Attractive Teachers Share The Most Uncomfortable Thing A Student Has Said To Them.

Attractive teachers unfortunately have the burden of having to deal with students who develop crushes on them, and sometimes they say questionable things.

Below are 24 stories of the most uncomfortable things students have said to an attractive teacher.

1. Heartwarming story :)

My older brother used to propose to one of the cute English teachers at our high school every single day. Five years later when I got to her class, she remembered him very fondly. Turns out she had been going through a terrible divorce that year and his daily proposals made her laugh.


2. The best kind of gift.

I'm a first grade teacher so I just get a lot of dandelions.


3. Bro code unite.

Student teaching at a junior high. 23 year old male, and I guess I'm attractive? The girls are flirty with me. A few have asked for my number, which I would not give out, obviously. Some show cleavage when I am trying to help them with an assignment, or do that little thing girls do where they hit a guy's shoulder and giggle. Main thing is I just have to watch how I interact with them. They will take any act of kindness as an, "OMG I THINK HE LIKES ME" moment, so I just have to be careful, and remember that I am their teacher, not their friend. Some of the boys will kind of defend me and call girls out on it, I guess bro code has no generation gap.


4. Flaunt it?

There was a really attractive teacher and all the guys used to check her out constantly.

At the end of high school, all the teachers put on a play jokingly ripping into the students and when she came on, all the guys start wolf-whistling like crazy - one dude even shouted "Get your baps out". How did she respond? Blew a kiss into the crowd.

So yeah, she knew. And she embraced it well.


5. Best kid ever.

I used to babysit a little boy that would get dressed up for me whenever I came over. He was really smooth about it though. If he knew he was going to be babysat, his mom said he would...(Continued)

He would dress nice for the whole day to not arouse suspicion. He would only play his video games and do really non-active things so he didn't get his clothes messed up. His tell was that he combed his hair, which he never did without being told. He was the little brother of my best friend at the time, so I knew what he was really like, but it's like when I babysat him it was date night or something. We would play board games and when I had him put his pjs on, they would be the really nice 2-piece button up ones. He never tried anything, thankfully, but I thought it was so damn cute.


6. Out abroad!

I teach in Indonesia. I have had many students ask me out after class, show cleavage during class. I don't think it's because I am overly attractive, but because I am not from there.


7. So chill.

The strangest thing I ever overheard about myself was while I was teaching at an all boys private high school. One of them whispered to another, "she's so chill, you can never tell when she's on her period."


8. Saving their education!

French teacher here. Teenagers are just constantly inappropriate and need very little encouragement- I got asked to prom, had boys tell other teachers that they thought I was hot, had a parent accusingly tell me that she now understood why her son loved French, which I took to mean that my innovative skill set had inspired him... I didn't mind though, it meant that I had a class with 12 previously disengaged 16 year old boys come back for extra homework and revision classes every lunch time and after school and every one of those bags of hormones passed.


9. The internet, guys.

Freshman girls in uni aren't very good at hiding it. They would pretty much...(Continued)

Gush the whole class. It was super uncomfortable... Mostly because they didn't hide it very well and the whole class knew, so I had to pretend like I didn't overhear them talking about me in our tiny classroom.

This was also when Yik Yak became stupidly popular, so I would browse it to see if anyone was talking crap about me. Instead they mentioned how attractive I was and were stupid enough to tell me who they were when I pretended to be someone I'm not. Lying on the internet is easy. Who knew?


10. Crunch bar? Deal.

I had a 7th grade boy get down on one knee and ask me to the Valentine's dance while handing me a note. He had taped a nestle crunch bar to the note.


11. Pokepokepoke.

After school teacher, not attractive just average. Had a kindergarten boy come up to me and go "You're so cute! Pokepokepokepokepoke" as he rapidly poked my stomach fat.


12. Yikes, it never ends.

Young male middle school teacher here. I know quite a few of them who have a crush on me. There's a new fad where they tell each other's secrets and say "oooh exposed!" Since when did snitching become popular?? Anyway I always get told who has a crush on me. And quite often some of the girls will drop by to leave their athletic bags, or instruments, etc, in the classroom and they bring their friends in with them. When they leave I always hear comments like, "I wish I had HIM as my teacher".

My top 3 worst incidents:

-I had a girl come in at lunch. She told me "Mr. I like you". knowing full well what she meant, I tried to play it off and said as nonchalant as I could, "I like you too, you're a great student!" She was like "no, I mean I realllly like you". I couldn't believe the tenacity.

-Another student asked me to take a picture with her towards the end of the school year. I obliged and on the last day she printed it out and gave it to me with her Instagram on the back and a message about how cute I was. 3. A girl found my Facebook and...(Continued)

And saved my profile picture as the background to her phone. I deleted my Facebook promptly afterward.


13. Great feedback...

I'm pretty dense, so I don't always notice when people are checking me out.

However, my students have to fill out evaluations at the end of the semester, and those usually give me an insight into their thoughts.

Q: What did you like best about the TA?

A: I liked that she was hot.


14. W-W-What?!

I have substituted and tutored kids at the high school where my mom teaches. There was a girl that started referring to her as her mother in law. That got pretty weird.


15. Direct question.

Not really attractive at all and didn't notice a thing till I asked (in a college lab) "Are there any questions?" and this one guy (older student, about my age) raised his hand and said in front of the whole class "Yeah, will you go out with me?" So that was kind of a clue.


16. Is that what KFC means?

Studied abroad in China (I'm a white male), was teaching English to Chinese middle schoolers. None of them knew I spoke any Chinese. Most of the girls in my class constantly, and inexplicably talked about taking me to KFC every class, throughout several weeks of class. I guess KFC was a popular destination for Chinese kids. So, on the last day after class I let them all take me to KFC (like 14 middle school girls and I). They even bought me a collectible mug that I still have 18 years later that has a cartoon Col. Sanders and says (in Chinese) "I make the best Chicken." It was actually a fun time and I still think of it fondly every (rare) time I eat at KFC.


17. Ignore it.

I was a Building Sub for a high school last year.

There's one girl in particular that springs to mind. She would find out where I was subbing for the day and drop by a couple of times.

One day after passing her in the hallway and saying good morning, I very loudly heard "My GOD he's so fine". Ignored it and kept on my way.


18. Wrong click.

Not crush related, but when I was a senior in college, taking a 400 level political science course.

Our hot professor uploaded an ENORMOUS amount of nudes to our class's online portal. That was an interesting hour and forty five minutes the next time we had class.


19. The best story.

I have a friend who's one. When I was out of work for a while, I went to help her out in her grade 1 classroom. I play the guitar and helped her out with the music segments of her class. One day a little 6 year old came up to me and said, "Do you have my phone number?"

I said, "Uh, no, I don't have it."

She said, "Oh. I have a trampoline you know."

I said, "That's awesome!"

She said, "You could come and jump on it sometime if you wanted to."

it turned out I actually knew her mom from a few years back. I went over, we jumped on the trampoline, then went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.


20. Dozens upon dozens!

My sister who is a teacher has turned down dozens of proposals from 6 year olds.



Had this kid who was always hanging around after school hours. He laughed at all my jokes and even a few times asked me if I would "help out" when he had to go to the restroom. He told me once his bed at home was really uncomfortable and asked if he could sleep in mine. I drew the line when, one day, he told me he loved me.

Homeschooling kindergartners sucks sometimes.


22. Too inappropriate.

I've taught in New Zealand and now I'm teaching in the States. It's very obvious when a kid has a crush on me or is just checking me out. I'm constantly getting boob-stared and seeing smirks between boys/overhearing comments. The things I've just overheard? "Damn, she's sexy", and things like that.

The most inappropriate? That would be when a 16 year old yelled out "Hey miss, I like your boobs!" as I walked by his classroom.


23. Not the anime character.

Kids or young adults thinking that an older authority figure is attractive is fairly normal and common but it can get creepy if it gets too close.

I had a young teenaged boy get a little too informal/familiar with me when e-mailing me over time, as students can do if they need to. He ended up sending me a picture of an anime character, who had the same hair colour as me, wearing a small bikini. He commented that he liked the show series she was from because he thought I looked a lot like her.

Brakes gotta be slammed right there.


24. "I live in a cardboard box."

Well I guess I was popular with my middle school students as when I left my old language school several of the middle school girls cried and told me they didn't want to hear about my fiancee. They also kept telling me they wanted to do a home stay at my house. I told them I lived in a card board box.

They did make me a nice card when I left with hearts all over it and congratulating me on my future my wedding.


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