You've probably run into that person. You know... THAT person. The one who thinks they're such a badass, that they're so strong, and powerful... and they make a business of telling that to every other person they meet.

Suffice it to say that if this person was truly a bad@ss, they wouldn't feel the need to tell everyone.

People shared their thoughts after Redditor ThatOddFrenchNobody asked the online community,

"What screams, 'I am not the bad@ss I pretend to be?"

"Some picture..."

"Same picture of a lion that 20,000 others already posted to prove how they're not sheep that fall in line."

User deleted

Social media users really do not see the irony here, do they?

"Demanding respect..."

"Demanding respect, but giving none to anyone."


These people are the worst – and they think other people don't notice.

"I would have..."

"'I would have enlisted and probably made Special Forces, but I would have punched a Drill Sergeant if they had gotten in my face.' Sure, bud."


Yeah... because they always trust the guy who can't control himself or follow orders to the highest ranks of the military and they give them the biggest guns too.

"Claiming to be..."

"Claiming to be 'crazy' like it's something to aspire to. In this context it just means abandoning tact and acting like an a**hole to feel like a badass."


"You want to see crazy? I'll show you crazy!"

How many people have you met who gloat that way? Quite a few, right?

"Uploading video..."

"Uploading video of yourself saying how bad@ss you are."


The people who upload this stuff to YouTube are ridiculous.

"Continually requesting a fight, but never actually starting the fight."


There's a South Park episode that nails this.

"The biggest indicator..."

"The biggest indicator that you are not a bad@ss is telling me you are a bad@ss. If you have to tell me how important you are, you are not terribly important."


Yeah, if you were truly a bad@ss, you wouldn't have to go around telling everyone. We would all just know.

"Anyone who gives..."

"Anyone who gives themselves a tough-sounding nickname. They are to be earned, not self-imposed."


I can't even describe how much I cringed just now.

"I'm prior enlisted..."

"I'm prior enlisted in the Marines and I'm happy I was in, but now that I'm out that time has passed, I can't stand people that were in and it's their entire identity after they get out. All clothes are military stuff, vehicles covered in military decals, all they talk about is when they were in and so on."

"For anyone that wasn't in, the easiest way to tell someone that was in the military but weren't in any kind of real combat situations is if they wear and do all that crap."


I cringed again. The military is not fun – why make it your entire personality?

"Any reference..."

"Any reference to oneself as 'alpha.'"


These people are so sad. They also don't understand the actual roles that alphas play in the wild, which is to hold responsibility for protecting others in the cohort from predators.

Admit it: You've run into every person like this, haven't you? You're cringing remembering all of these people, aren't you?

It's okay, so are we.

Have some observations of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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