Atheists Confess What Other Atheists Do That Makes Them Cringe Big Time
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We must learn to call out our own.

And not be so ridiculous about it.

We have to admit when our own people are being too much, and we must take them to task.

So let's spill some tea... about Atheists.

Because any and all faith and non-faiths count.

Redditor Indianfattiewanted to hear from all the non-believers out there about the times when their own tribe bothers them. They asked:

"Atheists of reddit, what's something other atheists do which makes you cringe inside?"

I waffle with religion. That's good old Catholic guilt for you. So the atheists intrigue me.

come on dude...

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"My former classmate goes out of his way to defy anything laid down by religion. He said since Sundays were historically holidays for praying, he doesn't give them in his startup. Gives Mondays off instead. Like come on dude."

User deleted


"Get mad at little stuff like 'bless you.' I say 'bless you' and it's just a common courtesy when someone sneezes. I've had a people say 'I'm an atheist.' Congratualtions, I am also."


"Tons of religious people in the south and tbh when a nice religious person tells me 'have a blessed day' I always smile and say 'you as well' because they were being freaking nice to me and it’s a freaking nice thing to say back. That’s it. No other reason. Still atheist. Not compromising my beliefs (or lack there of). Just being freaking nice."



"I'm an atheist and sometimes I use 'Jesus Christ' or 'Jesus f**king Christ' as an expression for shock. I was never even Christian, nor was anyone around me growing up (born and raised in a Jewish community). It's just an expression that's intuitive and people get."


"Well to be fair, if you were Christian then using his name like that would actually be blasphemous."



"Identifying as an atheist is what gets people. No one enjoys people who feel they are morally and intellectually superior to others, religious or non-religious. Rudeness knows no bounds. Advertising your atheism is just as annoying as someone advertising their religion."


Sharp Dislike

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"Getting mad at other atheists who defend the right for religious people to believe what they want. I’ve had this happen to me way too often and it makes me realize why so many people dislike atheists."


Everyone is so touchy on these matters.

We get it...

"I don't get it."Giphy

"Preach about how they are atheists... like a religion."


"collective responsibility"

"I got banned from r/atheism because one of the mods was trying to say that all Muslims are morally responsible for the actions of terrorists who are Muslims. I said that the idea of 'collective responsibility' is one of the first steps towards fascism."

"He said that a Muslim waking up and deciding to not renounce their religion every morning was the same thing as a Nazi going out in public with a red Swastika armband. He banned me and deleted half of my comments so that it looked like he 'won' the argument."


Leave Others Alone

"Trying to get religious people to give up on their beliefs, it also annoys me when religious people try to get me to believe, just let people believe in what they want."


"The most militant preaching I have ever encountered was from an atheist trying to get me to give up on my belief in some kind of nebulous higher power. Not even the God of the Bible or any other codified religious text just a higher power in general."


Know it All

"There's a lot of good answers that have already been mentioned by others, so I'll add something different: When they think they know how all religions work because they grew up christian. I see so many people making judgments about islam and judaism that are just completely wrong but they believe that since it applies to christianity it must apply to all religions."


Source of Evil

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"Telling religious people what they believe (like quoting the Bible/Quran) so they can go on to tear it down, while the religious person is just like, 'I don't believe that.' Also, believing that religion is the only source of evil in the world, and that without religion we'd all be living in peace and harmony. As if humans can't be evil without religion."


"god bless"

"The way I always look at it is the intention behind it. Just because I don't believe in their God or a god I'm not going to ever chastise someone for praying for me or saying 'god bless' or whatever. If their intention is to wish me a good trip, a safe trip, or good health then whatever, thank you for the good wishes."

"I could care less if the god was the christian God, a Hindu God, or anything. I'll take the good intent and hope it f**king helps. Now if they wanna pray over me just because I do not believing in their god and they want to 'save my soul' then that turns into an entirely different thing."



"Being a d*ck to someone religious for no good reason. If the person doesn't bother you, don't be a d*ck to them."


"I don't know what you classify as bothering. Christians that believes LGBTQIA+ people are sinful and deserve to go to hell are terrible and they should know they are terrible people. There is also so many harmful ideas in religions that deserve to be crap on."



"Their thinking that being an atheist means that the rest of their thoughts are all correct. Nope. That's just laziness masking as sophistication. The rest of your thoughts on politics, economics, nutrition, relationships still need to have a rigorous logic applied to them or an admittance it's an irrational belief system. Which is fine either way."


unfunny clowns

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"Going apes*it everytime a religious person talks about/acts according to their belief in a totally harmless way. Not every atheist does this but those who do are unfunny clowns that should shut up."


Deeply Devoted

"Disregarding others’ choice to believe in a religion. I have many religious friends and though I never found any sense in religious belief some people do and are very devoted to it. In my books, as long as your religious belief doesn’t make you a fanatic or someone who oppresses minorities belonging to other religions you do you."

“'The way you see a rock is very different from how I see it.' To accept each other’s varying vision of the 'rock' (or life) can lead to a peaceful Co-existence."



"Complaining about harmless religious practices that don't impact other people. It's one thing if someone's using their religious beliefs as an excuse to control or shame others, but it's cringey when someone gets upset just because someone else likes to pray or spend a day at their house of worship."


why are they mad at me?

"Going out of their way to disrespect someone else's beliefs. Stuff like 'I got invited to dinner at my Muslims friends house, but since I'm atheist I brought pork, why are they mad at me?' or smaller stuff, correcting someone who says bless you after a sneeze. Same goes for the other way around too, I once had a religious boss who didn't give Christmas off to any employee who he found out was atheist because 'they can't celebrate it anyway.'"


It’s not my business...

"Disrespecting religious people. I don’t believe in God or whatever. I’ll argue if someone tries to tell me it’s a fact. But I also let people do whatever religious stuff they’re into, like daily/weekly worship, dietary restrictions, religious clothing, etc. without bothering them. It’s not my business."



powers nun GIFGiphy

"Imply they are intellectually superior to people with any kind of belief. Such a dips**t behavior."


biblical literalists...

"Ex-Christians from families that were biblical literalists, because not all christians are like that, e.g. my parents believe in the Bible but also evolution, and my dad (they’re christian btw) says that most of the old testament is not entirely accurate as it was passed down orally for a freaking long time. So atheists who say that all Christian’s are the same/believe the same thing really annoy me (I’m an agnostic atheist)."


When it comes to faith and religion... we really need to just leave one another alone. Let people just do what's best for them.

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