The All-Time Best Animated Shows For Adults
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With 734 episodes to their name, The Simpsons is currently the longest running scripted series in the history of television.

A notable accomplishment, considering it's a prime time animated series.

While The Flintstones demonstrated that animation could be equally viable in prime time as it was on Saturday mornings, The Simpsons demonstrated even further that animation was not just for children.

Indeed, The Simpsons no doubt paved the way for further animated series catered toward a more mature audience, including South Park, Archer, and Bojack Horseman.

Unlike The Flintstones or The Simpsons, these are shows which are most definitely not for the whole family to enjoy, but rather for parents to tune into after putting the children to bed.

One Redditor was curious to hear what people considered the best animated shows geared toward a mature audience, leading them to ask:
"What's your favorite animated adult show?"

Gamers Rejoice!!!

"Arcane."- GreatNeoDragon

"'Arcane', definitely."

"I never got too deep into its lore, but from what I remember, it had amazing animation, soundtrack, a tight story, and well developed characters."- PrestigiousCount8020

Jinx GIF by League of LegendsGiphy

Not So Bad Down There...

"'Hellva Boss'."

"I don't like the fandom they kinda did the same thing 'My Hero Academia' fans did and made it cringe to like'." - Reddit

Don't Be Fooled By The Title...

"Morel Orel."- Novel_Solvings

One Can Only Hope The Future Will Be This Funny

"Really fond of 'Futurama'."

"It gave Matt Groening the opportunity to explore new ideas and go in a direction which network executives wouldn't allow for 'The Simpsons'."

"'Simpsons' got kind of old and tired and way too formulaic.'

"I really appreciate 'Futurama' because it also gave them the opportunity to have a more solid continuity from episode to episode."

"It's less of a weekend cartoon and more of a tv series."- OleviaCaywood·

futurama whatever GIFGiphy

A Most Worthwhile "Venture" Indeed

"Venture Bros."- JuzoItami

...Did Anyone Else Forget This Was A Thing?...

"Mike Tyson Mysteries."- StringMonkey

Unlike Any Other Late Night Chat Show...

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast."- muttly_lol

space ghost dance GIFGiphy

A Pre-Historic Masterpiece

"Primal."- FloridaFlamingoGirl

"Holy Sh*tsnacks"

"Archer."- WhenTardigradesFly

For a genre most frequently associated with children, it's truly amazing how an animated series can be as or more moving, funny, and frightening than any live action series.

And for all those accusing the The Simpsons of getting stale or tired, I ask you one simple question.

What would Halloween be without Treehouse of Horror?