People Explain The 'Attractive' Traits That Really Turn Them Off
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Everyone has their "type" when it comes to sexual attraction.

It could be a woman's scent, a man's fashion sense, or a confident attitude that really gets a heart fluttering at 100 m.p.h.
However, what someone thinks is "hot" or "sexy" may be a total turn-off for others.

Curious to hear from strangers about the qualities they don't look for in relationships, Redditor hmansloth asked:
"What is something you cannot find hot or attractive no matter how hard you try?"

People discuss the looks and behavior that are off-putting to them.


"Everyone's typing sexual shiz, but here's mine: Ego. When someone thinks they're just a top of the line kinda person and know everything about anything? No, just no."

"Had a guy I had just started dating awhile back ask me about my job at the time. I was telling him about it, but he would interrupt me to try and CORRECT me on things he clearly had no idea about (and was also wrong about every time he opened his mouth lol)."

– NuckingFutsWinx

Puckering Up

"When girls put lipstick above their lip line to make their lips look bigger."

– JackEyedPees

"I don't respect people that can't color within the lines, didn't in first grade and don't now."

– Zerole00

Lip Augmentation

"Those huge pumped up lips on a woman."


– fishnwirenreese

And To Top It Off

"The female equivalent of a toupee."

– jfq722

Negative Behavior

"Bad attitudes."

– ForExpToronto

"I feel like that's the kind of thing that's alluring because it conveys confidence until you actually get involved with someone like that and realize they're just an a**hole."

– Turkey__Puncher


"Many things, but, the romanticising of toxic behaviour and toxic relationships primarily in films."

"Example uno - After Example duo - The Kissing Booth Example tre - Twilight"

"Edit: I’m aware I missed out on some prime examples like Fifty Shades of Grey and 365, so please feel free to add anymore to the list!"

– pantrypans

There's a certain way adult couples speak to each other that others find annoying and more fitting for a nursery room.

How Infantile

"Baby talk."

– Dendad6972

"If you think it’s bad coming from a girl try hearing it from a guy. !!"

– Watermelonito


"Girls doing baby voices, I was once fooling around with this very cute girl and she used a baby voice sounding like tweety bird and sh*t and I couldn’t recover, I had to cut her free, hope she found the right guy who’s into that."

– santichrist

"That" Couple

"My ex would often talk in this very childish way of speaking, like trying to be funny and cute, and honestly I thought it was, until one day we were hanging out with her ex and her ex started talking like that and I was like….ohhhhhhh….I see."

– Vila_VividEdge

When it comes to the bedroom, these activities were ones Redditors could do without.

Getting Anal


"Truth be told, I had an ex who loves being f'ked in the a**. But it wasn't till the 20th ish time I realized she only wanted it up the poop shoot If she had diarrhea. And unfortunately it ended up all over me. Then she'd lick it off. Every single time I went immediately limp and couldn't finish. I tried, but, no.""I tried because she was into it."– oO_SbowWulf_Oo

"Beep bobbly dee doot dah dah bup ba boodle doodle hee bat NOPE!"

– Alewort

It's A Fecal Thing

"Scat play. I'm not here to kink shame, but... Miss me with that sh*t."

– TheCantrip

Leave It For The Gastroenterologist​

"Unsolicited internal organs shots."

– yeet_onfleek

Here's A Pisser

"Golden showers."

"She asked, I obliged, we broke up within a month."

– MelantorBoost

Burning Wood

"Hand jobs where there’s too much enthusiasm - meaning that I’m risking friction burns."

– FoodExternal

It's a preference.

Age Is Not Just A Number

"I am 29. Anyone who is that much younger than me, even if it is legal. Just not into it, I am sorry."

– stare_at_the_sun

Interior Decor

"Unsolicited internal organs shots."

– yeet_onfleek

We all have our preferences that draw us towards certain people.

What others find repulsive, others find totally sexy. That's the beauty of dating, though, isn't it?

There's someone for everyone.

For those of you who are single and still looking, don't lose hope.

Your unicorn is out there.

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