Baffled People Reveal The Strangest Wrong Number Call They've Ever Received

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Don't you hate it when you get a phone call that turns out to be a wrong number call? It's mostly annoying, but sometimes it can be very amusing. These people share their strangest wrong number phone conversations.

u/SpikeGD asks:

Redditors of Reddit, what is the most strange "wrong number" call you've ever received?

Sounds like something you don't want to be involved in

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I got a call and did not recognize the number so I ignored it 3 or 4 times until I gave in. I picked up the phone and before I could say anything a guy with a Brooklyn accent starts talking in panic and he said "YO THAT GUY WE SAW WAS ONE OF POLISH TOM'S BOYS IF HE SHOWS UP DON'T SAY S*** ABOUT LAST NIGHT" and said " Sorry this must be the wrong number." he just started cursing and hung up. Ever since then I have been curious who What this "Polish Tom" looks like.

When you make a friend

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I used to get calls for "phoebe" right after I got my new number. A lot of calls. I was always nice and let them know they had the wrong number. This went on for two years.

Near the end I got a call from an unknown number. It was phoebe! She said she wanted to apologize, thanks me for being kind, and she thinks she told everyone the new number, but if anyone calls, could I give it to them? I said sure, no problem.

Still occasionally got calls. I politely informed them of the new number. One guy was surprised and started texting me about the whole situation. We became friends only over text and still text occasionally to this day. :)

When you didn't know you were going to be a therapist

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Dude called from prison. After I told him wrong number he said he had nobody to talk to and he had just dialed a random number. I was young and naive but the dude never asked for anything. We talked for a while, him telling me how he got to be in jail. Straight up street thug but he was trying to make good and get back to society in good shape. Never talked again. I hope he made it out ok.

Both very creepy

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I was repeatedly getting a international number and when I pick up the only thing that is said is "Hello?....." and then it doesn't hang up and it's clearly a recording of the hello and then faint static. Super creepy.

Also, one time I had a wrong number call from the area code I live in, and when I told the guy that I wasn't Greg he didn't seem to mind and asked me if I party. I think it was a drug dealer cold call.

A heart warming and unlikely happening

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When I picked up someone immediately went off in a frantic worry about his dog who ran away, now gone for a week. When he continued how he had looked EVERYWHERE I stopped him to mention he had the wrong number.

But out of kindness we talked a little bit, losing a pet is horrible- I know that, and I got to know the part of town where the dog went missing, many miles away, and he mentioned some details about his dog.

Well I'll be damned when I go to the market later that day and I see a dog begging that meets the description. Now, in my mind this is utterly impossible. Period.

Nevertheless I look up the recent call in my phone history and FaceTime the guy.

It's his dog.

When the police get the wrong number

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I once got called because a drug dealer had been shot by police and they were calling the numbers on his phone to help identify him. I asked them who died but they said they got the number wrong when they called me so they apologized and hung up.

This is real confusion

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I work at an old folks home, and was in the elevator one day & the emergency phone started ringing.

I pushed the button to answer & it was some guy looking for a chiropractors office. He was super confused when I told him he called an elevator in an assisted living community. I was confused bc who knew you could call an elevator from an outside line?

Either this person was really sick, or had unfinished business

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Got a voicemail on the house phone a few years ago. It was from an older sounding guy with what sounded like the worst case of laryngitis I've ever heard. All he said was "Linda. Call me on this number. It's in your interest."

I have no idea who linda is, or why she should call, but everyone in the family assumes she's dead by now.

What did you do?

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Some weird guy handling affairs at some California court house screaming at me saying I was supposed to show up. The man left like 12 voice mails once and I had no clue. Each one escalating in anger. Really weird guy. Needs to chill out at his job.

When the puppy love goes bad

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My best friend's older sister saved a voicemail for years until she got a new phone. This little boy who sounded maybe 5 or 6 was apparently calling his girlfriend to break up with her and said he was mad at her, and he was going to call her "the j word and the r word and the m word". He went through a solid 75% of the alphabet then ended with "okay I'll see you tomorrow at school I love you bye!" It was fantastic.

Yes Clara! Doing the right thing

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I noticed I missed a call from an unknown number and the area code was for a town out of state that my daughter happened to be attending an EDM music festival at. Of course the mom in me panicked and called it back, but I got the answering message. I left a message saying what my first name was and that I had a daughter currently in that town and if the call was from or about her I could be reached at ###, please call me back etc. About an hour later I got a call back from a sweet older lady with a thick southern accent telling me "Sugar, I couldn't let you worry sweetie, I dialed the wrong number and I noticed right away and hung up, but you mustve seen it, and here I made you worry for nuttin. Your girls awright, my grandson is a paramedic an he says aint no one died up there yet, and only two boys got dehydrated so far an passed out. Shes havin fun I bet!" We talked for a half hour!!! Shout out to you Clara!

I spy a prank call

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A few months ago, I got a call from a convenience store in town, and they asked for me by last name (super uncommon last name so I know it was me). Right after I said it was me, they hung up.

I called them back, and they said they must have called the wrong number. THEY LITERALLY ASKED FOR ME BY NAME.

After overanalyzing it for hours, I thought it was some sort of scam. It has been a few months though, and no sign of anything weird on any accounts or anything as of yet.

The irony of it all

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I got a text from a wrong number once about 10 years ago that said "hey gurl! You still dance? Need to make some money quick!"

This is funny enough by itself, but particularly amusing because I am a man, and f****** hilarious because I also happen to be a paraplegic.

That's a twisted relationship

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I didn't answer but I listened to a voicemail from a number I didn't recognize. It was a guy claiming he knew where I lived and he thinks I'm "very beautiful" and would love to take me out sometime. He ended the message with "if you don't respond I'll kill your dog".

I was kinda freaked out so I texted "sorry you have the wrong number" (I knew because I didn't have a dog). He responded with an apology and said it was just a joke he was playing on his gf at the time.

I really hope they just liked to play creepy jokes on each other... O_o

Secret service stuff

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I once got an international American phone call and as I neither recognised the number nor could I quickly pull up an ID on it, I picked it up and this guy instantly started blathering on in Russian with a thick Russian accent and with a speed that I assumed that only a native speaker could talk at. After a few moments I managed to get his attention and go 'oi, who this?' and there's this awkward silence and then suddenly the speaker switches to this American, texanish accent with impeccable English and profusely apologise before hanging up.

This was a while ago and I've switched phones and since lost the call history but now and again I wonder just what did I intercept.

When technology gets confused

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Somehow, someone down in the states (I'm Canadians) had wired up a buzzer at an apartment wrong, such that when someone tried to buzz in, our home phone would ring.

For weeks, late at night, drunk folks would call asking to get into the apartment. We weren't sure what to make of it.

Finally, a sober guy tried to buzz in and we were able to figure it out. Better still, found out we were able to buzz people into this random apartment by pressing 9 on our end. Problem sorted itself out pretty quick after we just started hitting 9 every time the phone rang.

Those baby goat deals...

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- (in chilean spanish) Aló, good afternoon. Could you please contact me with Mr. XXXXX? Please tell him I'm still interested on the **baby goat **she offered to me the other day.

- (also in spanish) Uhhh... Wrong number?

- Oh, shi--- (hangs up)


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Back in the days of dial-up, when I was about 16, I was secretly surfing on sites in the computer room while the rest of my family was in the living room watching television. Suddenly my connection is gone, and immediately the phone starts ringing. Since one of the phones (landline) was close to the computer, I pick up. A voice with a foreign accent says: "You called the wrong number", even if I didn't call anyone. Non-plussed, I reconnect to the internet. 15 minutes later, cops appear at our doorstep in full body armour and with flashlights, telling my shocked mum they received an emergency call from our house and wanted to check if there was a domestic disturbance. To this day, I have no explanation for what happened.

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