Awkward People Reveal Their Hilarious Go-To Tactics For Surviving Parties

Party on! Everyone's a different person when the lights go down and the music gets turnt up, which is what makes these gatherings so much fun.

Party-goers of Reddit got together to share what unique personalities they bring to a celebration. Some of these might surprise you.

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I will pick one person (probably the only person) I know and silently follow them around. Or I will stand in a group and listen to the conversation but never contribute.


Apparently, I'm the "Irish exit". When I get uncomfortably drunk I just disappear and go home without telling anyone... regardless whether I have a date or not. Yeah, I don't drink anymore because once I get to a point I get tired and the drunk me just finds a way home without ever telling anyone. 

I'll just wander on out the door like no big deal.


I hang out and mingle with a drink in my hand. Then after a few drinks I start to flirt with everyone. Then I sit on the couch and try not to fall asleep.


You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties.


Really quiet until we get on a subject that gets me waving my hands around and making emphatic statements.


Ever since I had my son I'm the guy who'd rather play with the kids than make small talk with adults/strangers.


I'm the dog guy.

This last weekend I was hanging out with some old friends on there boat. About 12 people total, and a puppy.

I spent the entire time on the fly with the big golden retriever.


Silent observer... who can get very drunk and loud. But snap back to sober real quick when things happen.

I'll stop you from drunkenly walk into traffic...Unless I'm black-out drunk and am trying to dance with traffic.


The one who just wanted to stay home.


Sober at a party: Hanging out with the people I arrived with because I don't really know anyone else.

Drinking at a party: The fun, comedic guy who is also a bit overbearing but is really interested in whatever is happening in your life and wants to help.

Wasted at a party: Sleeping on the couch with my shoes off, will wake up in three hours and wonder what happened to the party.


Mother goose. I'll get white-girl wasted but the first sign of trouble I've got your back if something starts. 

I'm making food for everyone, I'm stopping you from doing that thing that will put you in an ambulance, I'm getting you water, I'm hiding your car keys, I'm cleaning your spills, holding your hair and making sure you don't pass out on your back.


With strangers I'd get more talkative, with friends I'm way more quiet. Usually the one in the corner that people ask if I'm okay.


The stoner guy asking to borrow your lighter, promising to give it back and eventually losing it.


I am the one who likes to find interesting people from the party and strike a conversation with them. I like to get to know new people.


The parties I'm at aren't really ragers any more, they're more like BBQ's. So I'm usually just talking around a fire, and knocking back a few like everyone else.

In college, I was the guy who stopped a party to announce "Guys Guys, I'm way to drunk to be sober" and then passed out against the wall.


I'm the guy who isn't there because he wasn't invited because the host knew I wouldn't come. And we're both totally fine with that.


I'm the "H2O dude". I love getting messed up but I'm not about it the next day. So I'll always have a shot ready and a bottle of water within arms reach. And if anyone else needs some water, I'll stop what I'm doing and get some water for them.

Only had a hangover/alcohol poisoning once and I'm not going there again.


The one who jumps into the crowd when the bass drops and starts laying down epic dance moves.


The person who is constantly trying to get people to play a game or do some event. I am very social, but just conversing with people is draining. I'd much rather have an activity going on to help steer conversations.


That weird cat person who just hangs out with the kitties, but I go a step further and announce to everyone walking by said cat to greet it and agree with me on how beautiful and majestic it is.


I'm the type that didn't come to the party. But if I do, I spend most of the time looking uncomfortably at my watch trying to figure out whether it would be impolite to leave this soon.


You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties.


I'm the type that usually rocks up with a case of beer, hands out twenty to people and then needs to do a secondary bottle shop run within the first two hours. I circle around where the drinking games are because that's my scene, either setting up cards or beer pong or turning the music up to insane volumes. I guarantee I will always be the last person awake and drinking around the fire as daylight breaks. Usually talking and mingling with the night owls post 3am.


At a party I'm usually the creep in the corner.


The pianist playing the grand piano with a brandy snifter full of much-appreciated tips from those making requests.


The guy dancing like an idiot who everyone thinks is drunk but is actually completely sober.


I sit myself down on the couch and start knitting. It's a surprisingly good conversation starter.


I first talk to those I know and catch up. Yadda yadda, they're still the same, everything is fine, I'm happy for them and they are boring at the moment.

So then I go seek people I don't know. I try to find the funny ones. By the end of the night, I've had a stupid hilarious conversation about next to nothing and I've made a friend that I may never see again, but the whole party was a fun experience.


I'm the guy who hates crowds so I take my drink and keep the fire in the fire pit going, I meet more people that way than by standing in a loud claustrophobic room.


Playing with the host's cat or dog. If they don't have one...I'm an uncomfortable wreck and will probably leave within an hour.

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