister."


Ok Dateline...

"I'm more concerned on how he found her body."


"If he's really your best friend, he helped bury it."


Hey Bestie

"I don't think he would. I had him neutered as a puppy."


"This reply was made extremely funny (or concerning) by the fact that I took it as someone neutering an actual person when they became friends."


Never Cry Wolf...

"Take his car keys and drive to his place. It's all yours now buddy."


"Hol' up, remember to make it official. You have to p*ss a border around your new acquisition like in Never Cry Wolf, and if any relatives of the former owner are present you need to mark the ones you can't mate with, and you know, mate with the others."


"With that logic, I guess his house and and family are mine now? That's okay with me, his wife is pleasant to be around."



Julio Cesar Rome GIF by Luis RicardoGiphy

"That happened to me 30 years ago and I haven’t been able to fall in love since."


"I'd be more unwilling to make best friends than rather than unable to develop a crush."


The rudeness of it all.

An Assist?

Season 4 Flirting GIF by FriendsGiphy

"Ask if she wants help..."

"Since they're the same person."



"Have sex with his wife. It’s only fair."


"My ex fiancée had an affair with a married man. Talked to his wife, she and I made a sex video and sent it to them."


"I'm not a vengeful nor petty person but this kind of turned me on."



"Record it for evidence then talk to a divorce lawyer on how to get a divorce without losing anything."

"Thank them both and move on with my life."


"In most states, the fault isn't a thing that matters beyond the reason. It just may waive the cooling off period... at fault divorces mattering in regards to separation of property ended in the 70's for the vast majority of the country."

"Apparently they discovered that people lie, and it is rarely a clear cut 'this person is the only one guilty.'"



"I'd have to leave, or else I'd commit murder. I would then leave forever, I think I would just leave everything behind and become a nomad at that point and never look back."


"Also my first thought. Never a more compelling moment to finally hit the road and live every day like it's my last."


"Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down..."


Lost to Me

"Well, it is an extreme level of cheating. One thing is to find your wife in bed with a lover but whole other to find her with your best friend. It is multi-level betrayal and that would leave a huge impact on my future life. Not that I would be sorry for losing that person but because it would make me hard to trust anyone after that. Hope that never happens to me or anyone I know."



bill murray nw GIFGiphy

"Exclaim, 'Bob! What the hell? I HAVE to sleep with her, but you??!!'"


This is more common than you think. Watch Dateline.

How would you react in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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