At Least It Wasn’t Me! Situations That Are Hilarious When They’re Not Your Problem

If you arent that person who laughs at stuff like, say, people getting hit in the face by soccer balls, then you surely know someone who finds that stuff simply hilarious. How could you not laugh, you know?

Users on AskReddit recently shared their own examples of this stuff. These are some of the best comments.

- callmetuesday

- ZizLah

- griggers

- ChucksMakingMeals

- apricot_crumble

It was hilarious.

- Raav_fox

- Wishyouamerry

Drunk or on icy surfaces, they try so hard to right themselves but always come crashing down.


- The_Bearded_Doctor

Im normally the guy at the window smiling, watching someone sprint to the train as it slowly leaves.

- Adamlfc20

Bonus points if you don't remember anything you said the next day.

- HiMyNameIsSander

- VictorBlimpmuscle

As a child, this is terrifying—as an adult, it's adorable and hilarious.

- Qualityhams

- sweet-dee-88

- BriFog

Or alternatively, getting drenched by someones spit take when they burst out laughing while drinking.

- Mimomics

- Reklaymr

- regcrusher

I have almost peed my pants laughing at other's frustrations and considered murder as an option while being the victim.

- cellphonebob

- Riptos007

Ever see a furious goose or groundhog chase some helpless victim down a bike path?

- slowgo66

Regardless of whether you have your phone in your pocket.

- SquidLoaf

- teemoore

- IronMermaiden

I've had the pleasure of seeing it twice in person.

- LenyuX

- Pyrizzo

- 02474

Hilarious with the timing and the persons reaction. Terrifying when its me.

- jellypeanutbutter

- ImSuperSerialYouGuys

- apocalypticradish

- csgecko

- dotori1230

- goonerguy101

- phylosopher14

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