Religion is a tricky subject. Faith is an even trickier landmine. It's not a must that you believe in a God or a higher power. There are plenty of people who don't believe. They feel life is what it is and we all have just take life as our own without a guiding hand. And it's fascinating to wonder how they came to that conclusion.

Redditor u/Dm0n5t3r wanted those who have their faith without a higher power wanted to know.... Atheists of Reddit, why don't you believe in God?

The Gods...


Same reason you don't believe in Zeus or Vishnu. i_live_by_the_river

I wish the Greek gods became popular again. The art and stories that came out of them were hype. Sprayspaint

The Blip of Time....

I don't think kindness should be driven by some vague promise from some unknown force that I'll be rewarded for it in another life. I think we should just strive to be good to one another whether there's a benefit to it or not.

If there's a God, great. If there isn't, that's still great because we're a tiny part of the universe that was able to marvel at itself for this precious little blip of time. pm_me_ur_hung_twinks


Raised in the Mormon church and I really tried too. Even tried to read the Bible and book of mormon but i just never felt anything. Never felt his presence even when others in the church were crying during prayer saying like "I know God loves me." i just never felt anything. jonnyjonnyjonnyboy


Lack of evidence and logical inconsistency. I-am-a-person-

Also add there's been multiple studies that proved prayers don't work and religious people have the same life expectancy as atheists. wastingtoomuchthyme



I think I'm unable to, like literally can not comprehend how people can believe in a God. I don't understand the concept of faith.

My eyes see no existence.... 

I've never seen anything that convinced me that any Gods existed. Not just the Judeo-Christian God, but any of the thousands that mankind has worshiped. Automatic_Mulberry

Inches Count... 

I didn't choose atheism, I just am. I could no more change it than I could grow 5 inches. DogsNotHumans

Peace First.

I was raised in a Lutheran household, and over time (after reading the Bible) I realized that the acts that he promotes and condones is not something that I want to be affiliated with. If God is looking out for everybody than why is religion one of the top causes of violence around the World. banditsman5

Logic Counts. 

The same reason you or anyone else doesn't believe in Zeus, Thor, Santa or the Tooth Fairy, they're just silly stories. Assuming you're a Christian you don't believe in any other God or gods, atheists just take that disbelief one step further. There is no evidence, no logical reason to believe in any supernatural being. F00FlGHTER

Religion isn't a reason....


I don't feel like I have sufficient evidence for one's existence. Believing in a god is a claim that I feel Theists haven't proven.

Religion is a business, relying on customers *cough* I mean slaves *I mean followers* to keep the indoctrination chain going.

Crappy religious people that use religion to justify hate.

My own religious family members rejected my brother b/c he's gay. I don't want to be a part of anything that is so full of hate. MercyFae


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