People Break Down Which Things Scream 'Give Me Attention!'
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It's nice to be noticed every now and then.

But for some people, now and then isn't nearly enough time to be the center of attention.

As a result, these people will often behave in a certain way, or say or do specific things to ensure that all eyes are on them at all times.

While some of these tactics might easily go unnoticed, oftentimes these cries for attention are about as subtle as a freight train.

Redditor nextsperi was curious to hear of the different types of behavior people exhibit when they demand to be the center of attention, leading them to ask:

"What screams 'Give me attention!' ?

Can't you see how sad I am? Everyone else can!

"Cries then takes a photo/video."- Philmeiweep


"My cat."- scottyy2189


"I swear to f*ck, the moment I move my hand away from them to try and pick something up, I'm suddenly treated to the screams of purgatory from the drama queen."- Dumbass438

Cat Meow GIF by Cats MovieGiphy

Let's talk about something more interesting, ME!

"In my experience with groups, loudly interrupting me right as I am explaining something or telling a story to immediately take over the conversation with their own input or story."

"For my ADHD and anxious talker friends, don't worry, I wasn't poking at you."

"It happens to all of us sometimes."- Lyclownthropy

I can bear the pain if you're all looking at me!

"Faking an injury."- the_pinky243

Don't let their age fool you.

"Toddlers."- PMMeUrHopesNDreams

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The lack of specificity is telling...

"When people make vague posts to social media which start something like: 'THAT’S IT, I’M DONE, you just can’t trust SOME PEOPLE'.”

"But then don’t disclose any details about what was indeed the problem."

"If you listen very carefully, you can hear the gentle brushing by of tumbleweed while they wait for attention."- Environmental_Foot54

This is where I stand, and I'm RIGHT!

"Political bumper stickers."

"Especially the really obnoxious ones."- Cinco1971

My life is so interesting, see for yourself!

"20 Instagram stories a day."- ReddyAyden

Social Media Stories GIF by Front of HouseGiphy

Get out of my way, it's me!

"Extreme rudeness is the ultimate attention tantrum."- PM_ME_YOUR_THEREMIN

When we see this type of behavior, we can't help but wonder why these people are so determined to have everyone's attention.

Might be out of loneliness, possibly desperation, or maybe it is just pure selfishness.

One hopes that whatever their motives, these people might soon realize that being the center of attention isn't always something to celebrate.

Some people truly think the world revolves around them, which is why it's so satisfying to see them get what they want.

Consider: When was the last time you saw someone in public freak out in a store and demand to speak to the manager? Did the manager acquiese? Or did they stand up for their employees?

We're used to hearing about employees getting the short end of the stick, of course. But the moments when things go the other way—and a terrible nuisance finds themselves unable to get what they want—is truly a sight to behold.

In short: Saying "no" or putting people in their place is the ultimate power move.

People shared their stories with us after Redditor sormatodor asked the online community,

"What was the best 'you have no power here' moment you have ever seen?"
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