People Confess Which Basic Computer Skills They're Shocked Some People Don't Possess
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Computers are not everyone's strong suit. Generation z is now reaching adulthood, and they've had computers, smart phones, and iPads since birth.

For anyone in an older generation, this wasn't the case. Computers weren't even advertised for the home until the Superbowl of 1984, and even then it was priced at $2,500.

Come the turn of the 21st century, computers are a staple in the home, but the advancements in the last two decades have left some people scrambling to keep up. Things that might seem basic to some are shockingly uncommon to others.

Redditor Dark-Matter-7935 asked:

"What is a basic computer skill you were shocked some people don't have?"

Prepare to be blown away.

Double click.

"Not knowing what double click means."

- CCChic1

"Click... 3 seconds later click."

- kickinthesh*t

"Either they single click everything, or they double-click everything."

- colin_staples

Just read the screen.

"Reading! As a tech supporter I get the stupidest questions:"

"Client: There is a prompt here that says "your computer needs to reboot to finish installing updates. click here to restart" what does that mean?"

"Me: It means your computer installed updates and needs to reboot."

"Client: How do I do that?"

"Me: Click on the prompt to restart."

- osfast

"The longer you work in IT, the more you realize that people who say 'I'm not good with computers' actually mean that they can't be bothered to use a search bar...or even just f*cking read what's right in front of them."

- ur_boy

How to search the internet.

"You'd be surprised how many folk don't know what to type in to search engines to find what they're looking for."

- CliffPromise

"Don't tell them; this is my job security."

- MeticulousPlonker

"Yea forreal. Family/friends having tech problems? I google it. Customer asking me a question? 'Let me get that information for you' as I disappear behind the counter."

- AltruisticTrip

And how to search your computer.

"Been working in IT long enough to where people not having basic computer skills doesn't shock me anymore. But still, how do people never figure out that you can search for programs in the start menu?"

"'My Outlook is gone!'"

"Hits start and types Outlook."

"'Oh, there it is! How'd you find it?'"

- iamdougiescoffee

"The amount of people that can't function if there isn't a shortcut on their desktop is astounding."

- Rysilk

Changing the desktop background.

"My college roommate didn't know he could change his desktop background. He was blown away and went to show it to one of our other friends, who was also blown away because she didn't know you could change the background."

- MSFNinja

"I remember this exact same thing happening with a friend... in 1996. We all gathered around to marvel at her background being the block of trees with gold frames."

- Much_Difference

Finding the right cable for the job.

"Shape recognition. Does the end of the cable look like the hole in the machine? It's amazing how many people can't figure that out at work."

- Market0

"'I had to cut off some of the pins to make it fit...'"

- -Tesserex-

"Actually had this happen once with a 4G dongle. We told them to plug in their SIM card into it. They had a full size SIM and the dongle took full size cards. Instead they found the micro SD card slot on the dongle and literally cut their SIM card down to fit into that slot."

- CMDR_Bacon

Copy and paste.

"Copy and paste shortcuts."

- Joeyjackhammer

"I caught a coworker flipping back and forth between tabs while retyping a paragraph. When I showed her how to copy and paste, her response was 'I can't keep up with all this new technology.'"

"I am 38. She is 40."

- genghisKHANNNNN

"My dad is 73, wasn't at all computer literate, taught himself how to install Linux and definitely knows how to copy and paste."

"I think sometimes it's a choice to not learn stuff like that. Everyone has priorities, and it's perfectly fair if computer literacy isn't yours, but of course you won't 'keep up' if you choose not to try."

- RomanaOswin

A URL is not for Google.

"Not knowing how to enter a URL. I've tried to get people to enter a URL over the phone and they just put it in the Google search bar (usually after first going to"

- SkippyNordquist

"I'm always surprised how many business owners go to their own website by typing it in Google then clicking the link. Bookmark that sh*t at least!"

"I encounter this issue EVERY time I ask someone on the phone to 'Go to' and they inevitably then reply with 'which one do I click?' TYPE IT IN THE F***ING ADDRESS BAR!"

- shaunbowen

"Unless they’re intentionally trying to make the business website rank higher in the search engine lol."

- ShadowMaker00

Refusing to believe their tech needs power.

"Them: My computer turns on, but my monitor doesn’t show the picture!”

"Me: Is your monitor plugged in and connected to the back of your PC?”

"Them: No, I needed to use that outlet so I unplugged it."

- NinthOman

"I worked tech support for an ISP and we had a storefront where customers could bring devices in for config. Had a lady once bring a router in with no power supply. She was dumbfounded and almost irritated when I told her I couldn't work on it. She said 'Why does it need a power cord? It's wireless!'"

"Wanted to kill myself daily at that job."

- Khiraji

"My buddy has a customer come in and complain the phone they sold them died. The battery was just depleted, and the man was irate when told that he had to plug his phone in the charge it every day. He tried to get a discount because he was told it was wireless so he assumed it would just charge itself via magic cell signals or something, and then he complained that his 'old phone' never needed charging."

"I assume his old phone was just a corded home phone or something."

- _kvl_

With technology changing all the time, we may always need a tech support person to help us figure out what's going on.

Though, with more reliance on technology, we might need to better increase our computer literacy so everyone is on an even playing feild.

The hopefully our IT servicers won't want to pull their hair out with every client.

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