Life's biggest and most confusing question is "WHY?" The answer to why is what we most want to know. 

And for the most part we'll NEVER understand the whys. Why wouldn't you do things that way or this way? WHY are you posting that when you're asking for privacy? 

Questioning is exhausting.


Redditor gamedemon24 asked a very similar and intriguing question. 

What makes absolutely 0% sense to you?

The responses were EPIC! AND... very telling. For example :

Why wouldn't you take LIFE SAVING meds?

I work in Fire and EMS. When patients quit taking their blood pressure medication because they don't have high blood pressure anymore. That's because it's working nitwit! Or seizure medication. Or diabetes medication.  214bouncyballs

Why aren't teeth as important as a bladder?

I don't understand why dental care is not considered actual health care and it treated like a sidecar benefit. bodhilady


Don't do things only Beyonce can do! 

A girl I once knew put up maternity pictures of herself on facebook. One of the pics was of her in a white lacy dress in a bathtub filled with milk and flowers. I just don't understand why.  VirginArnoldPalmer


To be fair... Google knows alot!

How easily people can convince themselves they know more about a topic than an expert, who has devoted their life to a topic, after a 10 minute google search. Logic512

Now tacos are 24 hours! That's a law right?

I tried to go through the Taco Bell drive-thru on a Friday night, and they had closed at 10pm.

What business do you think you are in? CEDWAR22


There are taco bells that close at 10 pm? What madness is this? typhonist

A valid question!

The DMV has some pertinent questions too.

People wanting flying cars. With as many bad drivers as there are on the ground, why would you want that in the sky?Jaebird0388


Get ready... a hurricane is coming!

I currently live in Texas. The fact that I'm on standby for going into work during this weather is baffling. My store still hasn't officially closed. Whoever is attempting to shop at a clothing store during a hurricane make no sense. Awshiznitz

We're not mind readers!

Menus without prices, or just selling anything without a price on it. If you don't tell me how much something is until it's time to pay for it then I'm just not going to buy anything at all. Early_

Finally we're ready to put Emily Post in here place. 

Why there are certain foods for breakfast, Lunch, and dinner.

Why is cereal a breakfast item? Why is it not normal to eat it for dinner?

Why are chicken biscuits a breakfast item? Can't I have those for dinner? Seems appetizing for dinner.

Pizza for breakfast is the best, why is it frowned upon? youssefprime


Appreciating humanity is important!

Consciousness. Not in comparison to being unconscious. But out of the trillions of animals on Earth, how did I end up in this body? I could have been born a slave in some ancient culture. I could have been a cat, bird, or some insect that lived for 4 days. Why me? Why now? My egg could have split in the womb and I could have been a twin. What happened to his consciousness? I have 3 kids. My wife lost a pregnancy between kid #2 and #3. I don't know if it was a girl or a boy. We could have had a kid #4, #5, and so on, but we chose to stop. What about them? What would they have been like? How many great (or mediocre) people were never born? It seems that the set of possible conscious beings would be HUGE and the VAST majority of them never have a being to walk around in. How the hell did I (or we) end up so damn lucky? dog_superiority

Food for thought.


Somethings are eternally boggling. 

Reddit's search function.  BBW_Crew_Johnny 

What came first? The chicken, the egg or... time?

Time. I will never be able to wrap my head around time.It must have started at some point. But, what was there before time? And was there anything before that, and before that?One day there was nothing, the next day we have a massive universe.

I can't comprehend it no matter how hard I try.your_gal_pal


Remember it's 'til death do us part.

That my spouse can not close anything completely. Everything is halfway screwed on or has the top just sitting on it. So many things spilled and broken.  kowzzzz 


Isn't eternal life the hope?

The concept of forever. It makes my head hurt to even think too hard about it. catsxmaru 


Some questions are forever! No matter how many times it's explained to you. Not everyone is always going to get it.

I still have no idea how phones and computers work. I've had it explained so many times but I'm totally fine just being in awe of how cool it all is.  averysmallbear2

Very sexy. Magic!

How a camera is able to capture what I see.  tictacfender


The list of answers for 'WHY' is endless. No matter how many answers you have. 


H/T :Reddit

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