People Share What Awful People Do That's Completely Unacceptable To Humanity


People do horrible things, and there's often nothing we can do about it. Treating people and animals kindly shouldn't be controversial, yet some individuals just don't get it.

iMDirtNapz asked: What have you seen genuinely sh*tty people do that they thought was perfectly acceptable?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

When salespeople have no ethics.

I worked in retail sales. A guy used to come in all the time. He was a veteran and clearly suffering from dementia or PTSD and always had a case worker with him. He would come in and look for gifts for his mom and someone would always try to talk him into signing up for credit. Luckily, his care taker would look out for him and talk him out of it. One day he came in and said the program that paid for his case worker was slashed in funding and he only had her 2 days a week instead of 5, but it was Monday and he goes to the mall on Mondays. A sales assosicate not only signed him up for credit, but maxed out his 5k balance knowing full well he didn't have the faculty to pay the bill. She made her sales goal that year and got a trip to Florida.

Wow, this blew up. Thanks for the medal. A few responses to some questions. I reported this to HR. Nothing happened. I talked to our regional manager and when she approached the sales person she claimed not to know the situation. She did. This guy came in every Monday. We knew. Also, she was a manger and top sales person for over 20 years. She isn't going anywhere.


Needless family bullying.

Honestly, the way my inlaws treat my wife.

Unless she murdered the family dog before we met and they're forever punishing her, there is no reason for how sh*tty they are to her.

And if you call them out on it they act as if they're so confused and insulted that it makes me think they truly think its acceptable.


If her own family treats her like that, it sounds good that she finally found someone (you) who doesn't treat her like shit. Some families are just abusive.


They are exactly that.

And thanks. She's straight up a really great person (her childhood friends corroborate that fact), which makes it all the more surprising.


People who trash the beach.

Using a disposable barbecue on the beach and leaving it half buried in the sand for someone to step on with their bare feet. Happens all the time on the beach near me.


I don't understand. It seems like more effort to bury it than to properly get rid of it.


Option one: Put the coals out, wait for it to cool down, locate an appropriate trash can, dispose of it properly.

Option two: Kick some sand over it.

Option two is clearly easier.

It's absolutely a dick move, but it's not "more effort" in any way.



An ex-friend thought that she was justified to cheat on her boyfriend because she was paranoid and thought "what if he's f*cking someone?" When he was doing exactly what he said he was -studying. He had a double major he was completing and this bitch cheated because he was working so hard. Then, because she told me and I gave her sh*t -she offered to have sex with me too so I wouldn't tell him (I'm a guy). Well, I told him and refused her offer.


Assuming he dumped her. And I really hope he dumped her.



Always blaming others and not taking responsibility.


This is huge. I recently had a coworker get fired because they continuously made mistakes and jeopardized our company with clients. They were approached every time, but still continued to do it. So they are put on a performance improvement plan. Still keeps doing the same thing. Is finally fired and the response is that "all of those situations were just misunderstandings and it's not fair to be fired for doing nothing wrong."


Animal abusers are evil.

A lot of dogs over where I live froze to death over the recent blizzard, because their owners left them outside in the chilling winds and snowstorms. Their reasoning "I don't want that wet dog smell inside my house." I wish people like this could get banned from ever having pets.


If you really don't want the smell, don't get a pet. Or stick a heater in a well built shelter for them.


Okay this I cannot stand. People mistreating innocent animals are scum and the punishments are usually way too vanilla IMO. Really makes my blood pressure go waaay up.


Abusers of the elderly.

Treat the elderly in nursing homes badly. I work at a nursing home, and while I have a lot of awesome coworkers who are very good at their job, I also have a lot of trashy ones.

To give an example: I one time overheard one of the patients say to a coworker that she really needed to go to the toilet. This lady was in a wheelchair and needed help. My coworker said: well, you're wearing a diaper aren't you? Those can hold up to 8 liter. Just pee already!"

I was shocked. My coworker went to have her smoke and I immediately helped the lady in the wheelchair.

Yes, she did wear a special tena pants, but a lot of my coworkers don't seem to understand that these kind of pants are to prevent accidents, not to encourage incontinence.

The sad thing is, this kind of things are very hard to proof, especially when the patients have dementia like they do in the nursing home I work at. I have had multiple conversations with the manager about this kind of things, resulting in to absolutely nothing done about it. I think the shortage in staff doesn't help with this problem.

Edit: just a quick note, I got multiple reactions of people saying I should take it to the authorities. I have been on the verge of doing that multiple times, but you all are right, I will take action to report this neglect and abuse. This can't go on any longer. Thanks for all your responses!


Negative reenforcement.

Insult their children when they don't excel at X activity.


Visiting back home and ended up listening to my sister beg my mom not to get mad because she had a b+. My wife told my sister how awesome it was that she had all A's and a B. Mom immediately says it's not good at all and reems my sister. It's super frustrating!


And/or refuse to support the kid's actual interests. There are people who seem to think their kid is a failure if they don't want to do or really suck at specific activities that are seen as high brow.

You might be a math wiz accountant and chess master but your kid works with their hands and would make a great potter or mechanic or welder.


Beggars who are also choosers.

One of my sh*ttiest ex-friends stayed over with another friend after his parents kicked him out. My friend let him stay rent free and he complained about everything. Complained about her cats, about not having a key, about not being allowed to stay longer when my friend had enough. He's long gone across the country and out of our lives now, thankfully.


Ugh my landlord let one of his buddies crash at our house for free under the stipulation that he does chores on a daily basis. It took all of a week for him to start whining about having to do "more chores than everyone else." Dude, you're living rent free in someone else's house and the main reason you're being allowed to stay is that you do the lion's share of the communal chores. If it's that big of an issue, you can go back to living in your car. I'm sure a lot of people would kill to be in your scenario.

EDIT: We recently had a house meeting where my good roommate and I expressed our annoyance and concern about him obviously not looking for a job. The landlord/roommate is one of those guys who is waaaaay too nice for his own good and this loser knows it. After the meeting, he's been given 30 days to get a job or at least show he's trying hard to get one. If not, he can go back to living in his car or couch surfing somewhere else. Also, I know everyone on this site thinks they're a lawyer but I don't care enough to turn this into some giant legal battle that goes to court.


Yo for real I'd be stoked to have that situation. Living rent free and doing chores? There's 5 of us in this house. After a day or two of deep cleaning, upkeep is no problem. I'd have it spotless in 2hrs a day, including dinner and dishes 3 or 4 times as needed throughout the day. Sh*t, make me wear a maid outfit if needed, house will be SPOTLESS.


People who really do "mean it."

If you say something mean/cruel to someone you supposedly love and then follow it up with "I didn't mean it" but you do it over and over again, yeah - you really do mean it.


God this brings back memories. I thought I was overly sensitive because that's what my family always said when I'd cry. Turns out they were just abusive assh*les!


It sounds like we had very similar families.

My folks also used to laugh in my face when I cried or start applauding and tell me what a fantastic, academy award winning performance I was giving.

They were and are abusive, narcissistic assh*les. I won't stand for them ever pulling that sh*t with my son.


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