Ashamed People Reveal Something They Thought Was Normal In The Moment – Only To Realize How Ridiculous It Was Later On.

Through the monotony of daily life, it is easy forgot to consciously think through every action you're doing. Sometimes, you realize only too late how ridiculous that you're being.

Here, people share something they thought they were doing was completely normal, only to realize how ridiculous it was minutes later.

1/29. My friend once left his phone round my house, so I decided to text him telling him that he left it round my house. When his phone went off I initially decided not to read the message that flashed up on his phone because I decided not to invade his privacy.

Went downstairs, made some toast, had some orange juice, smashed my skull with a facepalm.


2/29. I accidentally dropped a glass and it shattered all over the floor. I cleaned it up but thought there might still be tiny glass pieces on the floor that I couldn't see, so I decided the best way to be sure was to walk across the floor in bare feet.



3/29. About to head somewhere in my car, by myself. Get into passenger side of car.


4/29. One time I was holding a grapefruit. I wondered if I could catch it between by chin and collarbone if I tossed it up into the air first. So I threw it. The grapefruit. At my throat. I threw a grapefruit at my throat.

It hurt a ton. I hacked and gasped and gurgled for like twenty minutes.


5/29. After gym I was sitting in English and realized I had forgot to put on deodorant, so I reached into my bag to get my spray deodorant, which made a bit of noise, and it got everyones attention. In the same manner as running your hand through your hair after someone missing your high five, I opened my mouth wide and sprayed axe deodorant right down my throat. Had a 'deer caught in the headlights' moment of everyone watching me, spraying my armpits would've just been wayyyyy too embarrassing and my stupid stupid brain convinced me that spraying it in my mouth was the best way to cover it up.

By the way, don't ever do this. It's like drinking boiled cologne.


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6/29. Got a drop of ketchup on my hand. Instead of licking it off, I rubbed it in like lotion. My dad wasn't impressed.


7/29. I was standing in a grocery line the other day texting or something (being a phone zombie) and I just farted. Like pushed it out on purpose. I stood there for a couple of seconds before I realized where I was. No one around was pleased.


8/29. I stuck my finger inside the cigarette lighter in my car to see if it was hot.

Spoiler alert: It was.


9/29. Summer camp when I was about 12 years old. Sweating my butt off in line for the water cooler (The kind with a nozzle on the bottom to pour yourself a drink in a plastic cup). I'm wearing a hat and I think, "Man it would feel great if my hat was soaked with cold water." So I get the cooler, take the top off, dip my hat in the icy water, and put my hat on. My dirty, nasty, greasy hat I've been wearing all summer. And I've just dipped it in everyone's drinking water. I turn around and everyone's looking at me with disgust and hatred. I'm an idiot.


10/29. It was after I saw Star Wars Episode III opening night. I took a pee along side everyone else, but was kind of distracted, so when I went to wash my hands I just walked up to a running sink and stuck my hands in and rinsed really quick (story continues on the next page...)...

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...moments later it registered why the water was running, some other dude was already standing there washing his hands. I cleaned mine over his and he just watched.

I stopped turned around and just said "Why the heck did I just do that? I'm really sorry about that!"

He just nodded and went back to cleaning his hands.


11/29. The melted chocolate looked so good I stuck two fingers in the bowl to try some. It was so hot, I put it in my mouth as fast as I could because it burned so bad. My tongue was so blistered I couldn't taste anything for days.


12/29. Once when I was about 15 I was sitting in the back of my mom's van while it was parked. I was waiting for her to get back from shopping. Both vehicles parked to the left and right of the van that I was in began to back out of their parking spots giving the illusion that the van that I was in was rolling forward. I had an adrenaline spike like you wouldn't believe. I dove from the back of the van landing with some insane crawling movement to press my hand on the brake. I moved my foot up to replace my hand and looked around, noting what had really just happened.


13/29. I was trying to stick my keys in a wall socket know...just to see if it'd fit. I got frustrated after a few moments and quit, then realized I was a huge idiot.


14/29. Put the box of cereal into the refrigerator.


15/29. Putting on my glasses so I could see to find my glasses.


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16/29. I once lost my keys, and tried finding them by yelling "Keys!" as if they were some pet that would beckon to my command.


17/29. Poured my dogs dog food into his water bowl. He just looked at me sadly and lapped up his breakfast slowly.


18/29. The other day I was making myself a sandwich and I thought to myself maybe my friend wants a piece of lunch meat, so I dangled a piece in front of her until she asked me what I was doing. I honestly don't know what I was thinking.


19/29. Stopped my torrents while my roommate was in the shower so I wouldn't deprive her from hot water.


20/29. Blowing on ice cream to cool it off, like one would do for hot food. I still do this frequently and I feel derp after every time.


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21/29. Dumping the powder from a box of macaroni and cheese into the pot of boiling water.


22/29. At dinner with some friends, one of them was eating a cookie with white frosting on the top, and another jokingly asked if it was mayo. The friend with the cookie immediately puts the cookie to his ear, listens for a second, then says 'no'.


23/29. While watching Forest Gump I leaned to my dad and said "Lieutenant Dan really has legs. They showed em earlier in the movie."


24/29. Checking my pockets to make sure I didn't forget my keys at work on the drive home.


25/29. Driving with my dad back to the house, when the driveway was in clear sight I noticed the car was missing, I got very worried, didn't catch on until we started pulling in.


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26/29. Stopping at green lights... I don't know why, but I just do it sometimes.


27/29. I am not a morning person but I worked at a coffee shop that required me to be functional at 4 AM, this led to many silly moments. The thing I did most often was open up a java jacket/sleeve and attempt to pour coffee into that. Most of the time people just laughed and I realized what I was doing. I also remember handing someone the dirty blender and putting their drink in the sink to be washed. I think my boss kept scheduling me to open for the entertainment value.


28/29. Counting ready: 1.... 2.... 3.... to take a photo of a fireplace. Nice smile, fireplace.


29/29. Ran a knife across the back of my hand to determine if it needed sharpening. It didn't.



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