People Reveal BTS Facts About Nickelodeon Game Shows


The 1990s was the best decade to grow up thanks in large part to Nickelodeon and its game shows geared toward kids. Here are little known facts about some of the most popular Nick game shows -- in no particular order.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Remember how the temple guards would pop out and grab the contestants? One player, Keeli, told SBNation that her experience on the show exacerbated her fears of just such a thing.

"I'm 31 and I can't go to haunted houses. I'm deathly afraid of things popping out of closets and doors, etc., at me. I can't watch scary movies where things jump out and scare people. Can I say that this is directly related to that? No, not one hundred percent, but ..."


What Would You Do?

In one episode, a mother and son were challenged to write and perform a country song, which ended up being about creampies. "I'll supply the crust, you supply the fillin'" and "I need your love I need your pie" were among some of the lyrics. Host Marc Summers couldn't contain his laughter and ended up singing along.

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Double Dare

The set apparently smelled "like death" the entire time, due to the ingredients in the slime and the lazy way the stage was cleaned. Announcer John Harvey once explained:

"They eventually used a hard rubber flooring material, like linoleum. It was a continuous piece, and it was brightly colored, and they could use a squeegee on it. They built troughs in the front of the set, and in between every break, they'd take these giant squeegees and pull all this crap into these troughs and put the grates back over the top of them. The good part was that after a day of hot lights, it smelled like death."

Septic trucks were often called to help mop up the mess.



The nicknames given to the contestants were chosen by the show's producers, usually at random.

"If contestants didn't have a real nickname, some of the nicknames were chosen by the producers. And all this time you thought Randall "The Long Island Smasher" was a hard-earned moniker."


Remember GAK?

That weird-smelling, goopy, farty slime? The name was chosen by Nickelodeon production crews and was a code word for drugs, particularly heroin and other narcotics.


Figure It Out

In 2016, host Summer Sanders revealed that she once won a cricket-spitting contest against a contestant.

"I remember accidentally beating a girl in her own talent, which was the cricket spitting competition, Summers told MTV. "Who knew that I could spit a cricket as far as I did? I certainly didn't mean to ... My producer and my director in my ear said, 'Can you try not to beat the children at their own talent? You need to get second place.' I was like, I'm so sorry! But deep down, I was very proud of myself that I could add cricket spitting champion to my resume."


Finders Keepers

Contestants had 90 seconds to find six lost objects hidden throughout six rooms in a house, using only six clues. The show was so popular that it was syndicated and spurred a European version and inspired another popular game show, Fun House.


Wild & Crazy Kids

Most of us learned drinking games in college. But on Wild & Crazy Kids, contestants once had to chug a mug of root beer and then flip over the cup.


Nick Arcade

This show used the largest blue screen in existence at the time in order to properly merge video games and real-life players. This allowed contestants to go "inside" video games.

"Throw in some software with magical "edge-detection" technology that could essentially turn a human being into a game sprite, and Nick Arcade was born."


Slime Fest

Niceklodeon held Slime Fest in 2018 and despite the nostalgia, people had some complaints. One major issue, besides the slime being so cold, was that it would stain clothing. The slime used was made of vanilla pudding and green food coloring.


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