People Explain Which Film Ending Completely Ruined The Whole Movie


[SPOILERS] Some movies manage do it: give a solid, well-paced 2 hour experience, only to confuse and piss of everyone in the theater with a single scene.

It's impressively efficient, and it totally sucks.

A solid build is a major piece of a good movie.

It requires a perfect combination: enough clear world-building and information to keep the audience confident about its hunches, but enough mystery to allow for surprises and new developments.

Sometimes, though, the build seems to push the inevitable outcome down a single path.

It's a delicate position. The push is not so strong that the details of the ending become predictable, but enough is given to solidify viewers' confidence about the theme and message they can expect to walk away with.

Then BOOM, a blindside comes flying in.

A bad ending isn't just a severe plot twist. It's an inconsistency. A bad ending erupts against the logic the whole film has put in place until that point.

And the result, as Redditors' comments illustrate, is a visceral repulsion, a true public outcry.

minecraftplayer48 asked "What movie ending ruined the whole movie for you?"

Good, Still Good, Getting Better, WTF?

"There's a sh*tty little movie called The Secret Village."

"Kind of a dumb film, but it had a decent build up. A reporter is sent to a village in order to investigate an odd happening in the village... Over the years, the village had suffered repeated infections of Ergot (A fungus that grows on wheat) and while she's there, she uncovers this twisted cult that is in the town."

"It gets a neat paranormal slant to it. and as she investigates more and more the more the cult gets angry and it seems the cult is actually behind the poisonings."

"ONLY TO FIND OUT IN THE END OF THE GOD DAMN MOVIE, NONE OF THAT SH*T EVER HAPPENED. It turns out Ergot can cause psychosis. She hallucinated ALL the stuff she was investigating. It was just a poor unfortunate village that kept getting poisoned for whatever reason."

"No ghosts, no cult, f*cking nothing."

-- Endulos


"Spielberg version of War of the Worlds, somehow Robbie is still alive and waiting for them in Boston."

"Not only did the circumstances make his survival virtually impossible, but his character was so annoying that the twist of him being alive just destroyed all my previous satisfaction in him being deceased."

-- MrBirdHorner

Unlucky Mr. Cage

"The one where Nic Cage is an angel & he falls in love with Meg Ryan's character. He becomes human for her then she dies?? WTF!?!?!? I almost threw my tv outta the window i was so upset."

"City of angles?? I'm horrible with movie names."-- 81waffle

"City Of Angels where Meg Ryan ( human) dies in a bike accident right after Nick Cage (angel) decides to give up immortality to be with her." -- martej

Rogue Child Stars

"Jurassic world: it had a lot of politics mixed in with the movie and they had a lot of animal rights things. Out of 5 main characters 3 were animal rights activists and one was just a little girl."

"When met with the moral dilemma at the end they could either press the red button and let the dinosaurs free into the whole world or they could leave and let them die."

"Everyone including the animal rights people were saying it was a mistake playing god and we should let them die painlessly here, but the little girl presses the button while saying, 'They're like me.'"

"Really hated it they probably had the little girl do it to avoid backlash but it made me mad."

-- tjake123

When the Expected Message is Replaced with No Message At All

"Yesterday. The concept had enormous potential. It was just so unique. What if only one person knew about the Beatles? The movie was fun and suspenseful."

"And then it just fell flat when he confessed to essentially doing nothing wrong. Just felt anti-climactic."

-- GoX14

ALWAYS Include a Snake Battle if You Can

"Gotta say, the Aladdin remake ending. The Disney remakes as a whole don't hold up to the original animation films, but as a huge Aladdin fan I was beyond disappointed to not see a battle between Jafar as a Snake and Aladdin."

"Nobody asked for the giant nameless parrot to chase them through the city. No one. Give me a snake battle."

-- SumGoodJuJu

Aaaaand They're All Still Stereotypes

"The Breakfast Club."

"The premise of the whole film is, 'teenagers can be judgey and awful to each other, but everyone is fighting their own battles so we should try to be nicer to each other.'"

"Then they give the weird quirky girl a makeover to look more like the normal girl, people partner up in order of attractiveness, and the nerdy dude is left on his own..."

-- AgDirt

A Dental Sham

"Zootopia. The teeth for all the animals had been spot on (appropriate and detailed morphology for each taxon) but the final bit where they have Flash open his mouth revealed they gave him additional and inappropriate teeth for a sloth."

"As a slothologist and mammalogist, this was a huge letdown and betrayal."

-- dococnus

Eh, Go for it

"The Circle... Seemed to be a film warning of the dangers of sharing too much online only to do A COMPLETE 180 on the message at the end!" -- leonmacdonaldrules

"Basically the idea of privacy that the girl was fighting for is completely thrown out the window. And she's just ok with it and so now there are drones everywhere." -- Quantum-Specter

"I actually really enjoyed the first half, but yes, that ending to made the entire movie make zero sense." -- sparkplug_23

Legendarily Bad

"I am Legend because they took out the part where he is legend." -- W_Wilson

"They should have called it "I Am Positive Test Audience Ending" -- ebelnap

"I thought for years that he is legend in the way a map legend plots out how to read a map. Like his findings were the important pieces to humanity surviving. Found out recently that there was an original ending that portrayed his legend status differently and more clearly." -- Ledbolz

Nothing Like the Bible Story. That Ending!

"My Sister's Keeper. Especially since I read the book. I very nearly threw my remote at the TV I was so f*cking pissed." -- HighPrairieCarsales

"I came here to rant about this movie! The book ending is actually pretty good, it's entirely out of left field and renders the main story tragically pointless."

"The movie ends like approximately 700 other Lifetime movies about a loved one with cancer." -- mrgojirasan

Cartoon was Better

"Justice League."

"F*cking Superman gets resurrected and immediately beats the sh*t out of Steppenwolf. The conflict was just gone, the heroes had no difficulty after he came in."

-- LordKingThing


"A Simple Favour."

"Like it was all mysterious and then some good twists, but then she just gets hit by a car and the moms group is like 'don't mess with moms' or some sh*t?"

"Like wtf! The ending felt like it was meant for a different movie."

-- LazerTRex

Box Office Cash is Worth More than an Ending

"The very last moment of The Crimes of Grindelwald. Hey let's upheave tons of established lore in the last 30 seconds! The f*ck was that?!" -- silvermoonchan

"That movie, and the Hobbit movies are why I'm always skeptical of prequels. There haven't been many in my life that I've seen and liked." -- CinnaSol

What a Summer That Was

"I gotta go with the flying car in Grease." -- server_busy

"People are in here talking about metaphors and's a callback to the garage scene where he says 'if it ran any better it would fly.'" -- Cosmic_Hitchhiker

"Exactly. The story isn't about summer loving, it's about the car achieving maximum potential." -- metalliska

Initiate Tear Jerking

"The ending of Pay it Forward when that idiot kid stabbed haley joe osmet." -- wanderingwonderer25

"That movie is textbook Oscar bait. I hated it on principle the moment I saw the preview. Turns out I was right about this one." -- Funandgeeky

Sequels After Decades are Always Trouble

"Indiana Jones and crystal skull. Big bloody spaceship just coming out the ground like that. That whole film was a farce actually." -- chrisl182

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