Do everything once.

That is a mantra for many.

How can you be sure what you like and dislike if you've never tried it?

Just one time can't kill you.

Well... I take that back.

RedditorSnakePlisken54 wanted to chat about the things we must try one time before death.

They asked:

I waffle on the things I believe I should experience. I'm thinking skydiving, but then I can't breathe.

Look Up

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"Taking a look through a decent telescope at some of the big impressive targets. Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, the Seven Sisters, the Orion Nebula, etc. It’s one of those things you don’t realize is so cool until you see it with your own eyes."


You Deserve It

"Being cared for."


"It’s hard to find someone that’s willing to care at all with hook up culture in 2022. Everyone’s down for a casual hook up but no one wants to feel something for each other cause it’s easier to just open up Tinder & find 10 replacements. It’s really sad tbh. I hate being young and having a heart. It’s a depressing combination lol."


Lean In

"Waking up while it’s still dark and watching the sunrise. Staying up for the peak of a major meteor shower. Going out to dinner alone. Going on a trip alone. The most important one is finding out what makes you the most uncomfortable, and LEANING INTO IT. Challenge it at every given opportunity. You’d be surprised what you learn about yourself."



"Having a lucid dream."


"Lucid dreams don't live up to the hype for me. I learned how to do it, but as soon as I realized I was dreaming, the dream started to fall apart and would lose that magical 'dreamlike' quality."


"I’ve only had one once. I was in my room, and whole room was filled with water, I swam to the window to open it and let the water out to get some air, and it was all water outside. I woke up panting from holding my breath in my sleep I suppose. It was trippy AF but epic lol."


Feeling Small

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"Seeing the Redwoods in California, nothing made me feel quite so small as those massive trees."


"Put yourself on a small boat in a very large/deep ocean then go far enough away that you can’t see land anymore. It’s on the only other instance I’ve felt as small."


No thanks, nature is just not for me. To each their own.

Just You

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"Being completely alone."


"I can't agree more. I long to have a week of isolation in the woods. In a cabin with no electricity just cold running water."



"Northern Lights."


"When I saw them, it was so breathtaking, I can still remember it vividly today. It was like an artist had taken his water painting brush and dipped it in the sky. It was a giant dome of colors, green and blue and yellow, and the colors ran from the center but also burst from the sides. It just made me feel so small."

"I experienced them twice in my life, both in the same time frame, when I was around 10 so like in the early 2000s. It was in the Ottawa Ontario area. But this first one was just insane. I still have the biggest feeling of awe when I think about them. I hope one day to see them again like this."


feel the cold...

"Snow. I still have never felt it."


"I love living in the American Midwest specifically for our cold winters. On a night with snow freshly falling, the world isn't dead quiet-it's gloriously quiet."

"Wrapped in a feather quilt, the planet sleeps but is very much alive. The cold seeps into your arms but in a good coat and boots your are ensconced in your own warmth, radiating heat against the swirling frost. The world is icy velvet but sparkling with light and the peaceful hush of anticipation and rest."


I See You

"After loosing a loved one, having the most amazing dream of seeing them happy and healthily. Knowing that that memory is the greatest one of all."


"OMG a co-worker died suddenly last year. That night I went to sleep and was so sad. And all the sudden a younger version of him was before me! I told him I was so glad to see him. He smiled and said to tell the rest of our co-workers that he was fine. So comforting! RIP Gary. We all still miss you."


The Search Ends

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"Finding someone that makes saying soulmate not cheesy. Like real true love that is borderline overwhelming. It is a feeling like you found someone you already loved in another lifetime. I wish it for everyone so badly, and I never talk about it with people because I almost feel guilty for what I have."


I want to try several of these experiences. We'll see...

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