Average People Try Their Best At Humble-Bragging, And We Applaud Them

Sometimes, you just have a really good day. Sometimes, you feel like you've seized the day and carpe diem-ed at the same time. Internet culture will sometimes knock people down for sharing good news on big accomplishments because they're "bragging." This could be why the humble-brag entered into our vernacular. Speak highly of yourself, but don't be too big of a jerk about it. Reddit user, r/ThirdEncounter, wanted to know what you have reason to brag about when they asked:

Ok, Reddit, if we all suspended judgment for a sec, what do you want to brag about?

Helping Out A Little Creatures

I pulled a mcflurry cup off of a skunk's head behind the local 711 the other night... poor lil fella was walking in circles, helpless


Crush It! Life, Not Ribs...

I had my first Code as a nurse (patient became unresponsive and needed CPR). I was quick to start CPR. Broke 7 of her ribs but I heard two weeks later that she was still alive and getting better!


When You're Killing It On Etsy

I made over a hundred dollars selling greeting cards on etsy last month. It's not much to some people, but the idea that someone would willingly spend their hard earned money on something I made is almost too good to be true.

And I'm getting really good at this one Mozart piece on the piano, but no one I know really likes classical music, and I sound pretentious if I talk about it, so I just play for myself :)


Rising From Nothing

When I was in elementary school I was almost put into special education because they thought I couldn't read. Last week I started my PhD in biomedical engineering.


Being Able To Move On

I haven't spoken to my ex in over a month. Finally. Moving. On.

I Mean, Yeah, Okay, You Do You

My bladder is huge. Like Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own huge.

I almost overflowed a 32 oz bottle once.


Getting The Work Done On Your Own

I'm about to finish producing my first full-length documentary. Although I've had help from a lot of different crew along the way, a heck of a lot of it I've put together completely on my own. Got several great celebrities all on my own. Edited it almost entirely on my own. Just gotten a nice 1hr20min film done through pure determination and my own resourcefulness.


What Lung Problems?

Barely a year after quitting 20 years of smoking, me and a friend of mine, meeting for the first time, hiked to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite together. 14 hours, 12.7 miles, and 52000-ish steps.


A Best Man Speech Is Harder Than It Looks

A few years ago I was the "man of honor" in my sisters wedding, and now every time I go to a wedding one of my friends tells me that my speech was the best or one of the best wedding speeches they've ever heard.


It's Nice To Be Wanted

I know it isn't much, but it made me feel good about myself. Other day I went to Lowes to get some pipe fittings for a project I'm working on. As I was walking in, there was an older couple (older than me, probably 50's) trying to put a gas grill in their truck. The tried a couple times and each time only raised it about a foot or so. I asked if they needed help, the man said he would love some help, but it gets heavier the higher he goes. I just grabbed it and lifted it up by myself, which prompted both of them to say something like they would love to have one of me around their house.

This might seem like a pretty normal thing to be proud of, but that's one of the first times in many years where someone has said they wanted me...even if it was in passing. It's quite a big deal for this overweight guy with depression.


Tap Will Come Back

part time dance teacher for the last 6 years here. I've helped grow our Tap Company (higher level tap students who perform in extra shows throughout year) tremendously. when I started it didn't exist due to low/no enrollment/interest. Now, I have 17, SEVENTEEN, students in the company. 3 years ago I had 3, 2 years ago we didn't even offer it due to "low interest", and last year we had 15 students. I'm so proud of myself. It's exciting to see young students interested in tap again. Tap is the underdog of the dance studio I teach at. Everyone wants to be a ballerina or doing the contemporary stuff you see on TV.

All of the pieces I choreograph in our shows get rave reviews and I feel that the program is alive and well again because of me and MY passion for it.


"...Even If It's Only For A Short While"

My wife is having a very hard time right now. She has periods that last hundreds of days. She's in a lot of pain, and the doctors do what they can to treat it, but I think it's going to come down to a hysterectomy.

With the backstory brought into the light, I manage to get her comfortable, happy, and pain-free every evening. I lay her in bed and rub her feet and wash her face with facial wipes until she falls asleep. It's essentially like a face massage.

I make sure she has everything she needs and wants available to her at all times. She hates shopping, and I have made sure she hasn't had to see the inside of a Walmart in a couple of years.

I'm proud to have the ability to take her pain and discomfort away, even if it's only for a short while.


Eat It, World!

I made one trip from my car to my house with the shopping bags.


When You Get It Published

Just got the first feedback on my first novel under this pen name, after taking a year or so off from publishing. It's apparently pretty good. I'm a-go to launch in the next couple of weeks and I am excited as f---.


Telling A Grand Tale

I DM'd my first DnD session ever and had a great time. After it was over the players couldn't stop talking about the game. Feels so good to have put something together that they all enjoyed and praised me on.


Shh. He Doesn't Get It.

My husband is totally out-of-my-league handsome. Fortunately for me, he doesn't seem to understand what "traditionally attractive" is or means, and he doesn't have a "type" at all.


I'm Out

I just up and left a job I hate twenty minutes ago... it felt so f---ing good.


Finally Getting The Name You Want

I'm a Brit living in Houston for the last 5 years. When the hurricane hit I immediately volunteered to help out at the hurricane shelter and continued to do so. I intend to continue volunteering as this is gonna take while to clear up.

It really makes me feel that I am helping others in a time of need and have been really proud of myself for doing it.

Even better was someone called me a 'true Houstonian' for doing this. As someone who had wanted to live in the USA his entire life, to hear this made my day.


Sometimes, We Ignore The Little Things

I got, like, 10 hours of sleep last night.


Speak Honestly

I read these comments without judging anyone


Raising A Child Is Like Raising A Dog

My wife and I have an 8 month old daughter. A few days ago, she took her first steps without our help, and I was there to see it.

It's not that she took her first steps that I want to brag about, what is?


Bonus, she now says "hi daddy" and gives me a high-five. S--- this makes me happy.


And When You Just When At All Of Life...

A little over 13 months ago I quit drinking myself to death and started working out. I'm down 80 pounds, and I feel pretty damn accomplished. I accepted a new job, moved across the country, and I'm doing flipping fantastic. I stopped playing video games and started getting out all the time. It's a much better life for my daughter and I. The woman who I would describe as "the one who got away" reached out to me some months back because I was initiating the big move to Minneapolis, and now we are dating, and it's the most splendid relationship I've ever had.


H/T: Reddit


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