People Describe The Worst Human Being They Have Ever Encountered


Not everybody in the world can be a stand-up citizen.

Every once in awhile you cross paths with those people. You know them by the way their toxicity fills a room. It's dangerous to be there, to be around them.

And then you see them act, and your suspicions are confirmed. This person isn't just bad--they're the worst person. Ever.

u/nobody1929 asked:

[Serious] Who's the worst human being you've ever met?

Here were some of those answers.

Trigger warnings: violence, abuse.

When The Tables Do Turn

My ex-landlord was a slumlord who had a history of taking his tenants to court over bull claims and winning large sums of money (most of his tenants were low-income folks living in the bad part of town, and were in no way legally savvy). He eventually was arrested and thrown in prison for life due to multiple counts of sexual assault.

Our Mistakes

A previous boss of mine. Also he was a friend from high school. He inherited his metal finishing company from his father who had a drug problem.

I worked for him for 8 years. I watched him screw over customers, his business partner, his employees, friends, and family.

Towards the end of my employment, I made a mistake. Completely my fault. I took it on the chin. He told me that he was taking 4 dollars an hour from me for 30 days (I didn't think it was legal). This was 25 percent of my pay. At the end of the 30 days if all was going well, I would get it back. 30 days went by. I asked my pay. His response was 'business was slow' and wouldn't be able to give it back. I continued to work because I had nothing immediately planned for a replacement job. After our 'talk', he kept insulting me as if it were joke. I walked up to him. Shook his hand. And told him to eff off.

Worst human I've ever met. I continue to wish the worst for him everyday for the last 10 years since I quit.

Celebrity Gives You No Power Here

I once spent a morning with Gene Simmons while working on a morning radio show. He was a total dirtbag. He spent most of the morning on the phone (off the air) promising back stage passes in exchange for sex. He was rude to everyone who didn't promise him sex. I felt like I needed a shower after he left.

Bad With Money

Guy in his fifties, divorced, two daughters, one with mental problems. Always cheated on his wife, spent a lot of money on gifts and champagne at nightclubs for his lovers, ended up with the wife kicking him out. He went to live with his elderly parents, got into trouble with a loan shark, took advantage of being legally allowed to handle his 85+ father's bank account to empty it to the last cent. When his father found out, he nearly died of heart attack in the bank manager's office and had to be rushed to the hospital. Survived... For a while. Got bank loans in his daughters names, messing up their credit score forever; borrowed money from everyone and stole from friends and family, including two little golden chains his dying father wanted to leave to his granddaughters (literally from the same room his father was breathing his last).

Watching The World Burn

The administrative manager at a company I worked for once. He would:

  • Verbally abuse all his employees
  • Also verbally abuse people who weren't his employees
  • Change processes just to make things harder for everyone because he loved it.
  • Promise stuff, not do it and then deny the promise.
  • One of his employees got fed up and found another job. He went to the company and told awful lies about the guy even though he was a good employee. Dude lost the new job. He then wore that as a badge of honor and kept reminding his staff he did that.
  • Do petty stuff to make everyone miserable, like cutting the catering budget in half. The company was pretty isolated so everyone ate there and you'd need a 15 minute drive to get food somewhere else, not to mention the time it takes to reach your car in the parking lot. He'd make that drive and have two hour lunches every day.
  • Another petty thing: Close half the toilets just because. Also fired most of the cleaning staff so they were mostly filthy. Bought the worst kind of toilet paper because "people should do that at home, when they're here they should be working".
  • If there was a simple thing he could do to help, he wouldn't do it. If the thing is complicated and hard to do but messes with someone else, he'd do it.

Lies To God And Oneself

My step-mother.

She's a pathological liar, a thief, a narcissist, and a mentally unhinged infantile.

Among the things she's done that are off the top of my head: she steals money from my dad, filed a fake domestic violence report (also on my dad), locked me in a hot garage during Texas summer, used my on-the-hook bathroom towel to clean dog piss and put it right back on hook, she puts dirty dishes away as if they're clean (and gave me a nasty viral infection), she steals our things and sells them at flea markets, she's a hoarder who trashed the house with stacks and stacks of junk. She hit me once (by the way, I was a minor during ALL of this) so I called the cops.

They only cared about the fake domestic violence report and jailed my father who was sleeping before work during all of this, which got me kicked out of my own home where she then turned around and, Idk, dumped or sold my beloved dog then refused to tell me where he was--or if he was even alive.

But she goes to CHURCH! She's a CHRISTIAN!

She's evil personified.

Alpha Energy

Old manager from another job. Classic wannabe alpha male/bro type who would go out of his way to find problems with your work, even contradicting himself in the process and verbally abusing people - and that's on a good day.

On a bad day it was screaming and shouting, name calling, throwing things around, physical threats.

Also made everyone work 50-60 hour weeks and didn't care about what he was doing to people's mental and physical health.

Downhill Quickly

Someone I had considered my best friend from second grade to sophomore year of high school.

A group of us from elementary school ended up going to the same high school and our friend group expanded a bit to include new friends at said high school. This girl had been used to being the most popular of the friend group, until she made a new BFF who was embraced by the larger friend group. As time went on, the girl thought that the friend group was paying too much attention to the BFF; she decided to lie about having cancer.

She told all of us that she had cancer, used her grandfather's chemo dates as her own, and even went up to one of the students who survived leukemia to discuss treatments and doctors. After we all rallied around her, her mom found out (probably from one of our moms) and confronted her. The girl shows up next day with a "black eye" - she could have been struck but it looked like she had used some black eye shadow to to dramatize it. The school calls CPS and it becomes this whole drama. She also claimed that she was diagnosed as a pathological liar after two therapy sessions and then tried to manipulate one of my closest friends into forgiving her because they both "had experiences with mental illness".

The great irony is that 10+ years later she was diagnosed with cancer.

When One Person Deserves That Hate

Sister's ex

Snobby rich jerk who was handed everything, fairly certain he's a legitimate sociopath and a narcissist. Used to make fun of my sister for her mental health issues then yell at her in a very violent, condescending manner as if she is in the wrong when she would get upset about it.

He broke up with her then immediately had sex with my best friend's ex, who just broke up with said best friend about a week before. Got with her. Repeated the cycle. This girl lost it and jumped in front of a train, and his response to it was to go to a bar with other girls where he said "Should I be happy or sad that I'm single?"

Pathetic excuse for a human being but I still can't hate him. I don't find hatred to be a reasonable emotion. But if I could hate anyone, it would be him.

Scum Of The Earth

Guy I coached middle school football with, 7 and 8th graders. Received an e-mail from the school about a story that was about to his about a former coach who had been arrested. Never even crossed my mind it was him. He apparently tried to hire a prostitute and her kid. Took a plea for 10 years, this was about 4 years ago. He had just gotten married about 7 months before and had a baby on the way.

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