Frustrating 'I'm The Client, Not My Husband' Experiences According To Women

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When Kamala Harris was sworn in as the Vice-President of the United States, it was a historic moment.

As she became the first woman to hold the title, causing a major crack in the glass ceiling which still, amazingly, has yet to be broken.

Unfortunately, there are still a distressing number of people who carry antiquated opinions when it comes to gender roles.

Feeling that only a man could possibly be in charge of certain things or that women aren't cut out for certain roles. Preposterous.

Thankfully, this can sometimes lead to someone's foot being deliciously shoved right into their mouth after they embarrass themselves by assuming their husband, or male partners or assistants, are the ones in charge.

When the women they are speaking to are, to use another antiquated term, "the ones wearing the pants" in these situations.

Redditor teacherspet5859438e was eager to hear from women who found themselves in these frustrating, but in the end empowering, situations, leading them to ask:
"Woman of reddit, what is your 'I am the client not my husband stop ignoring me' story?"

Make Your Own Tea!

"My scenario doesn’t quite fit the bill but I’m a female business owner with a male business partner."

"I’ve had a few customers born in the dark ages and reps that ask to 'speak to my boss'."

"But the worst was a guy who snapped his fingers and told me to 'put the kettle on girly'."

"Needless to say he didn’t get his cuppa and he certainly didn’t get the discount he asked for."- Blondeinsideandout

"You Work On Commission, Right? Big Mistake. Huge!"

"So a while back my wife and I were hitting up local dealerships trying to find a replacement car for her 2006 Nissan subcompact."

"The first thing I would tell each salesman was that we were shopping around for a daily for her to drive."

"Honda dealership was stereotypical car salesman."

"'We can't even let her take a test drive unless she shows intent to buy'."

"Ford dealership ignored her completely and tried to sell me a mustang."

"Toyota was like, 'oh you must want to look at our (insert soccer mom vehicle here)'."

"But when we got to Mazda, I told the sales guy the same thing, that we were looking for her next car, and he immediately nodded, turned to her and asked 'what do you look for in a car?'"

"And then he just listened to her."

"He didn't ask me anything for the rest of the time we were there, focused entirely on her and answering her questions. Never rushed her or pushed her towards a different model."

"So yeah we'll probably be getting her a soul red Mazda3 cuz of that guy."- Raeshkae

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To Assume Makes And A** Out Of "U" And Me...

"We wanted a fence around our house."

"I have always worked from home, and my husband has always worked in a field where he cannot take time to meet with contractors, etc."

"He and I agree on terms up front and then I make decisions from there."

"It doesn’t matter in life, but for this story it does."

"I make more than my husband."

"We had already agreed on this company based on various factors."

"A man came over to give an estimate during a work day, which ended up being less than we expected to pay."

"I was ready to sign the papers and he said 'I’d rather talk to your husband about the numbers and get his signature since he will be the one paying for it'."

"I asked him to leave my property and never come back."- Diligent-Reaction-23

I'm Right Here!

"Husband and I took my daughter to urgent care for stitches."

"Husband is holding the kid, and I check her in at the front desk iPad."

"Front desk man looks to my husband and asks for the insurance card."

"We’re on my insurance so I hand him the card."

"Next he tells my husband the copay, looking at him, behind me, when I’m the one standing at the damn desk."

"I pull out my card with my name on it, and pay."

"A**hole."- Fire-Kissed

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This Borders On Medical Negligence

"When I was a baby for some reason I wouldn't 'latch on' when my mother breast fed me, so I wasn't eating well."

"The doctor completely ignored my mom and only talked to my dad because she was 'too hysterical'.'

'He was on the verge of finding out what that looked like."- TheHitListz

How To Lose A Tip In Three Easy Steps...

"Took my boyfriend to a very expensive birthday dinner in DC and made sure he got the best wine that night."

"The total came to about $400 just for the two of us."

"I made the initial reservation so our notes stated that I would be treating."

"Having come from working at a high end restaurant, I’m familiar with proper service steps."

"The first strike was when I ordered the wine for us and the server gave the bottle to my boyfriend to approve and taste without giving me the option."

"Second strike was although I clearly said I was treating, they placed the check in front of my boyfriend, on his birthday."

"Final straw was the manager coming over to introduce himself to my boyfriend."

"Handshake, banter, the works, without acknowledging me."

"Happened a second time at the end of the meal."

"Two manager visits."

"And I was the one trying to provide the experience and bankroll the night."

"They definitely heard about it."- kuriosramblings


There's nothing wrong with men hoping to be chivalrous, and treat their lady to the nicer things in life.

However, chivalry is merely the characteristics of what it takes to be a knight or gentleman, including courage, honor and courtesy.

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Or, when appropriate, their superior.

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